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Animorphs Role Playing / Re: Galaxy's Edge Space Bar
« Last post by Shenmue654 on July 19, 2017, 12:09:55 PM »
Mar waits at the top of the ramp for Ossanlin, listening as he makes a broadcast attempt to the stranger. Somehow it does not seem terribly likely that the lady actually has a ship. There is more than one way to reach this place, after all.
Animorphs Role Playing / Re: GESB: OOC Discussion
« Last post by Luke Skywalker (Ossanlin) on July 19, 2017, 07:27:05 AM »
<3 for the first post, Kells.  As for the second post...good luck.  My friend's Alienware updated to "Win10 - the creators" the other day and he's been having  a ton of trouble ever since.  He had to go back and manually install new drivers, and he's still having problems with command-response lag.  Sometimes he has to wait several seconds before his inputs are shown on the monitor.  He's very unhappy with it.
General Fan Fiction & Art / Re: Memoirs of a RAFian
« Last post by Cloak on July 19, 2017, 05:30:48 AM »
More than likely as I've never seen the series.

New chapter.

The Impetus

Boundless wandered around, staying in the most remote places, so he could be alone. It was still fanatic in his desire to destroy all life in its present and future form. That fire still burned with a fiery passion.

Since its birth on that undisclosed, unnamed island, it had clothed itself in white, orange, and gold Egyptian-type attire, making it look rather like an impromptu fusion between Mewtwo and Beerus. It also was learning to master its newfound powers, proven as it floated lazily around, propped up by its telekinesis.

While it had a great desire to end all that was, it didn't have any real method that would work with the kind of efficiency that it wanted. It wanted it to be quick, with no chance of survival. Which ruled out getting its own hands dirty with the task of universal genocide.

There had to be a way . . .

It sat down -- which looked rather awkward, to be honest -- and it shut its eyes. It focused its mind, to grasp at any straw to achieve its lofty goal. It was gifted with a vision. It saw seven rings, similar to that of the Olympics, all interlocked. Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet -- in that order. In the empty spaces between these rings were faces. Obviously human faces.

Within the red ring was the face of a feral beast of a woman wearing the uniform of a Red Lantern. A very familiar Red Lantern . . .

Within the orange ring was the face of an orange energy construct wearing the uniform of an Orange Lantern . . .

Within the yellow ring was the face of a blonde human girl wearing the uniform of a Sinestro Corpsman . . .

Within the green ring was the face of an everyday human boy wearing the uniform of a Green Lantern . . .

Within the blue ring was the face of a mature-looking human boy wearing the uniform of a Blue Lantern . . .

Within the indigo ring was the face of a small teenager boy wearing a Mowgli-like uniform of an Indigo Tribesman . . .

Within the violet ring was the face of a young protege of Helen's in a Star Sapphire uniform. . . .

Boundless opened its eyes, smiling with its small mouth. So . . . this was the way. The people wearing the rings were insignificant. The prize would be the rings themselves. After it managed to procure them, it was confident that the next step of what to do would be revealed to him at that time.

But the thing to do now was procure them. The vision also gave it an idea of where to find them. It had left to procure the closest one to it -- the red one. . . .


"That's a little vague, Cloak," GH told Cloak, as he watched Leatherhead play with Dino. It was hard to say who was enjoying themselves more.

"I'm well aware, Logan," Cloak said.

"GH," GH corrected.

"It was a riddle, and it seemed actually urgent," Cloak said.

"Yeah, the letters doing a pee-pee dance kind of urgent," GH said.

"GH, I'm being serious here," the Realm Walker intoned darkly. "Something's about to happen. I can sense it. And its not going to be any good."

"We'll do it, whatever it is, and come out smelling like daisies," GH said, in a flippant, complacent way that didn't sit well with the Elements Master.
Animorphs Fan Fiction & Art / Re: Animorphs Reboot
« Last post by DinosaurNothlit on July 18, 2017, 11:49:32 PM »
The Hork-Bajir and Taxxons will appear soon.

 . . . I probably should have seen that coming.  :P  Yeerk Pool, and all.

As far as Cassie, she's intuitive, empathic, an environmentalist, and she's attuned to her emotions. I just made her more confident.

Yeah, I guess you didn't actually change her that much, it's just so weird to see her and Jake in such a straightforward relationship.  It still makes sense that they would be, they are sixteen and that's the age where such things accelerate much more quickly than at the tender age of twelve.

