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So...totally random question that sprang to mind today after an Animorphs related conversation with a friend. It's been a while since I've read the earlier books so excuse me if I get something wrong.

So we know that Oatmeal can serve as a substitute for Kandrona...but it also drives the Yeerk insane (and it's probably not all that great for the host's mental health either). We know that morphing heals all injuries. Assuming oatmeal induced insanity counts as an injury (it's gotta be some sort of brain damage, right?), would a controller with the morphing abilities be able to use a combination of oatmeal and morphing to live without Kandrona while also staying sane?

The only reason I can immediately think of for this not working is the act of morphing only affecting the host and not the Yeerk. But even that's kinda debatable depending on what you think actually happens to the Yeerk when the host morphs....damn this is a head scratcher :XD:
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Yeah I don't see morphing affecting the Yeerk's sanity or brain chemistry, or the host's for that matter.
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Actually, it's pretty well established that morphing does NOT heal brain injuries.  Rachel's amnesia in MM#1, or Loren's in #49, were both caused by injuries, and neither was healed when they morphed.

When you think about it, it makes sense that the morphing technology would have been specifically programmed to leave the brain alone.  Memories are stored by the specific pattern of links that form between neurons, correct?  Which means, if the brain was 'reset' to the genetic blueprints every time you morphed, there'd go all your memories!