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The Wind
« on: September 28, 2014, 06:21:38 PM »
((AN: This is the closest I've ever come to explaining what it feels like to have a burst of intelligence and creative energy after not having these things for a long time. T.T;;).

The gears were covered in soot and grime
Trapped within the same repetitive action
I tried to push them to no avail
I wasted myself to no avail
I prostrated myself at the foot of the altar

And yet here the green wind comes again
Bearing its breath of fresh untainted air
As if it had only been gone a moment
As if I had never come out to call

And yet I will breathe every second I get
And yet I will grasp for every bit I can carry
Because I cannot help but try to live
When once I could smell the rot inside

Oh blessed bright-winded Muse
May my good tidings give your carrier
Some solace from the pain and hate
The erstwhile friend I know too well

The decay and fear that haunts us all
For we know we only triumph for so long

We do not last past the approaching dawn.