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Animorphs Role Playing / Re: Galaxy's Edge Space Bar
« Last post by Terenia on May 14, 2017, 02:47:02 PM »
The curly-haired man blinks, the reference evidently going over his head.

"Yeden One-Eight-Three of the Sulp Niar pool," he says. Licking his lips, he adds, "You may call me Yeden." He doesn't ask for Sorin's name, a frown etched into his features as he regards the bar at large, as if one of the Andalites might pop out of the woodwork.

Near his former seat, the pile of food continues to grow.
Animorphs Role Playing / Re: GESB: OOC Discussion
« Last post by Aluminator (Kit) on May 14, 2017, 12:25:44 PM »
Aaaand posted. Sorry for being so slow >.<

Who I also want to have as being a member of the Rebellion...and a skilled pilot.
Being a member of the Rebellion is a... bit of a can of worms. Assuming you're talking about Myitt and Terenia's Rebellion specifically. Haha. I speak from experience-- there is more background there than your average human is capable of absorbing in a lifetime, including quite a bit any member of such a group would know. Relationships and events and individuals and an entire well-developed and wonderfully unique sense of identity and culture that's impossible to get a feel for without really immersing yourself in it. I've actually let a few characters (characters I miss) drift to the wayside because I didn't feel I had the time or energy to properly devote to diving down the rabbit hole that is the Yeerk Rebellion.

Personally, I'd suggest, if you're looking to explore the Rebellion dynamic (and you don't want to use the Animorphs-canon Peace Movement as your platform), make him from a version of a Yeerk Rebellion, but not necessarily the same universe as Myitt and Terenia's Rebellion. That gives you the freedom to explore and play at will ^_^
Animorphs Role Playing / Re: Galaxy's Edge Space Bar
« Last post by Luke Skywalker (Ossanlin) on May 14, 2017, 12:23:46 PM »
Ossanlin frowns a bit at Salem's casual mention of the Escafil device.  <As far as I know, he's no longer a controller.  From what little I gathered, he's not been one for some time.>  He narrows his eyes at Salem, the realization of just whom he'd allowed on his ship coming into full focus.  <Besides...wouldn't you be able to tell?>

He looks again at Nepek.  <Firstly I can't simply spread the morphing technology to every free being that walks through the door of the Bar...I cannot think of a grosser abuse of power.  Secondly, I do not have an Escafil device with me.>  He doesn't mention that one is kept locked up on the Tyrennian...but then the Tyrennian isn't 'with' him at the moment.
Animorphs Role Playing / Re: Galaxy's Edge Space Bar
« Last post by Aluminator (Kit) on May 14, 2017, 12:13:52 PM »
Salem watches for a moment, transfixed, as Ossanlin's ship begins siphoning the blood of the morphed Andalite-- he has, indeed, morphed the Hork-Bajir on the table. That's a clever use of the morphing technology. No quicker way to ensure a safe supply of blood.

When the morphed Andalite asks if the Hork-Bajir will be okay, he shakes his head and turns to Ossanlin. "Man, I'm a field medic at best. This..." his throat works as he considers the unconscious Hork-Bajir on the lev-table for a moment. "This is beyond me. He might survive, if he's very, very lucky, but it would take a miracle for him to keep his legs at all, let alone ever being able to use them again."

He turns his gaze towards Al, questioningly. Al returns his gaze, eyebrow raised, in an expression that's somehow stern, serious, scared, and every bit as questioning as Salem's. Finally, Salem frowns and shakes his head. <<Not yet.>>

He kneels and begins rifling through his medical bag, looking for something. "What about the morphing technology?" he asks Ossanlin, sounding... almost too casual. "If you have one of those cube-dealies, I might be able to stimulate his consciousness long enough to allow the change."

He stands up holding what looks a little like another syringe, only this one lacks a needle. He leans over the Hork-Bajir and begins probing with his fingers again, this time along the Hork-Bajir's chest, where the sternum would be if he were human. He's fully aware that he's nearly surrounded by the creature's blades on all sides, but it doesn't seem to be his largest concern at the moment.