Also, I can't get the quote "Hot dildo monkeys!" out of my brain.  There's a thing that original-books-Cassie would never say.  :P
General Fan Fiction & Art / Re: Memoirs of a RAFian
« Last post by DinosaurNothlit on July 18, 2017, 11:44:35 PM »
Uh oh.  Even Mewtwo wasn't that cold-hearted.

Also, this guy is strangely reminding me of a character from Sentinels of the Multiverse, called Faultless.  That could just be the similarity between the names, though.
Animorphs Role Playing / Re: GESB: OOC Discussion
« Last post by Shenmue654 on July 18, 2017, 11:18:24 PM »
It looks like, stupidly enough, I can't post tonight because my computer is updating. Windows 10 is terrible and bad. V___V

It'd be awkward to type a full round on the phone, so I will try out early tomorrow morning. Sorry guys. : [
Animorphs Forum Classic / Re: Does anybody else have this Tradition?
« Last post by ViciousVisser on July 18, 2017, 09:38:01 AM »
I'm at The Solution, one of my favorites!
Animorphs Fan Fiction & Art / Re: Animorphs Reboot
« Last post by Artisan219 on July 18, 2017, 09:17:04 AM »
The Hork-Bajir and Taxxons will appear soon.

As far as Cassie, she's intuitive, empathic, an environmentalist, and she's attuned to her emotions. I just made her more confident.
Animorphs Role Playing / Re: GESB: OOC Discussion
« Last post by Shenmue654 on July 18, 2017, 09:07:37 AM »
In my case, I'm frankly just exhausted. I'm going to take a stab at it today, but one of the nicer things about this is we all know that we ain't as young as we used to be. My top-class work has been going towards a thing with Oss that I really, really love. : 3
General Fan Fiction & Art / Re: Memoirs of a RAFian
« Last post by Cloak on July 18, 2017, 05:48:20 AM »
Oh, this is where is skews away from that.

New chapter.

Dark Visions

Cloak was in a meditative sleep. Shadow would have declared it napping, but she was wrong -- okay, she was only kind of wrong.

. . . Alright, alright. She was right about him napping. But he was feline. That surely gave him a right to catnap, right?

He was standing in a black void with nothing but a white disc upon which Cloak stood, illuminated from an unseen light source. Suddenly, letters came up in front of him, all in a legible font, written in gold. And, from the way the letters seemed to dance around, anxiously, he got the feeling that this would be urgent.

Beware of the one without bounds,
Whose rhetoric oft have no grounds.
It shall have a spectrum which rings have power,
And this will harken a future most dour.
Then, to the center of all things, it shall flee.
It intends to create an ending for all to see.

There was more, but it was to muddied for Cloak to make heads or tails of. But that riddle, that puzzle was enough. And Cloak was well aware that he may very well forget about it when he awakes the next morning.

Cloak couldn't begin to decipher the meaning of this riddle. Oh, why couldn't the person writing this stuff be straightforward for once? "Go here". "Do that". "Don't do THAT". Why can't it ever be that clear? Why does it always have to be in Gateburst riddles? What's wrong with a straightforward answer for once?

Cloak awoke, and he tried desperately to hold onto what the riddle was, but within moments, he had forgotten what it had said.


The contingency stood in the wreckage of the lab, until the fires were well extinguished already. It felt so disillusioned by everything. The manner of creation, those scientists objectifying him like it was a curious piece of property, and the world at large, which he assumed to be just like these tactless scientists.

What right did it have to exist in this world? What right did they? What right did anyone? None. No one had a right to the gift of life, it started to believe. Everyone was so petty, so dishonest. Their minds were vapid wastelands of materialism and greed, anger and rage, fear and bigotry. It found them devoid of courage, intellect, hope, sincerity, compassion, reliability, love or kindness. All life in existence, it felt, needed to be stamped out. Including himself.

It looked at existence and only saw what it wanted to see --a place of misery and suffering. It was unable to see acts of compassion as anything indebting another to you, acts of love as being meaningless acts of lust. It thought demonstrations of intelligence as lacking and displays of reliability stemmed more from fear, fear of being seen as unreliable, than a legitimate attempt to be responsible. It thought demonstrating sincerity was still, in some way, deceitful and displays of genuine courage was just obscuring an inherent cowardice. It felt that no one was truly kind, that acts of kindness was hiding an underlying cruelty.

Compassion. Courage. Hope. Intellect. Kindness. Love. Reliability. Sincerity. None truly existed, it felt. Its course forward was clear. He would have to end it all. End everything. Everything, so it can start over. So these eight traits can exist in their truest form, instead of the poor facsimiles they had now.

But he would give himself a new name other than the RAFian contingency. He was without limits, without bounds -- he was Boundless.
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