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Animorphs Role Playing / Re: Voice/Text chat RP anyone?
« Last post by netspider86 on November 16, 2017, 09:59:56 AM »
Hey all! I've really been lurking a bit on and off, but I'm almost positive this is the first account I create. Almost.

I'm usually a sucker for canon, so I'd prefer something that doesn't detach horribly from the series, but other than that I'm fairly open. I'll say that I'd rather not roleplay a 14 years old! Few ideas in no particular order:
  • Same universe and rules, but possibly different timeline and none of the original human characters (the morphing technology is given to a different group entirely, so we start from an early stage of the invasion)
  • Actual spin-off maybe with some link to reality, e.g. right now there is a certain dude that we'll call
    Mr Grump who might as well have a Yeerk in his head, and the original gang manages to reach out to some trustworthy young adults expanding the group (so maybe something 2/3rds into the series, except it's moved to more recent years)
  • In the original timeline a small group gets in contact with the Animorphs and gets involved, maybe somewhere else on the planet (let's face it, a: in the real world many of the things they did would have made someone go "wtf is up with this kid? let me watch them closely for a while" and b: always in the real world, wouldn't the Yeerk have tried to diversify their operations in more than one major city?... this could be at several points in the series' timeline)
  • Actually from that a. observation, a whole first part of a campaign could be focussed on how a bunch of folks notices something odd and their efforts to find out more... would require an extra effort not to metaplay, but it could be a cool experiment :)
  • The existing Animorphs members have all disappeared, died, been captured, whatever, maybe except one or two of them... the Yeerk seem beaten, but a small group discovers that a new invasion has been going on under much stricter security, hiding behind the supposed Yeerk defeat (obviously years after the series' end)
...or really any other good idea you might have! By the way, no one volunteering for that GM role? ;D

In terms of what to use, Discord works well I think! It's solid either for text or voice, with the option to have multiple channels (OOC, "private" IC dynamics, sidequests with only part of the group, whatever). Timewise, I'm in Italy with a 9 to 5 (sorta) job but also have a long distance relationship with a girl in the USA, so some of the times that would work best are normally already taken by the two of us hanging out...
The best options are probably the majority of Monday nights (approximately 11pm/midnight to 2am UTC+1), and varying weekend days (most likely afternoon / early evening my time). I'm often free on weekday evenings too, 7pm to midnight UTC+1, but I don't see that working out particularly well with US times :P
General Fan Fiction & Art / Re: Memoirs of a RAFian
« Last post by Cloak on November 16, 2017, 06:10:28 AM »
New chapter.


Blue was sitting outside the forum, a fair distance away, meditating on the League stronghold massacre. He was trying to calm his mind, still his spirit, and fortify his body, as he tried to conceive of an assailant who could have possibly committed such violence. Seeing the carnage, it was clear that it was from someone who enjoyed every last instance of of it. Someone who actually revelled in the gruesome, grotesque ways they were murdered. Someone who was clearly a sadist.

Could he have gotten there sooner? Could have done something? Something to save them from this heinous fate? Something to . . . save murderers in their own right. He had to remember, not all that were slain were innocent. Not all had clean hands. Assassins may have been people, but so were the people they killed as a vocation. This was clearly one of those morally gray areas that he heard people talk about. Rarely is anything simple as black and white, very rarely.

Blue didn't say anything to the others, but he did look at that place with fear, but he did have an attachment to it. It was the first home he had ever known to be as such. It was a horrible place, true. The Tribunal robbed him of the family and life he would have had before they took him. True, he could always look up his parents to see if they're still around -- but he had absolutely nothing to go on. No idea what they looked like, and no idea what their names could be. Or what his real name was. Perhaps it was Bryce. He liked that name, Bryce.

He supposed it was odd, to feel both an attachment and a hatred for a place. He had never returned there once he left. He had told himself that it was for the best, that there was nothing left for him back there. But he had to grapple with a sense of guilt from time to time. He had been selfish in only thinking of himself as he escaped. He had never thought to save any of the others, the others that were surely indoctrinated and brainwashed. And killed, either at the massacre or in the intermittent years that came before.

"Boy," Blue said, not even opening his eyes nor turning around. So confident he was in his skills. "I know you're there. What is it you want?"

