Author Topic: What features would you expect to find in a Yeerk Pool scene?  (Read 931 times)

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What would RAF expect/include/depict in a sequence set in the Yeerk Pool complex.
We know it's virtually an underground city. There's a purple glow and lots of staircases + several dropshafts leading in and out. As big and central as the metallic pool itself is to the entire complex, whenever I draw it, it never really looks that big in proportion to the overall place.

Architecture of the place?
Is it fair to expect equivalent streets, sidewalks, furnitures, even some rubbish on the dirt floor?
Or would it be something more minimalistic?
I imagine colour-coded floor-lights. I imagine a dark 'sky' and various platforms atop. Maybe some Controller lookouts stationed atop.
I think they probably divide the Yeerk Pool in three zones.

Zone 1: the Yeerk pool and the nearby vicinity, with its cages and hostages, also human-host feeding and voluntary-Controllers entertainment facilities, as well as its storage sheds. Zone 1 is the smallest of the zones.
Zone 2: full of fully-functional buildings, relatively large ones and a number of sky scrapers, and a few possible dropshafts are also found here.
Zone 3: The skirting perimiter of the complex floor; all the entrances and most of the dropshafts are situated here; Heavy duty machinery, storage rooms and crates are placed here.

Leaving aside the pool itself, which is the heart of the place, and we have enough to imagine with, what other specific sections would yas imagine to exist all around there? And where?
Shooting ranges? Hospitals? Mecanic hangars? Pavillions with ramps for trucks carrying.... what?

What types of Controller roles/activity?
We know there's security, storage, maintainance, sanitary and food service going on. But also expansion/excavation, transport and science.
But whatever were the skyscrapers meant to be for? Surely that's where we would find the 'white-collar' types. What would be a 'white-collar' type Yeerk role? Like, do we imagine human Controllers walking around in ties, with stacks of papers and waiting for elevators?

Also, in regards to the Controllers stationed in the Yeerk pool, what would they be wearing? Surely not just a coloured band to represent Visser Three?
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Re: What features would you expect to find in a Yeerk Pool scene?
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Green and pale-white lights, different sized cages on the wall. Basically how it is in the T.V. show, but with the aspects from the book with it too.
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