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Hey all, gonna be taking a break from RAF for a bit...

Dont worry im not leaving forever though
General Fan Fiction & Art / Re: Memoirs of a RAFian
« Last post by Cloak on July 06, 2017, 07:03:36 AM »
New chapter.


"Does whoever is in that ship really think that we cannot see him?" Yarin asked, checking his instruments. "We have some of the most sophisticated technology in the world right here, if not the most sophisticated."

"What species is piloting that thing?" Aquilai asked, with a professional concern.

"No idea -- not in the database," Parker answered. "Get Cloak in here. He know practically every species in creation."

"Not every species," Cloak said, having arrived in Communications.

"Oh, speak of the devil," Parker said, turning to address the Realm Walker, who continued.

"There are some species I've never seen, though I may have seen similar species due convergent evolution paths or similar." he said. "But, yes, I am aware of a litany of species. It is true that a lot of the species database entries were written by me, but that does not mean I know them all -- Estelore is the one who transversed the Realm and catalogued many of the species of this Realm. That's why she left again, remember?"

This was only partially true, on Estelore's part. She was dealing with a lot of emotional baggage. Sure, Galactron was destroyed by their collective Unity Blasts, but the fact remained. He would have never found Earth -- or, at least, not have found it as easily -- without her accidental trail. She felt guilt and shame over this, though she hid this from the others, despite everything turning out okay. She knew it was principally her fault, as if she hadn't panicked . . .

"So, do you do know what species designed this ship?" Aquilai inquired.

Cloak looked at the ship. The image was grainy -- he didn't ask how they came by this image, whether it was just the RAFian scanners or maybe taken from someone aboard Yarin's ship -- but it was still clear as day what it was. Cloak received a powerful flashback to his dream -- particularly the skull-like ship, like one of Wily's Machines, but taken seriously and less cartoonish.

"A Coluan," Cloak said.

"What would the Coluans want with the Earth?" Yarin asked.

"Not the Coluans," Cloak said, shake his head. "Coluans are a peace-loving, but deliberately isolated, species. At least in the other Realm. But one threw off these conventions, in that Realm. A mad Coluan, called Vril Drox I believe, left Colu to devastate the galaxy. They consider places like Earth to have what they call a Sixth-Level Intellect, while they have what they call an Eighth-Level Intellect. Drox had 'Twelfth-Level Intellect'."

Yarin repeated what Cloak said about Intellects, in a disbelieving manner, "What is this nonsense?"

"A way for them to feel superior due to their high intelligence," Cloak opined. "But, in that other realm, the mad Coluan went around taking all the knowledge from cultures that had advanced enough and shrinking a city on the planet down, so that he could experiment on the populace. And, when he was done with the planet, he destroyed it."

"So," Parker said, "he's basically another world killer."

"Essentially," Cloak said.

"How does life even exist with all these beings about trying to extinguish it in an instant?" Parker said, shaking his helmeted head.

"There was only two," Yarin pointed out.

"Of immeasurable power!" Parker countered.

"Don't overestimate the Coluan," Cloak said. Then he added, "but don't underestimate the Coluan, either. He or she may not have the raw power that Galactron did, but that does not mean that he or she isn't dangerous."
General Fan Fiction & Art / Re: Memoirs of a RAFian
« Last post by Cloak on July 05, 2017, 12:12:50 PM »
Sorry about the delay. Worked a double shift yesterday.

New chapter.

The Approach

The Coluan waited before making contact with Earth, sifting through their broadcast output, quickly learning their language. He found most of the transmissions vapid, pointless, and stupid. He easily discerned which ones were works of fiction and which ones were real footage.

Still, even for someone going through all of it like Johnny five reading a book in either of the Short Circuit movies, it was still a lot of material to go through. Justhe Phax quickly found humans to be self-important, egotistical, and narcissistic. They just seemed to care about whatever made their lives easier -- their lives alone, and no one else's.

He considered this. This aspect of this race could be useful to him. He could possibly use it against them, as they seemed to only have a Sixth-Level Intellect, and just barely. But he wouldn't waver in his goal to collect and hoard all the knowledge generated by creation, and destroy creation. He never gave a thought of afterwards, of after accomplishing this goal. He didn't really consider it important enough to consider, as he was living in the now.