"Forgive my interruption, Blue Prodigy," Initiate #100957 said, respectfully.

"It's Blue," the RAFian said, in rather clipped tones. His instincts were yelling at him to trust the boy -- he did not know why. Perhaps he was an obscure relative? Nah, that's too much "Days of Our Lives". "I dropped the 'Prodigy' part when I left the League. Now, what is it you're after?"

Initiate #100957 put his kusarigama and short sword neatly on the ground, and sank to his knees. He bowed forward, head down, exposing his vulnerable neck.

"I wish to become your apprentice," the fourteen-year-old boy said, head still down, neck still open for attack. "I -- I wish to understand."

Blue opened his eyes, and considered the boy for a long moment. He was unsure if he should trust the boy. "You understand that I must vet what you're saying, right?"

"I understand," the boy said. "I'll do anything to earn your trust."

The response was eager, and yet Blue found it believable. But he was having problems trusting his own judgement at the moment, and trouble dealing with seeing the carnage at the stronghold massacre.


"He's telling the truth," Cloak said. "Either that, or he's proficient liar."

Blue wasn't too satisfied with this answer and went to Yarin for absolute confirmation. Yes, the telepathic probes were horribly invasive, when involuntarily. And most people were unaware of the probes, unless Yarin dug too deeply.

"He's being honest," the Nyac said. "Even if he is an accomplished Occlumens, I would be able to tell. I would have to delve deeper, granted, if he was employing Occlumency and the deeper I go the greater the risk of psychic damage to the boy's mind. Possibly leaving him in a catatonic state, or insane. I never dare to go that deep. But, my probes tell me he's basically a flatscan human -- no magical ability whatsoever."

"So, I can trust what he claims?" Blue asked. "We don't need another incident like Itellsya."

Itellsya was to this date the first and only RAFian traitor. He went to work for Malice, but nobody ever found out why. And now never will, now that he, as Rumor, was dead.

"His mind isn't anything like Itellsya," Yarin said. "The thing about Itellsya was I should have reported that he had a bit of a powerlust, but I assumed that it was due to his age. I was wrong to assume that. However, this boy -- Initiate Number-one-zero-zero-nine-five-seven -- all he wants is to be the best that he can be. And I'm not sure he even realizes this himself -- he just wants to be respected. He never wanted to kill you, Blue. Not really. It was just an obligation that he thought he had to do -- by telling him about the Tribunal's intended betrayal -- he lost all loyalty towards them. He believed you wholeheartedly, Blue. And he still does."

Blue nodded. He turned to call the boy over. Initiate #100957 hastened to respond, taking a knee and bowing his head. Blue still saw a lot of himself at that age in the boy, without really meaning to. He lifted the boy to his feet.

"What's you name?"

"Initiate Number --"

"No, your real name."

"Real name?" the boy asked. He was genuine flummoxed.

Blue sighed, seeing another similarly. "Then how about I give you one that's less of a . . . mouthful."


"How about 'Shinobi'?" Blue asked. "'Shin', for short?"
Animorphs Role Playing / Re: Voice/Text chat RP anyone?
« Last post by gh, King of Birbs on November 16, 2017, 01:06:46 AM »
First off, welcome aboard, netspider! I’m definitely down for some sort of a live RP; the only really active RP on here (the Galaxy’s Edge Space Bar) is moving along rather slowly and I don’t do much outside of work, so time is at least somewhat flexible for me :)
General Fan Fiction & Art / Re: Memoirs of a RAFian
« Last post by Cloak on November 15, 2017, 09:56:22 PM »
Trust me, you weren't thinking about that, with the ominous atmosphere when we arrived on the stronghold's land (and your mind was on Leatherhead, anyway -- parental concerns) -- just wait for the next chapter. It will be a bit heavy.

New chapter.

Dead or Deserted

The inside of the stronghold was dingy and . . .

"I am so glad that I left LH with Dino," GH said, as he looked around this grisly mausoleum of death. Blood was smeared everywhere, miscellaneous viscera lingering in places, and there was a fair smattering of mostly intact bodies here and there, lying motionless. This was no longer a stronghold -- it was a tomb.

Blue was speechless. This wasn't a fight -- it was a massacre.

