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Harry Potter minus Harry Potter
« on: July 23, 2014, 02:14:28 PM »
Hey guys! Long time no see! I've decided I need to do something about my ache to write, and since I sadly don't have enough time to do any serious RP'ing, I've decided to start writing some story snippets that maybe I can later weave into a bigger story. Since I'm currently minorly obsessed with the HP universe, I've chosen to write about an American Auror. It will exist entirely within the HP universe, but will not deal with Hogwarts or any of the other story characters (at least, I'm planning on avoiding it).

I got the main inspiration from this really well-done fan film:

I'll be posting under this thread, partly so I can have them all in one convenient place, and mostly so that anyone who cares to can see them. If anyone has ideas for where else these could go (probably once I've got a few more done) let me know!

Am I dead?

He blinked a few times, trying to gauge whether or not his eyes were actually open, for it was utterly dark. He couldn’t see anything, but he could at least hear his own breathing. He reached for his throbbing temple, and as he did so, he could hear the small clack of a pebble bouncing away.

Oh. That’s right. Ka-boom.
He remembered the hole now. The hole that he had made. In the tunnel. It had never been a really smart idea, but how was he supposed to know that it was the floor that was going to give way. Perhaps he should have flicked instead of swished when casting that Gouging Spell. Ben felt around for his wand, dreading that it had snapped. Miraculously, it was in one piece, right where it must have rolled out of his hand when he knocked his head. “Oh thank god.” He coughed, and held his wand straight out. “Lumos!”

Ben couldn’t even see the hole he fell through. He could, however, see the rather impressive pile of rubble that he was thankfully on top of. With a groan, he sat up and increased the light emanating from the tip of his wand. It definitely wasn’t a man-made place. It wasn't quite a full cavern either, more like a wide hall or tunnel of sorts, bigger than the one he’d followed McMillian into. With a lot more groaning, the dusty battered Auror clambered down the debris pile. Checking himself over, he seemed to be okay, other than being unreasonably sore. He looked down both ends of the tunnel, unsure which way to go. Then he had an idea. He extinguished his light, and quietly a very small flame at his wand’s tip. He watched closely as it flickered towards one side of the tunnel. He decided to go with the air flow.

It was several long minutes that felt like hours before he noticed anything. It was the sound of a shifting rock. It was minutes later that he saw a rat after turning a corner. As he walked along, the sounds of rats became more ambient, and he welcomed the background noise, even if it was just rats. After all, if there were rats here, then surely they had a way out….

The tunnel seemed to wind for miles. Ben’s anxiety was increasing with every step. It couldn’t be much further. Could it? Suddenly there was a scream. “BENJAMIN!” shrieked the woman’s voice. Just as suddenly, Ben was in a near panicked state. His wand was casting as much light as he could muster, turning this way and that, looking. He almost thought that maybe it was just his mind playing tricks on him, till he heard it again. “BENJAMIN!!”

He backed against the wall. That sound hadn’t haunted his nightmares for years now. But he could never forget it. It was the cry his sister had made, reaching out to him, as he’d watched her die. It was the same terror-filled desperate plea for life, haunting him once more.

“BENJAMIN!! BENJAMIN!!” continued the screams. He couldn’t handle it. He ran the other direction. His sister’s cry, now joined with the cackling laughter, chased at his heels. “Avada Kedavra!” shouted the voice. Instinctively, he swept his arm in a large arc behind him. “Incendio!” he shouted, as a half-ring of fire billowed through the tunnel. There was no flash of green light, but he could see in the flames what looked like the floor was moving. It was the rats. And swiftly behind them… Jarveys.

It was the Jarveys that were shouting out his worst nightmares. They often shouted out obscenities that they picked up from bits of human conversation, but this was something else. There must be some kind of hex on them, causing them to use a wizard’s deepest fears against them.

Molly’s last breath. The cackling laugh. The Killing Curse. Again and again, they echoed through the corridor. He couldn’t take it anymore.

“Flipendo.” He cried, knocking back several dozen of the oncoming swarm. When they kept coming, he began casting spells more forcefully. “Flipendo! Enough! Reducto! Stop it! Stop it! Bombarda!”

The swarm didn’t seem to end, undeterred by the explosive damages to their front ranks. “BENJAMIN!! BENJAMIN!! Avada Kedavra!”

He was knocked over by the oversized ferrets as they stampeded through the tunnel. Benjamin curled up into a ball, too shaken to even think to call a Silencing Charm.

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