He used his considerable intellect to devise a way to approach Earth to make stealing its knowledge and technology have the most bang for the least amount of effort, to turn it into one of his spheres, his knowledge orbs. He did not want to waste any of his resources, as he deemed this planet unworthy of such an expenditure. They hadn't the military presence to stop him. According to their own broadcasts, they have only explored their moon on a manned mission. Orbiting around their planet was littered with debris that they called satellites, and he detected that they have sent out probes to the other planets in their system, but nothing manned. They were no threat to him, these humans.

From their broadcasts, he could tell that they had harvested the power of the atom. He snorted derisively at this. He saw it as a monkey being able to wield a flamethrower -- potentially dangerous for the planet. But not him.

And his instruments said that Galactron was here. And yet the planet was not barren. Galactron seemed to have been . . . impossible. These humans did not have the technological or physical might to do such at thing. They did not have the presence of mind to destroy such an ancient creature. There wasn't even a trace or report on how they managed it.

Wait, there was one. As he watched, Brainiac realized that there may be a snag in his plans. The people who called themselves raff-fee-anns -- spelled "RAFians" -- could prove to be an obstacle in his plans. He also saw that the Reach was already at this planet, utilizing the plan that he considered. The stupid species weren't very clever in the fact that they were found out by these primitives with lesser intellects and repulsed from their planet.

Justhe Phax didn't want the Reach's sloppy seconds. But, yet, Galactron took an interest in this world. It did not often do things on mere whims. Something had attracted it here. And Brainiac, for the life of him, could not deduce what the World-Eater would find so interesting about the planet, but leave it unmolested. It couldn't be a herald of some sort, as he never carried more than six. And if his information was right, and it always was, in his view, Galactron already had six. He rarely replaced them, unless they were mortally wounded or dead.

Why would he visit this world and leave it still living and not barren as their moon? There had to be a deeper reason. A deeper meaning. Justhe had to know. He was morbidly curious about this. Galactron had come to this planet, third of its system of eight, nine if you count the dwarf planet. But for no other purpose but to spare it? Why? Why make the expenditure of energy to do that and not eat the world?

They would give him the answer. They would give him the answer or he will simply take it from their unworthy heads.
Animorphs Role Playing / Re: Galaxy's Edge Space Bar
« Last post by Terenia on July 04, 2017, 09:33:00 PM »
The Andalite's tail arches in surprise at the response. Despite her hopes, she hadn't actually expected anyone to be within the ship. She wasn't one to believe in ill-luck, but recent events had tested that opinion.

<Sir,> she says, using open thought-speak as she steps towards the ship, close enough to be heard clearly, but not near enough to board. <I require assistance. The ship I was on crashed. The crew...> She trails off, then straightens, quietly chiding herself for the wave of emotion that threatens to override her at the memory of the crash. Of waking up in a cabin filled with blue blood and acrid smoke.

<I don't know where I am,> she says. <Please, could you assist me?>
General Fan Fiction & Art / Re: Memoirs of a RAFian
« Last post by Cloak on July 03, 2017, 10:49:47 AM »
New chapter.

A Peaceful Forum, A Restless Mind

I can't wait to see you,
See you,
See you.
What's up, today?
Can you hear me calling?
It's time to RAF!
Every cloud in the sky, green leaf on a tree
Is reminding me, far away dreams really do come true.
Come on, let's go, let's go, and RAF around, RAF around.
What a beautiful feeling.
We found a peaceful forum,
And everybody's having a good time now.
Come on, let's go, let's go, and RAF around, RAF around
What a beautiful feeling.
We found a peaceful forum,
And everybody's having a good time now!

And while everyone else was reveling about in frivolity, Cloak was in his bed. Thrashing from an intense dream. A dream full of disjointed nonsensical images . . .

There was an image, a blurred one, of a creature Cloak thought he might recognize.  Sloggoth? It was a species he knew very little about. But then the image vanished as quickly as it came.

A strange bowler hat alien with actual eyes above the brim -- a creature whose species Cloak knew as Brainteasers, but did not know their actual species name. This Brainteaser was sat upon a human head, whose face he could not see before the image faded away.

A couple of strange, translucent slugs that looked rather Yeerk-like, but were decidedly not Yeerks. Nor were they like Khan worms in anything but superficial appearance, but this image did not linger.

A huge beam coming down at Cloak himself, as if some orbital doomsday weapon was firing upon him, and he was in the right stance to -- but then the image shifted away into a new one.

