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Animorphs Role Playing / Re: GESB: OOC Discussion
« Last post by Aluminator (Kit) on September 18, 2017, 12:15:29 PM »
Gods. Sorry, guys. I've been horrendously sick, which, at least, has kept me from being as busy as normal. Anyway. Still here. Posted.

Shen: *glomp*

gh: Yes come back! It'll be like you never left!

Terenia: Let me know if you feel I stepped on your toes at all with that post. Happy to modify ^_^
Animorphs Role Playing / Re: Galaxy's Edge Space Bar
« Last post by Aluminator (Kit) on September 18, 2017, 12:14:08 PM »
As the pounding footsteps draw nearer, Salem's hand inches towards his weapon. He stumbles slightly as he moves closer to the woods. His mind isn't working at its normal speed at the moment, so gauging distances and and the layout of the woods nearby takes more concentration than usual. By the time he decides to pay attention to the incoming footsteps again, he can no longer hear them. He freezes, listening hard, and squints towards the woods in the former direction of the sound. He tenses when the bushes rustle, but all that moves into view is an unusual creature he doesn't recognize.

"This is the Galaxy's Edge Space Bar," he responds absently to her question, still staring into the woods with an increasingly concerned look on his face. After a few seconds, he looks more closely at the creature that's just arrived. Bipedal with a rather impressive tail, armored, toothy-- pretty dangerous-looking, but capable of articulate thought-speech and even, it seems, politeness. Definitely an interesting one. There's no sign at all that he recognizes her as a dinosaur.

"I um..." he begins, then clears his throat. He smiles and begins again, though he's clearly still watching deeper into the woods. "My name is Salem. My species is what we call 'human,' which actually means very little here. This place is a... little bit of an enigma. My associate," he nods towards Ossanlin, "would call it... what, a dimensional nexus? Basically, it brings folks here from any universe it wishes." He smiles warmly, beginning to turn on his 'salesman' charm. "Welcome to the edge of everything."

In the meantime, Al sighs and turns to Mar, even as one hand rummages through the medical bag. He points at Ardiania "She called me an entertainer," he whines. "See this? You did this!" Al finds a tiny antiseptic spray bottle and holds it up briefly so Ardania can see it. He spritzes a small amount on his own skin. He mimes stinging pain, sucking in a sharp breath, followed shortly by a melodramatic re-relaxing of his muscles. "Brief pain," he says slowly, in Galard. He then turns the spray to her flank and lightly mists the abrasion there.

He picks up a dirty, scratched cylinder and pops off the top, revealing an off-white creamy salve, about half of which looks to have been used. As he pops in a hand and smears a layer, gently and deftly, on Ardania's flank, he speaks over his shoulder to Mar. "You're not too far off, actually. I'm not a human creation, per se. Different species, different time, but yeah, you're right, it sort of came down to a form of escapism, depending upon how you look at it." He pauses and scrutinizes his work as the salve cures into a crude, yet effective, flexible field bandage, and dabs a bit more on. "I was built as a companion. And as someone with whom to party. And in whom to confide. An inexhaustible source of positive social energy. There's not really a word for it in this language, but the action's more important than the definition." He squints at his makeshift bandage, curing in the cool air, and finally seems satisfied.

Al turns to Mar and shrugs with a smile. "Not to say robots never divert from their programming. Where I'm from, artificial intelligence allows plenty of room for personal evolution and growth, but I happen to enjoy being who I was built to be." He stuffs his supplies back into the bag and laughs. "Alright, Mr. Embodiment-of-Fantasy, ask the lady if she can make it inside. If she's going into shock a lie-down and some fluids are in order."
General Fan Fiction & Art / Re: Memoirs of a RAFian
« Last post by Cloak on September 18, 2017, 08:27:18 AM »
New chapter.


Cloak was safe in his bed, fast asleep. And, with sleep, came dreams. But why did he dream of Bern Bridges, sitting in a hole-in-a-wall restaurant? Singing?

