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[Untitled] a strange idea discussion
« on: November 14, 2016, 07:50:48 AM »
To Mods: I am kinda unsure if idea discussions are allowed in the fanfiction section even though this will lead to making a fanfic so if there is a suitable spot then here, could I be informed about it and if this has to be moved to that location? Thank you.


So I recently had this idea. It started off on two small ideas and then became a big one but I stepped back and decided, no. Best I structure this better. But it left me stumped with decisions and also referring to my old Animorphs fanfic so I decided to open up on it, do it with the help of others in writing a good true Animorphs book (or megamorph because of how much is gonna be put in... orz ).

I had put this post on another Animorphs forum btw but was suggested to put one here so I'll be putting in what had been discussed so far after the summary.

Disclaimer: Reason why I rarely express my fresh ideas before final is because I always think that it'd be a spoiler once the fanfic's out and that it'd ruin the reader's experience from it. So hence this disclaimer. After I put in my draft summary, it's up to you if you don't mind being spoiled as long as you want to help with the discussion. I really will and do appreciate help in any way possible. If not, then I do hope you will be patient and look forward to it but I'd also ask you not to go beyond the draft summary in the case.

I hope that will be alright.

Here is my draft summary. What I've written is not the final product and will change later for sure so don't fully take it to heart.

A lot of strange things start to happen for the Animorphs after seeing a small explosion in the sky. A tiny ship in the middle of the forest. SOS messages spoken in thought-speak by strangers. A strange kid with a blue dodecahedron box and invisible monsters trying to get it. Something came from the sky and all that kid has to say is, ā€œIā€™m a Controller. Keep this device safe.ā€
<Subject to change>.

That's it. That's the strange idea I present to you.

There are 3 parts to this discussion:

1 is more of a general talk which is what this post is gonna be, basically talking about this idea and other concepts in the Animorphs world without too much of spoilers (though depends on how the conversation goes).

2 is a VIP look in on the plot points in depth - I've currently listed elements for this story in a private document that I'll only let eyes see. However, if need to discuss on more details, I will push an element here for discussion sake. This can be character design, interaction, plot points and new ideas. Only 3 have been allowed, myself, theyoungphoenix and a member from the other forum. If you like to take part, please pm for further discussion, so long as you don't divulge any important plot points out here.

3 is prerelease of the chapters. Once at least most of the idea is constructed and the chapters have been written, I'll showcase the chapters but to a selected few before releasing it. Anyone interested in giving feedback on story structure, character interaction or heck, grammars, can pm me when I start the prerelease chapters. <To be dated>

Some rules too: the ideas and discussions should of course be related to the summary above and the Animorphs world. Ideas should not be forced if they don't connect to the story or it contradicts to something in it. And because of a point someone told me, there will be no character bashing. And the structure and pacing have to be done in a realistic way (you know, like say oh one has a power and skips three pages ahead and we're lost. The End).

Lastly, there's gonna be a lot of science stuff and paradoxes from reference because of one key element: time travel. And I see people leaving. WAIT WAIT! This isn't gonna be a quick fix - in fact, it's gonna be a complicated plot element (reasons explained further below). It's also to touch on a concept that was used twice in the series, the Sario Rips. So this discussion will have topics like the Grandfather paradox, mutliverse theory, and so on, even mental time travel.

In all honesty, I'm basically shooting myself in the leg because of how complex I'm trying to figure out the cause and effect in this story (aka the Chicken and Egg Paradox).

Anyway, the setting for this fic should be around the 20s, at least after the 2nd megamorph because of the Animorphs' 'limited' knowledge of Sario Rips. No confirmed number where it takes place after.

Annnd that's the boring stuff out of the way.

Now the keypoints:
1. The Controller character
2. Sario Rips
3. The mystery behind the blue dodecahedron box

Now for the stuff so far discussed.

The Controller

These are two important characters for this crazy situation that has forced them into it - a human girl named El, born with half a brain and a Yeerk named Vtrix, with a demoted title. Yes. I'm not kidding. This was inspired by an article I read about people living normal lives with half brains whether because of inheritance or surgery. So came the question - How would a Yeerk handle a person with half a brain? Hence came these two characters.