A flurry of strange symbols that Cloak could not see clearly or make heads or tails of. But, yet, he felt as if they had some sort of importance to them, however, he could not fathom what precisely it was.

Malice standing by a strange Realm Walker Cloak had never seen before, either shaking with jubilation or cowering in fear -- it was very difficult to tell with the five seconds Cloak saw it.

Five silhouettes surrounded in darkness, each with a different set of colored eyes. They were watching the RAFians with an almost obsessive gaze, but Cloak could not notice more about them before the next image shoved its way into his mind, as if jockeying for position with the other images.

A floating human skull made of metal, with millions of metallic tendrils on the bottom, descending from on high, emerging from turbulent clouds.

Eight strange medallions skittering upon the ground, with a mass of beasts surrounding them. Cloak couldn't tell what manner of beast it was, however. Reptilian? Lupine? Plant-like? Avian? Marine animals of some sort? Insectoid? Feline? Rodentine? Didn't matter the images didn't last long.

Cloak saw an old, beefy, Amazon in full battle armor and assorted regalia. Her face, though looking perfectly human, was the size and roughly shape of an Olmec head. But this image did not dally long.

An image of a hand in obvious Knight armor holding a vial of some concoction. Not further context clues was given about the image before it flitted away, like a leaf upon a lake.

A vague, blurred image of some creature in some sort of prison, with a green filter seemingly overlayed over it. The creature was one that Cloak couldn't identify the species of -- something actually rare.

Then an image of a human infant, one that already bore the Mark. He couldn't tell the gender or parentage just from this image. And then it was gone.

Then an image of Cloak being harassed by a blonde, brunette, a red-haired, and a white-haired woman, all apparently human. Or maybe it was something else, the image didn't say much, even in context.

And the final image was of several Realm Walkers coming after him -- a bird, a tiger, a tortoise, and a couple dragons. He thought that's what they were anyway.

Cloak awoke with a reasonable idea why this happened. This must be the Truth Dreamer thing Aniyu was talking about. But the last time he had anything like this, it was when Aniyu was helping him with his baggage about his mother. Then nothing for the longest time. Now, all this at once.

SOURCE SONG: https://youtube.com/watch?v=zliHLZUN_3M
Animorphs Fan Fiction & Art / Re: 3D Modeling an Andalite
« Last post by Quaf on July 03, 2017, 04:05:17 AM »
If you download the attachment and go through the photos really fast, it works like a gif XD

Looks awesome dude
Animorphs Role Playing / Re: Galaxy's Edge Space Bar
« Last post by Luke Skywalker (Ossanlin) on July 02, 2017, 06:32:46 AM »
Ossanlin glances at Mar.  <<Yes...it is...unsettling.  Perhaps you would be able to provide me with some insights later.>>

He pauses, his main eyes moving back to Salem.  He squints a bit, his gaze sharpening to a razor's edge.  With the irritation and stress of the current situation, he'd spoken out of turn regarding Sector Seven.  It's unlikely this particular Salem knows much beyond the organization's intelligence cover...but Salem being Salem would've picked up on the obvious queue.  <It's hardly my business to look into the affairs of a simple intelligence-monitoring agency.  They do their job well enough.>  He pauses...perhaps giving the 'trader' a nugget involving the Homeworld would distract him from the untimely SS name drop.  <I've not been back to the Homeworld in some time...the life of a Dome Ship Captain and all.  But from what I've heard, it's much the same.  Yeerks are the root of all evil.  The Yeerks must be eradicated.  The Andalites are experiencing resounding victories.  The Andalites have all but won the war, just a bit longer...all those lovely propaganda themes ingrained so deeply into the population's psyche.>

He falls silent once again as a faint thought-speak voice pierces his head.  And then again, stronger.  It's obviously female, though little more is perceptible.  The simple assumption would be yet another Andalite, though of course thought-speech is hardly completely unique to Andalites anymore.  He moves to the Mirage's Flight Deck and commands the viewscreen on, trying to focus in upon the voice's location.  The viewer clearly shows a young, female Andalite.  Ossanlin furrows his brow as he begins a database search on the girl's identity.  He returns to the med-bay, glancing back again at Mar and Salem.  At the same time he directs a private thought in the female Andalite's direction.  <<Yes, there are people here.  State your business.>>
General Fan Fiction & Art / Re: Memoirs of a RAFian
« Last post by Cloak on July 02, 2017, 05:14:33 AM »
Sorry about not posting a chapter yesterday. Looks like I may be posting a chapter every day, except for the weekends, or whenever I hafta work a double shift.