He was expecting resistance as he went for the Tribunal, sure. He was killing aware that he might have to draw blood with his trust sword, but this? This hellish, nightmarish scene? He couldn't have conceived of it. And they were just seeing the aftermath of what happened.

And what did happen here? Did they get too overconfident in their defenses? Overconfidence often spells disaster. Complacency, as well, can lead to catastrophe. But it didn't really explain what happened here.

Phoenix and GH looked put off, but were managing well. Cloak was disturbed, as the fact that leaving something more than a cloak behind after death was still quite foreign to him.

Blue was still looking around horrified, realizing that the nineteen initiates that were sent to kill him -- they were the only survivors of this massacre. But he wasn't so silly to think that that's why the Tribunal sent them out. They must have not foreseen this outcome. Were they too -- ?

He had to find out. He was only barely aware that Cloak was with him. The other two were not far behind. They had to go to the innermost chamber . . . that's where the Tribunal lived and met to discuss how to further their goals. If they were still alive, then they would be there.

Blue had Cloak open the overly ornate door, rather unceremoniously. And there they were. Still sitting in their ridiculously opulent daimyo like robes in too flashy colors. Blue, at first, thought that all seven were still alive. But Cloak dashed that thought.

"They're dead, Blue," Cloak said.

"They're sitting up," Blue countered, not daring to believe.

Cloak flicked his hand, causing a slight breeze to rush the area, and sweeping through all the members of the Tribunal. All seven heads tumbled off their bodies and rolled onto to the floor before the four. Their headless bodies finally slumped down, several slipping off their seats.

"They are dead," Blue said. He couldn't keep his surprise from his voice. Of all the things he anticipated, not one of them came true. Someone had beaten him to the punch, and went completely overboard. "I didn't expect this."

"Who would do this?" GH inquired. He looked rather green -- but that could just be the awful smell in the room. It was this smell that caused Cloak to keep his distance from the bodies. He knew the mechanics of decomposition, but still found it odd and strange and foreign.

"I don't know," Blue said, earnestly. "Whoever it was, it had to be the ultimate assassin."

"Whoever it was," Phoenix said, assessing what this meant, "that means that they're a present and current danger. And what's worse is that they're still at large. We haven't a clue what species or what individual did this."

Cloak examined the smelly environment, trying to discern any evidence -- but the overpowering odor was too much to be ignored effectively, too pervasive to be disregarded.

"All I can tell is that they've been attacked by bladed weapons -- no telltale claw marks or gunfire residue or evidence. I cannot think of any other species capable of such a massacre. . . . Now . . . can we please get out of here? This place reeks of death."
Animorphs Role Playing / Re: GESB: OOC Discussion
« Last post by Myitt on November 15, 2017, 09:53:40 PM »
She's off-radar in Mexico, but I'll poke her when she gets back later this week :)
Animorphs Role Playing / Re: Voice/Text chat RP anyone?
« Last post by Myitt on November 15, 2017, 09:52:56 PM »

Uh, so I type RP on Google Docs, and also ho bisogno di praticare italiano ogni giorno con un oratore fluente ^^ ho studiato italiano per dieci anni ma ancora non sono fluente!

And well, I have the first Animorphs book in Italian, so I have no excuse not to practice with it.

Are you new to RAF? Welcome! Terenia (Jessi) and I (Tara) are also 30-something fans and we live together seeing as we are dating, so we could all collaborate if you wanted.

If you have Voxer or Discord we could also set up voice chat. Our characters tend to be Yeerk rebel OCs in a spinoff of the original series. Picture a soap opera set on a rebel base from Star Wars, and you've got the idea.

Sound interesting?
General Fan Fiction & Art / Re: Memoirs of a RAFian
« Last post by gh, King of Birbs on November 15, 2017, 09:29:30 PM »
Cloak, come on. You know I would have chewed you out for using my real name. :P
General Fan Fiction & Art / Re: Memoirs of a RAFian
« Last post by Cloak on November 15, 2017, 02:34:19 PM »
Yeah, might be over my requisite twenty chapters with this book.

New chapter.

