Author Topic: The Assistance: Reminder of events and facts, producing a timeline, and names  (Read 472 times)

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     Working on an Animorphs related project. I don't know what will come of it, but I would like to see it through. However, since I don't have access to all the books (and am kind of lazy when it comes to research) I was hoping I could get some RAFians to help me with a few problems I've come across.

      1) timeline/location the project takes place post-war. We know the Animorphs hae been involved in the invasion for three years: presumably late 1996-2001. Then there's an additional three years which pass in Animorphs 54: the Beginning.

     My problem comes with when certain events take place in the series that I need to consider for the events currently unfolding. At the moment I need to know roughly when the events of Animorphs 20-22 take place. I have the events between October 18-November 1, 1997. If there are any hints you can remember in-series that give clues as to when these events took place, I'd appreciate it. I know that there's only speculation.

     If there's a set date for the end of the war, I would like to know that, too--or even a rough estimate. Again, speculation.

     2) character names.

     Particularly last names. We've discussed on the forum a few times how frustrating it is that only Jake and Rachel get surnames. There some threads speculating on what last names could be, and I'm only pleased with one that I've come up with.

     For the Animorphs I have Cassie Williams and Marco Branson-Garcias. I'm not super married to these names, and will change them if I see better suggestions. Completely forgot about Tobias, but I think I'll settle on Fangor.

     I'll bring up other issues as I go. I'd really appreciate any help you guys can give :)
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