New chapter.

A Prized Planet

A Coluan with a cybernetic eye in the center of his forehead by the name of Justhe Phax*. Coluans were a green-skinned technarchic race from the planet of Colu, the fourth in their system. Unlike most Coluans, which possessed what they called Eighth Level Intellects, which exceeded most other species with the possible exception of Cerebrocrustaceans, Transylvians, and the like, Justhe Phax had what he called a Twelfth Level Intellect, which caused him to come off as arrogant and conceited, despite being on par with Galvins. This had caused him to see other beings, organic or inorganic or technological, as lesser beings. Inferior. Whose lives were worthless.

He, of course, knew about Galactron. He was well aware that his power had eclipsed his own, but had not heard about his death. He would have scoffed at the possibility. If anyone had the power to kill him, it was him. Or rather the identity that he preferred to call himself: the Brainiac.

He had not seen Colu in many years. Coluans could live between 500 and 600 years -- only slightly less than some Realm Walkers, funnily enough. (Though Realm Walkers who die at 600 are still considered much too young to die at that age, as it's roughly sixty for humans.) He was considered a maverick to the other Coluans, a pariah, and he considered them weak-willed and cowardly. They were content with their mealymouthed talking points on theoretical applications, he was the first -- and, to his knowledge, the only -- Coluan to actually do something to see, to experiment, to be sure. Life, in his view, only rewards the intrepid, the adventurous. The powerful.

The Brainiac had gone from world to world, collecting all the technological histories of a race, everything that made them them in their creations. Then he killed them to preserve the uniqueness of his records. He had done this to countless worlds, until he realized that he could just use Galactron to do all the hard work for him, with he himself coming after to clean up whatever was left, like a scavenger.

He never like to think of himself as a scavenger, though. He was more of a salvage collector. It wasn't like the species whose information his appropriated for himself would ever be forgotten -- his records were perfect to the last detail. The planets of Petropia (he wasn't aware of the planet's essential resurrection), Alderrann, and more were all housed in floating orbs the size of Pok├ęBalls queued up in masses above his his head as he piloted his space craft, which resembled a human skull very much was a mass of metallic tentacles below it, giving it a somewhat Utrom body plan.

Anyway, he was following the same trail that Galactron followed to Earth, curious by it. The Brainiac had long dismissed the notion of stars gaining sentience. That was to absurd to happen, too impossible. And, of course, his so-called Twelfth-Level Intellect made him so he dismissed the very idea of him being wrong. That too, in his mind, was an impossibility. He was above such mundane things like errors and mistakes. His calculations were precise and perfect. Contingency plans were stupid and superfluous, he believed.

Then he came upon Earth, and he greedily assessed this third rock from the star, Sol. He saw that they had an acceptably sufficient technological level and their knowledge base was a little bare-bones for his liking, but sufficient enough. This planet would be a prize as any other, but he knew the novelty would wear off soon, and the sphere of knowledge gained from stripping it from these unworthy apes would gather dust on a back bookshelf. But it would be his, and his alone.

So many planets fell to this fate. Far less than Galactron, granted, but still considerable. And sometimes there was an overlap with the two. However, the Brainiac -- Justhe Phax -- was never fool enough to outright challenge Galactron. But his disappearance meant that Phax was free to exploit whichever planet he chose.

Then addressed the planet's military presence. It was considerable, but not towards any extraterrestrial offense, he determined. It was clearly for making war one on another. Such a primitive society, thought the Brainiac, such a waste of resources and manpower. Taking this planet would be doing them a favor.

*Anyone get the pun here?
Animorphs Forum Classic / New here, wondering if anyone has a full Morph list
« Last post by LuzLuz on July 02, 2017, 01:49:33 AM »
From the TV show, it's been hard for me to pinpoint which morphs are in what episode so if anyone here has a list of all the morphs in each respective episode that would help a ton! I've been searching and I've been getting the obvious ones from the Animorphs themselves, but it's a little harder to find other ones like the Yeerks and such seeing how at least for me it's been tough finding every single episode. Thanks!
Animorphs Role Playing / Re: GESB: OOC Discussion
« Last post by gh on July 01, 2017, 02:17:42 PM »
Will post after work :)
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