Just a Minor Jump Cut

Blue managed to only recruit GH, Cloak, and Phoenix. GH was able to leave Leatherhead with Dino, who wasn't a reluctant babysitter, like Saffa*. They were in a rather secluded jungle, with the sheer cacophony of bird calls, as if they were protesting the presence of this stronghold, well hidden by rushing water of a waterfall. The stronghold itself, square in shape with high stone walls had adhered itself to the outermost lip of the waterfall, were the water cascaded down below. It was at least a seventy-six-foot drop from the edge of this waterfall. This waterfall also powered the facility as well, much like how water wheels power mills and whatnot.

There was a retracting bridge that allowed entry at specific times. And, yes, this bridge was battered with water. Apparently, the Tribunal was confident enough that no one would gain entry without their okay -- but Blue managed, so it was just difficult, not impossible. Even now, Blue had spotty memories how he did it -- but he was sure luck played a large part of it. He thought he used floating debris to help him make it to the banks. And once he left, he had no inclination to return, before now. It would be like Cloak returning to his mother's house again -- this place was filled with bad, and often painful memories for Blue.

"Um, how are we gonna get across?" GH asked. "I think if we wait for the bridge, we'd kinda lose the element of surprise."

"You disappoint me, Logan," Cloak said, making a simple sweeping gesture with his right hand, and an energy platform that was scarlet in the center and turned gold as it radiated out to the edges materialized on the bank right in front of them.

"Oh," GH said, "right."

"Let's go, then," Phoenix said, and Cloak ferried them across. Upon a better look at the citadel stronghold, Cloak was stricken with how reminiscent it was to Azkaban -- though he never visited the place, and didn't know if Azkaban even existed in this realm.

However, the moment that Cloak's feet touched the ground and he felt the vibrations through the earthen and stone mediums, he turned to address Blue, "Are you sure that this is the right place?"

"Absolutely," Blue said. Every step was awakening a memory. "This is where I was . . . trained."

He had trouble admitting that he was indoctrinated here. That he was . . . brainwashed here, but his conscience could not be suppressed or beaten out of him. He couldn't help but wonder about the lives of the victims that the Tribunal wanted him to take.

"There's no one here, Blue." Cloak said, with the certainty all Realm Walkers seemed to have.

"That can't be right," Blue argued.

"There isn't anyone here, other than us," Cloak said, sounding genuinely disturbed. "That's alive, anyway. You still want to proceed?"

Blue did. They came this far, and, though he didn't mention it to Cloak, a part of him vehemently disagreed with the Element Master's assessment. This place was always so busy. So full of bustling people. Sure, a majority of them were assassins and would kill any outsiders that violated the sanctity of this place.

Cloak used his his mastery over the Earth element to crack the stronghold's outer wall like an egg, and the team entered. Blue was dismayed to find that Cloak's assessment was . . .


* ;)
General Fan Fiction & Art / Re: Memoirs of a RAFian
« Last post by Cloak on November 15, 2017, 10:04:09 AM »
Don't quote me on this, but one of these initiates may be coming back. ;)

New chapter.

The Final Initiate, the Kusarigamajutsu Initiate

Just one more initiate to deal with now.

And yet, Blue felt the need to not be too harsh on the initiates, though he was, admittingly, in his inner monologues. But that was just fuelled by annoyances and frustrations. He knew that many the initiates that the Tribunal recruits were just infants or really young (and impressionable) children. Some were set to menial tasks, and that's all they ever known.

Although, that doesn't really excuse their lack of skill and incompetence -- but they were probably handpicked because of those traits. Of course, the Tribunal would not have been forthright with that little factoid. That would mar the sense of validation, vindication, and recognition they wanted all nineteen of these initiates that they sent to kill Blue to feel. And Blue strongly suspected that they declined to inform them that failure would mean death from the Tribunal itself, if Blue did not oblige. And Blue never obliged.

Blue strongly suspected that these initiates were sent, not to kill him (but bully for them if they, by some miracle, managed), but to goad Blue into killing them without mercy. But he was a RAFian, and quite merciful in his own right. These initiates may have been frustratingly incompetent, easily disarmed, or too involved with their own destructive foibles, but that did not necessitate their deaths.