Their character developments are still in progress though Vtrix has more finished than El but they still need work to make it that both are equally good (El being lustlacker right at the moment).

Vtrix was a young Yeerk scientist who was demoted to the title, Werch, meaning criminal, because of alleged conspiracy with the Andalites. She currently is in El's head, cooperating with her so they can move as one while Vtrix builds her own sense of identity that separates her from her people's similarity. <Spoiler> She also has the merged consciousness of her future self (a side effect from a Sario Rip).
El is a perceptive human girl living with her great uncle owning a restaurant. She has only half a brain and with Vtrix, they work together to move as one. In the world they know, they can only trust each other - with most humans being Controllers and Vtrix's status among her people.

These two get involved after the Animorphs meet their other selves who were trying to deliver the new blue box to them. Hence, starts the strange journey of what began and where this would end.

Sario Rips

The one topic used twice in the series. I actually had to use excel to chart out how the timelines would go involving the Sario Rips to make conclusions that oh mutliverse theory. It's also what I'm gonna use in this fic since it wasn't explored much after the 2nd megamorph. How El/Vtrix gained the box first time around and how it leads the Animorphs and them to connect everything. I've gotten some idea of the concept behind it that it shares similar principles to paradoxes like you know, Back to the Future where you're not supposed to meet your other self or else BOOM! But I may have missed out some details. So it'd be helpful if anyone can point out or add anything about Sario Rips.

It's not gonna be a 'simple' line like in the two books. For example: The El/Vtrix the Animorphs meet in the summary dies and then later, Marco finds out El/Vtrix are alive, or at least the current timeline's El/Vtrix are alive. While he's screaming his head off from the shock. So yes, there are gonna be some timeline jumping in order to uncover the mystery behind this as well as pace it out unintentionally by the Animorphs' own actions.

There are also three minor things: the flashbacks, merged consciousnesses and small background events the Animorphs will have made. And when I say background events, I'm again referring to the Chicken and the Egg Paradox. That foreshadowing that something happened and later turns out it was done by you dropping out of a Sario Rip. Not too sure I can explain that well.

The mystery behind the blue dodecahedron box

For every time travel plot, there's a reason why it happens. The new blue box is the one reason why a Controller comes up to the Animorphs. It's an upgrade device of the original box, sent from the future. Something happened in the future to the point this box 'has' to be delivered to the Animorphs. But why by El/Vtrix, two beings in the present? Moreover, two groups are involved - one in the background unable to do much but send out thoughtspeech, giving pieces of codes to the Animorphs in order for them to relay them to El/Vtrix in finding the box's original place and one antagonistic group trying to stop the delivery, even <spoiler> killing the first El/Vtrix.

A lot of the concepts relating to this part may only come to light in future fics after this one. But in all, the future links to the present for the sake of the new box being delivered to the Animorphs so the base has to be constructed.

And that's the summary of it all. I can't remember what else to put down but yeah, a very complicated story idea that I want to attempt at but cannot do alone. If you have reached this far and are interested in taking part in the discussion, then we can start with anything relating to this. I don't mind feedback or questions even though this is just summarized info.

I'm again gonna be amazed if people will like this idea as I said before in my other post in the other forum, especially liking the idea of a Yeerk with a host born half a brain attempting to work with the Animorphs because of something beyond their measures. HA.
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Re: [Untitled] a strange idea discussion
« Reply #1 on: November 16, 2016, 12:12:40 PM »
My best suggestion to you is to write the fic and post it. There's no guarantee people will read it, or if they do read it, there's no guarantee they will post a review. I know how annoying that can be. However, I feel much better writing a story than sharing the ideas for it, because then I know that I didn't allow anyone to influence me or send me in a direction I wasn't happy with.

Any major discussions generated by the actual story will be far more productive to you as the writer than a discussion about the story, before the story is written.
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