"I never seem to finish all my food.
I always get a doggie bag from the huffy waiter.
So, I just keep what's still un-chewed
And I take it home, save it for later.

Then, as he got up and walked away, the restaurant pulled away, as if it were a movie set and not real.

"But then I deal with fungal rot, bacterial formation,
Microbes, enzymes, mold and over oxidation.
I don't care.
I've got a secret trick up my sleeve.
I never bother with baggies, glass jars, Tupperware containers,
Plastic cling wrap -- really a no-brainer.
I just like --
To keep all my flavors sealed in tight.

All of sudden he was in his radio studio, looking as if he took up a considerable quarter of the space. And, yet, he still sang (and not very well, mind you):

"With tinfoil.
Never settle for less.
That kind of wrap is just the best
To keep your sandwich nice and fresh.
Stick it in your cooler.
Eat it when you're ready.
Then maybe you'll choose
A refreshing herbal tea.

He slurped the tea very loudly and rudely. Just type of man he was -- loud and rude. He declared, "Mmm, splendid."

Then he sang, as the music took on a more sinister edge:

"Oh, by the way, I've cracked the code.
I've figured out this RAF organization,
And the RAFians know
That they're finally primed for world domination!

And there was . . . the true purpose of the song, despite this all just being in Cloak's mind.

"And soon you've got RAF helicopters comin' cross the border,
RAF puppet masters for the New World Order.
Be aware --
There's always a RAFian that's watching you,
And the RAFians still won't admit they faked the whole moon landing.
Mind control rays, full-body scanning --
Don't mind that,
I'm protected 'cause I made this hat.

Bern Bridges wore a ridiculous skullcap-like hat, crappily made of tinfoil.

"From tinfoil.
Wear a hat that's foil-lined,
In case an RAFian's inclined
To probe you, or read your mind.
Looks a bit peculiar.
Seems a little crazy.
But someday I'll prove --
There's a big conspiracy

And, like that, the dream ended. Almost as if it was interrupted by another dream, jockeying for position.

A lone figure with dangerous, glowing red eyes silhouetted by a blood red light. He seemed to have a humanoid body plan. His head and face seemed to to be made entirely of bone, with two devil like horns curling up from his eye ridges. Bone like shoulder pads and clawed grieves, which flowed red light of them like fiery smoke. He had lines of alternating red and black on his chest and upper arms.

He had red light constructs in hand, almost as if he was a Red Lantern. But he didn't wear the uniform. What could this possibly mean . . . ?

But, like that, this dream, too ended.

SOURCE SONG: https://youtube.com/watch?v=urglg3WimHA
General Fan Fiction & Art / Re: Memoirs of a RAFian
« Last post by Cloak on September 18, 2017, 07:27:43 AM »
New chapter.


Thuban 9 was finished.

Even after the planet's rotation began to slow once again. Most if not all of the ailurosapiens were flung off or otherwise killed. The atmosphere was dispersed, so the planet only barely had an atmosphere anymore. The civilization was destroyed and post-apocalyptic.

And, yet, somehow, Lol seemed to have survived. But it wouldn't be too long. The salmon-chicken were all dead and gone. He hadn't any food. He hadn't any water, clean or otherwise.

All he had was time. Time to pick apart his folly. Time to wonder how he went wrong. Time, as his consciousness slipped once again, to wonder why. Why this was fair. Why did Thuban 9 have suffer when those goddamn primitives on Earth could survive.

He was there long enough to know that they greedily poisoned their own planet to gain wealth, prestige and power. Wealth was pointless and prestige was, in Lol's point of view, an in-born trait. Power was a stupid thing to seek out, he mused as he felt his life ebbing away. This time wasn't just a momentary blackout, Lol knew, it was the real deal . . .

He shut his eyes tightly waiting for death to come and claim him, and spare him from this suffering and this guilt . . .