But the Tribunal was always like this. Always treated the deaths of others -- the unprovoked and needless murder of others -- with a cavalier dismissal. However, if the threat was turned against them and it was their lives in jeopardy . . . then suddenly, that would be taken with the utmost seriousness and treated with scandalized tones. This flagrant hypocrisy always sickened Blue, and it always seemed to be a hypocrisy that the Tribunal themselves were largely ignorant of. And Blue suspected that, despite their inherent dishonesty, that this ignorance was genuine on their part.

Blue ****ed his head to the right ever so slightly, and seized the end of the fundo, or the heavy iron weight, of a kusarigama that whizzed mere centimeters from his left ear. He held it tightly, and felt the wielder of the the kusarigama trying to tug it out of his grip. The wielder clearly lacked any real strength.

"A kusarigamajutsu initiate, I take it?" Blue said, without turning around or releasing the kusarigama. "The final one, at that. Your predecessors all failed to kill me, and I mean more than the other eighteen I dealt with earlier."

Still not relinquishing the kusarigama, Blue turned to face his would-be assassin. He was dismayed to find that the kid couldn't be any older than fourteen, fifteen. He found himself strongly reminded of Leatherhead for some reason, and his irate frustration seemed to melt away into a deep sadness. This boy was clearly deeply indoctrinated into the philosophy of deep devotion and unwavering allegiance. He didn't have a choice, any dissent beaten and terrified out of him. The Tribunal's methods were cruel.

This boy probably hadn't a clue that his real parents, assuming the Tribunal didn't do away with them (and make it look like an accident or a murder-suicide), were probably still looking at him. The boy probably didn't even have a name that he would recognize as one, just an initiate number. Blue saw an awful lot of himself in this boy the more he considered.

"Let go!" the boy demanded.

"No," Blue said, sadly. He wondered idly if this boy was too far gone, too indoctrinated with the principals that the Tribunal wanted to instill. Or did he have a rebellious heart? A defiant spirit? A restive mind? Or was his boyhood recalcitrance replaced by abject compliance?

"Let go!"

"Boy, you're doing yourself no favors," Blue said. His tone remained sad and knowing. "I know the Tribunal has sent you to try to kill me."

"And I will! As soon as you let go!" the boy declared. He was showing the usual childhood distortion, the delusion that your capability is more than what it actually is. He continued to demand, "Let go!"

"Boy, they do not expect you win."


"They do not expect you to win," Blue repeated, somehow both cold and gentle at the same time, "because they know you cannot."


"You cannot because I have more experience, and more training," Blue said. "You cannot kill me because you fail to understand. It is not so easy to snuff out a life, knowing that you are doing so."

"Shut up! You don't know what you're talking about." the bellicose boy snarled.

"But . . . I do," Blue said. He did not relax his grip, which irritated the boy. "They do not expect you to kill me."

The boy said nothing, but continued to struggle with the kusarigama chain.

"They expect me to kill you," Blue said, quietly earnest. "That's why they've been sending wave after wave after wave of initiates after me, under the guise that I deserve to die because I escaped that cultish League of Assassins."

The boy stopped struggling, and looked at Blue. He was starting to believe, starting to question everything he was lead to believe . . . even his stubborn thoughts to stick to the Tribunal's narrative wasn't really sticking, as he was starting to see several rather conspicuous holes in it that he couldn't explain away as irrelevant. And the way Blue spoke, it actually spoke to the boy.

"And," Blue said, "if you return to the stronghold while I still draw breath, then the Tribunal themselves will kill you."

The boy dropped the kusarigama. Whether he was horrified or terrified, it was hard to tell. Perhaps it was both. To the boy without a name, to Initiate #100957, it was as if Blue informed him that his parents had designs on killing him if he didn't get straight A's in a class at school.

Initiate #100957 ran away, leaving his kusarigama behind. Blue watched him go, fighting an urge to go after him. The boy wasn't his responsibility, although a part of Blue screamed at him that he was.

He just gave the boy the hard truths he needed to hear, the truths the boy had already suspected and Blue confirmed. But Blue had a mission of his own, and he would have to recruit some of his friends.
Introductions & Departures / Re: Hi
« Last post by Cloak on November 15, 2017, 09:22:41 AM »
Hello, there.

Seven years ago? I must have met you then, as we're nearing my tenth anniversary as RAFian. But . . . such a long time ago . . . I cannot remember clearly. . . .

Anyway, welcome back to fold! Any returning member is worthy of excitement!
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