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WARNING! The Animorphs Discussion board (as well as the Animorphs Fanfiction/RP board) will contain many spoilers! If you have not yet finished reading the series and are having difficulty finding second-hand copies, then you're in luck as Scholastic will soon be re-releasing the Animorphs series! For further details, see this thread:

Anyone who's been around here long enough has most likely noticed that we tend to get a lot of repeatedly asked question here on RAF. It's usually people who are new to the forum who have never been able to discuss things with fellow Animorphs fans before, but sometimes we still get more experienced members who just weren't around in the years of RAF Classic.

Anyway, I don't blame any of you for asking the same questions the rest of us have heard a million times before, but it does get a bit annoying. So for the sake of convenience, I thought it would be a good idea to make a thread full of Frequently Asked Questions related to Animorphs, which will remain locked and stickied at the top of the page for the new (and not-so-new) members to read before making an unnecessary thread.

By the request of a fellow RAFian, Hirac Delest's articles page has been posted here to answer some questions you may have about the series.

FAQ Number 1: Why did Elfangor have the morphing cube with him on his ship?

Answer: Nobody knows for sure, but as it seems like a major security risk for any pilot (even the great Elfangor) to keep such an advanced piece of unique technology on an ordinary fighter, many people suspect the Ellimist was involved. Of course, it's much more likely that it was simply there because it had to be there for the series to exist!  ::)

FAQ Number 2: Can a Nothlit use the morphing cube to return to their original form? Or at least reacquire the morphing ability?

Answer: No, it is impossible for a Nothlit to regain the morphing power (unless you happen to know an omnipotent being who owes you a favour).

FAQ Number 3: Is it possible to acquire someone who is in morph? What about Nothlits?

Answer: No, people who are in morph cannot be acquired. Nothlits appear to be the exception, as Tobias' hawk form was acquired and morphed in #49 and #50. However, it is possible that this was due to the Ellimist re-granting Tobias the morphing power, thus technically making the Red-tailed Hawk his true form. Nobody attempted to acquire Tobias prior to #13 so there's no way to know for sure.

FAQ Number 4: How come Jake could use thought speak as a human in #1?

Answer: Applegate herself has admitted that this was an example of a KASU (Katherine Applegate Screw Up), which in this case means that she simple changed her mind about it after #1 was already published.

FAQ Number 5: What happened to the Animorphs Ebooks?

Answer: Sadly they had to be removed by the staff. For the full explanation, please see the thread.

... and since I can't think of anything else right now, but I'll be adding more questions later. Please PM me any questions that you think should be posted here.
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