Was this the reason that the last team never completed their mission? Were they . . . were they smarter than him? Did they foresee this . . . complication? They were all from the most habitable part of the Day Desert, and they landed in a desert place on Earth. . . .

Thoughts cloudy now . . . mind wondering . . . no, that wasn't right . . . his mind was wandering not wondering . . . but he supposed both were true.


"There," Aquilai said, as yet another panel dropped. "One more tweak . . ."

The last of the weakening dark pink energy dissipated. It was done. It was over.

"And we're done!" Xeno proclaimed.

"Well," Yarin said, "except for the clean up."

"Cloak!" Gaz said. "Cloak, you can stop now."

Cloak did, and the planet was rotating as did normally. He was out of his apex tier, now. Cloak's eyes were closed, and he was on one knee. He was bracing himself on his left hand. His breathing was heavier, and his body actually felt heavier. Even his tail felt like it was tied to a fifty-pound weight. He was exhausted.

Then again, he had just forced the Earth to continue to rotate. Despite it being a rather simple in concept, it was utterly, utterly exhausting. There was an extensive amount of energy that he expended. It was wonder how he was still upright. Destroying the Xenomorphic Brood ship did not take such a consistent expenditure of energy, and he didn't have to do it for eight or so hours straight.

"Cloak . . . are you . . . okay?" FuBar said, ****ing his head to the left.

"Tired . . ." was his only reply.

"Okay, guys," Goom said, "Gaz, Aquilai, Yarin -- get Cloak back to his thread. He needs to rest. Xeno, FuBar, and I will clean up here."
General Fan Fiction & Art / Re: Memoirs of a RAFian
« Last post by Cloak on September 17, 2017, 05:40:13 AM »
New chapter.

More Than Expected

Something was most definitely wrong.

Thuban 9 was rather like Earth in terms of size and rotation, despite being the ninth planet around their star, Thuban. A Thuban 9 day was twenty-four hours, like Earth. Same with its hours and minutes. This is why the discovery of Earth was deemed so important to them, why the theft of Earth's rotational energy was even viable in the first place.

What happened next quickly turned Lol from the Thubanian savior into the most reviled individual on the planet.

Now the planet's rotation speed was about 22,000 miles per hour. Shortly afterward, it was 66,000 miles per hour. Then 330,000 miles per hour. A Thubanian day passed in the span of an hour. Then it passed within the span of a minute. Then it passed within the span of a second.

Then the next thing that the ailurosapiens knew was that their world was just a blur of movement. Their paws no longer touched ground. Their planet was now rotating even faster than Kinet, and that was something. Several unlucky ailurosapiens were flung into space, without atmosphere to breathe. They suffocated within minutes.

And yet, despite these sad deaths, Lol survived. He bore witness. He was confused -- his rotational harvester should have stopped the Earth's rotation. It should have stolen that capability. Why was the planet still spinning? That's the only possible explanation. It should have only been enough to restart Thuban 9's rotation. There was too much of the spiralling dark pink energy now.

Lol was now not being praised or lauded, but being cursed and maligned. He fell so quickly from grace, before the blurs faded into black. . . .


"Well," Goom said, cautiously optimistic, "at least we're making some headway now."

Four hours had passed since Lol had fled the planet that he presumed to be doomed. But he didn't anticipate Cloak or the RAFian's persistence or determination.

They only really make any headway when Aquilai had arrived after his communications duty had been completed, and at Goom's request. It was his sonic screwdriver that enable them to pull back the pink energy sheath enough to start working on the actual machine itself.

They found the connector ports that allowed the machine to latch on to the satellite. All six of the RAFians were surprised with just how strong and tightly affixed they were, and, in the end, decided that they had to deactivate the machine first before attempting to undo these connector ports.

"Hard to believe that a cat, of all things, could make such a sophisticated machine," Yarin commented.

"Hey!" FuBar protested, offended.