"Is he a controller, or just the host at this point?" he asks.
General Fan Fiction & Art / Re: Memoirs of a RAFian
« Last post by Cloak on May 13, 2017, 10:04:41 PM »
New chapter.


There was a luau that night. Because of course there was.

The staff and administration didn't seem to care that it was breaking their entire motif and theme of being a spooky island. Cloak found that he really didn't care for all this pomp and circumstance. He was glad for his disguise -- as it enabled him to be alone and overlooked.

He watched, as did the others, but saw nothing out of the ordinary. Just tourists with their stupidly fancy, colorful drinks of topaz yellow and aquamarine blue. Complete with little umbrellas -- the use of which in drinks Cloak did not understand at all. But he never professed an all-encompassing knowledge of humans and their cultures.

Cloak found a little corner to isolate himself. From here, he sat in the shadows, with a perfect vantage point on the entire luau. He declined a drink -- he found the alcoholic drinks distasteful. He just sat and pondered as he eyed the setting sun. The day had come and went -- and they hadn't anything to show for their efforts.

Cloak mused to himself if this wasn't anything but a diversion, a meaningless waste of time. Maybe the claims of supernatural goings-on was just a publicity stunt that Trey wanted so badly for them to validate.

He turned and saw a staff member coming this way before turning and presumably going to the kitchens. Cloak was unsettled when he saw the young adult's eyes. They were empty and vacant. The disguised Realm Walker found their vacuity quite disturbing. They were like soft, moist doll eyes. Nothing behind them, almost as if he were . . .

Suddenly, the tiki torches were lit as the sun retreated over the horizon. It was night now, and their investigation hadn't yielded anything. No evidence, no witnesses, no nothing. Cloak tried to bite back his impatience. Sometimes, missions took some time to complete. He shouldn't expect immediate results, like --

Sudden screams.

Cloak immediately leaped to his feet. His eyes, though disguised as human, penetrated the darkness with feline accuracy. He could see a number of creatures, roughly the same height as he was, despite his human projection being smaller. They had rhomboid faces -- large eyes, a flat nose, and wide, flappy mouths. They possessed large, bat-like ears and were lanky and inhumanly skinny, not unlike a wendigo. Their hands were human-like, but their feet were somewhere between canine or feline digigrade. Their bodies looked like a furless dog's and they possessed no tails.

There were enough of them so as not to be counted easily but not so many that they were a swarm. They were attacking the guests -- this was obviously not part of one big show, as the guests were genuinely terrified. And it was then Cloak noticed that this clientele didn't seem to have anyone over the age of forty. Maybe the appeal was lost on the older set.

It was then he was attacked, and he quickly noticed that he and the others were the only ones not fleeing from these monsters, but bravely standing up to them. All these missions have desensitized them toward that kind of mindless fear-panic response.

Unfortunately, in order to fight back, it meant blowing their cover. But they all hoped that the chaotic flurry of movement, screams, and terror of the guests would help disguise it. If their cover was truly blown, then oh well.

The creature -- a demon by the smell of brimstone on him -- came up real close to Cloak and breathed a noxious green cloud of vapor on him. It did nothing.

"Demonic halitosis," Cloak muttered, "that's new."

Cloak threw his hands in front of himself and then flung them downward to generate the energy blades as wide as his wrists and as long as a claymore. He stabbed  his would-be assailant in the gut, the removed it as he did a spinning pirouette with the other energy blade, decapitating the creature. It collapsed into a strange powder that blew away in the light wind.
Animorphs Role Playing / Re: Galaxy's Edge Space Bar
« Last post by gh on May 13, 2017, 02:56:41 AM »
"Hell if I know," Sorin grumbles, ignoring the man's urgency. "I saw somebody carry the walking garbage disposal off somewhere, but as to where they went, I haven't the faintest." He looks around the Bar once more, andfrom the looks of things, everybody was still on edge. Such a strange group of people.

