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Re: GESB: History Book
« Reply #30 on: April 02, 2017, 10:16:17 AM »
Hope this is suitable, any feedback would be appreciated!  This is about Forlin.  :)

My name is Collin.  At least, that is the name I chose for myself.

I did not know who or what I was.  I still don't fully know who I am...and what is negligible.  I crashed on Earth in the 90s.  At least, I think it was around that time.  I was in bad shape, and so was my ship.  I recovered some things from it -- a picture of what must have been my family, a datapad, and a sort of ray gun.  I had a bandolier of sorts that I could keep them safe in for now.

I fled the sight of my ship.  I don't know why, I was just filled with some sort of...dread.  I ran, and ran, until I collapsed, exhausted, in the forest.

I lived in the forest for a while, feeding off the strange, alien grass.  It took a while for my body to get used to it.  And when I was feeling better, I started to search more.  I came to a strip of black material.  It did not taste good.  And wheeled vehicles came hurtling across it.  I hid when I saw them.

I did not know how I managed to happen upon the human habitation.  There was another strip for driving vehicles across, but it was thinner and surrounded by trees, hidden.  I had tentatively approached the building, eating the grass as I approached.  I hid in the forest, and watched the people living in the building.  I listened to them enough that, somehow, I could eventually understand them, and make contact.

His name was Christopher.  He was a Junior, which I learned was a rank in his schooling.  'High school', he called it.  He seemed very accepting of me (or as he called it, 'totally chill with the telepathic blue alien centaur', though he said that his parents probably wouldn't be, so much.  He even let me 'change' into him.  It was a strange experience, but not unenjoyable.  He taught me how to dress my body in clothing, and speak with a mouth.  He got kind of worried when I began to eat everything in what he called a refrigerator, however...

I helped him with his chores and his homework.  I had a mind for the academics, it seemed, and I sometimes overdid it with his mathematics homework...his mathematics teacher had been shocked at his work.  I helped him where I could, and he taught me human things and gave me different foods to sample.  I passed for a Chris quite well, as long as they didn't see the two of us together.  Chris didn't have a twin.

Eventually, I was discovered.  They found the two of us, me in my Chris morph.  His parents weren't exactly happy, but they weren't about to throw me onto the street, either.  They eventually came to accept me as part of the family, even helping me to get a unique human morph and an identity.  I made a lot of human friends.  I enjoyed spending time with them.  As long as I wasn't at an all-you-can-eat buffet, too, I passed pretty well for a human.

Chris graduated a long time ago.  Eventually, he moved to California.  He'd gotten a job offer there.  I joined him, and eventually applied for university in the area.

University was quite an experience.  I was good with my academics, but sometimes, people would get to me.  I never really completed it due to constantly flip-flopping with my degree, but I intended to go back when I got a chance.  It would give me a better opportunity of getting a job.

Meanwhile, I'd noticed a lot of strange things going on.  There were reports of wild animal attacks, and various disappearances.  I had acquired some birds before -- a vulture and an owl.  I used these morphs to scope out the city.

And that was how I found out about the Yeerks.

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Re: GESB: History Book
« Reply #31 on: December 16, 2017, 08:09:44 AM »
A little backstory for Luke, my character in GESB. AU by deliberate design.
The Yeerks had won, where I come from. Not just on Earth, but the entire region of the galaxy. The Andalites had left Earth for dead... and I can't really blame them. After all, humans were pretty self destructive before the Yeerks.

There were holdouts. Scientists and their military protection, hastily reorganized from their pre-war loyalties and nationalities. Whether the remnants were more level headed or lucky is up for debate.

As a Marine, I was assigned to secure one of the few starships captured or retrofitted from alien technology and existing human vessels. We were running scared and everyone knew it. Desperate times and measures go together.

Some scientist and officer got the bright idea of traveling back in time, attempting to warn the others. If it had been normal circumstances, my vehement protests might've had me drummed out for insubordination. Instead, since I seemed to have a grasp on the potential consequences, in addition to being fairly knowledgeable and completely expendable, the geniuses in command chose me to pilot this experimental drive, throwing me right into a star to use its immense power to break space and time.

I knew it wouldn't work right. I figured I was done for. Now I'm stranded on some random world with nothing to my name. I'm still trying to decide whether it's good or bad luck that I survived.

One thing's for sure. I'm not laying down. This might not be my universe, but my principles never change.

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Re: GESB: History Book
« Reply #32 on: December 16, 2017, 01:32:45 PM »
Here's a link to Morgan's interview from a few years ago. Since this interview: Morgan's wife Andromeda has passed away, and he is unaware of the location of his daughter. He's given up being a pirate and got a job as head of security on a space station. Morgan also learned that he's always been a minotaur, and the memories of being a human that was experimented on are implanted false memories. He's currently traveling with Julian (minotaur-like but horse instead of bull). Julian is a prize winning, champion sword fighter and has been a friend of Morgan's since they were kids. Considers himself a ladies man.
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