"I simply meant that you haven't any opposable thumbs," Yarin said, not quite reassuring FuBar towards the perceived insult. "Such precise manipulation and mechanical ingenuity would require opposable thumbs. If it --"

"'It'?" FuBar asked, with narrowed eyes.

"-- If he managed it," Yarin said, correcting himself rather frustratingly, "then that would be remarkable in and of itself."

"Guys, focus on the task. Cloak cannot --"

All six fell silent as Cloak pulled his arms back, shut his eyes and took a deep breath. Then then he thrust his hands out again, still somehow maintaining his apex tier of power. Such a thing was not an easy endeavor, and it would not be equally easy to recoup the expended energy.

"Cloak cannot keep this up forever," Gaz said. "We've only survived this long because of him."
Animorphs Role Playing / Re: Galaxy's Edge Space Bar
« Last post by Terenia on September 16, 2017, 09:53:44 PM »
Ardania hesitates, stalk eyes still watching Al closely. <Yes,> she says to Mar, though the tone of her thoughts betray...not confusion, exactly. Something closer to incredulity. As if she expects him to be lying. <And you are the embodiment of fantasy, then?>
General Fan Fiction & Art / Re: Memoirs of a RAFian
« Last post by Cloak on September 16, 2017, 05:58:01 AM »
New chapter.

Working Fast

Yarin's ship landed quickly and quietly about twenty-four minutes later, and Yarin said, "There had better not be a scratch on my --"

"Priorities, Yarin!" Goom chided. "The Earth's rotation is at stake."

"By a machine the size of a refrigerator?" Yarin said. "That borders on absurdity, you know."

"Guys! Focus!" Gaz said. "Cloak's buying us sometime, but, no matter how powerful he is, he will tire eventually. The clock is ticking!"

"The pink energy sheath prevents any tactile contact," Xeno said, immediately, when they came to join them, "whether from fingers or tools."

"Have you tried any energy-based tools?" Goom said.

"The pink energy sheath interrupts them," Xeno said, almost clinically. "The energy sheath seems impenetrable."

"Nothing's impenetrable," Yarin dismissed, "not even Code Avalon. There has to be a way around this energy sheath. A weakness to exploit."

"Which is?" FuBar asked.

"That remains to be seen," Yarin said. "But there has to be a weakness. There has to be a weakness. Everything and everyone has a weakness. Flaws to be exploited for the greater good."

"Sounds good on paper, Yarin," Goom put in, "but we have a limited timeframe, as Gaz said. Can we find its weakness, the big flaw, to exploit in that timeframe?"

Yarin didn't have an answer for that.


"What happened to the previous team, Sir Lol?" said a ginger tabby.

"They debased and defiled themselves," he said, harshly. "They actually lowered themselves to mate with the native species, producing hybrid offspring."

"The little bastards should have been infertile then," said a long-haired calico. "That would serve them right, being the abominations that they were."

"They were apparently viable," Lol corrected. "I actually came across one that must have been a hereditary throwback. He was able to speak. He was able to think, if you could call it 'thinking', though he made the stupid decision to stay on a doomed planet."

"You would have brought a bastard like that here?" said a disapproving Maine coon.

"Yes," Lol said, "as an oddity. So all can witness the depravity and lascivious actions of the last team. An example of the moral debasement of that team of seven."

"Do we really need an example, a reminder, of that?" said a black ailurosapien with a white chest and paws.

"Yes, as a deterrent for the future if anyone else allowed their lewd, lecherous natures to get the better of them." Lol answered. "But he chose to die. But, in the end, it matters very little. Blue Blue Shiny Ball will die, and Thuban Nine will survive."

"What if our planet rotation slows again?" asked an American shorthair.

"Then we find another planet to steal the rotational energy once more," Lol said, unconcerned with possibly sacrificing another planet with life. Thuban 9 was the only planet that mattered, with its Day Desert and Night Tundra.

And, yet, something odd seemed to be going on. . . .
Hunter! Welcome back mate :)
Guess who's back yo!
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