"What's your name, anyway? I assume it might be in poor taste to call you 'Big Kahuna?'"
Animorphs Forum Classic / How did you met the Animorphs?
« Last post by meg18 on May 13, 2017, 12:13:21 AM »
I met them when a woman in a library suggested me those books. The idea of children morphing in animals called my attention
For me, loving the Animorphs have been... how do I put it... a difficult love. I'm Cuban and you should know that Animorphs were only published in Spanish until the 25th. In my country they became rather popular. It was very difficult to gather the books and when I found out I was only been able to read the half... >:( I was a huge fan.
It's been around 6 years since I read it for the first time. Now I'm rediscovering what it felt like to read the Animorphs thanks to this page.
General Fan Fiction & Art / Re: Memoirs of a RAFian
« Last post by Cloak on May 12, 2017, 09:00:09 AM »
New chapter. Sorry about the brevity.


Cloak wished he could say it was a facility that was grand or more grand than Walt Disney World, with magic everywhere. But no, it wasn't like that at all. It was a step up from a ramshackled roadside circus or fair, to be true. Probably didn't have the same kind of funding that the Disney Parks had -- and it kind of showed.

But still, the limited funding apparently allowed the builders to think creatively, so, while bits and pieces looked obviously fake and plastic, the spooky ambiance was good, Cloak assumed, to human sensibilities. Even with such a limited budget.

It wasn't like other parks either, as there weren't any of those costumed characters milling about, original or bought franchises. In fact, most of the staffing seemed unusually sparse. Cloak wondered just how understaffed this place was -- but he forgot about this when he decided to make covert glances at the others to account for the other four disembarking the ferry.

It was then that Cloak took notice of a man in what the Realm Walker supposed was a leisure suit. It kind of stood out from the dark, muted colors the staff wore, supposedly to fit in thematically. It fit his thin frame nicely, accentuating his angular shoulders and clean-shaven, square face and relatively short neck. He had dark red curls atop his head, not unlike Ben Savage from "Boy Meets World". He also wore some black leather gloves, which was odd, in this heat. He wasn't very tall, roughly the size of Cloak's human projection. He looked worried, though not quite the panicky sort of worried.

Cloak looked away, he didn't want to be caught staring. It might blow his cover -- that was obviously Trey Moore. He wasn't supposed to know who the RAFians were. That was their terms for the investigation, in case whoever was behind these goings-on got to him and tried to use him for information. Probably a superfluous clause, but they needed to stay undercover. From here, they would scour the island, looking for the culprit.

All in all, a simple mission, one that shouldn't take too long to complete. But still, as Cloak moved on, he couldn't help but get a vibe of familiarity from that Trey guy. He didn't know why. He supposed he superficially looked like Odie, but with deliberate mistakes.

Anyway, he saw Underseen sneak away to the bathrooms, as Trey got a call. He knew it was Underseen calling him to alert him that they were here -- after all, even from this distance, Cloak could hear the conversation, but just barely.

"Hello?" Trey said into his blue smartphone. "Oh, yes. When will you be arriving? . . . Wait, what do to you mean you already have? I didn't see -- undercover? Seriously? You think that is necessary? . . . Because I thought you were joki-- oh, alright. Very well, very well. Please try to solve this whole mess soon, please. I don't want it to impact my bottom line."

Then he hung up, and he wore a very odd look on his face, which seemed to go slack for some reason. It was at this point that he turned his back on him, but Cloak just could not shake the feeling that he had met the guy before.
The Animorphs Audiobook Project / Re: Book 1 auditions
« Last post by gh on May 12, 2017, 12:46:32 AM »
I would audition, but I still have no working computer and I honestly doubt I'd be able to fit the role :/ I'll keep my eye out for other roles in the future, though
The Animorphs Audiobook Project / Re: Book 1 auditions
« Last post by Mr. Guy36 on May 12, 2017, 12:35:43 AM »
That sounds like a totally reasonable idea, especially if you can play Elfangor as a substantially different character.
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