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General Fan Fiction & Art / Re: Quaf's Quirky Quorner
« Last post by Quaf on Yesterday at 07:12:13 AM »
Oooh thanks man, he makes some pretty awesome stuff
General Fan Fiction & Art / Re: Shenmue's Thoughts On A Book
« Last post by XenoFrobe on Yesterday at 01:18:24 AM »
Personally, I love anything that plays with or breaks a traditional formula.  Deconstructions are just totally awesome to me.

I'd also like to see a dystopian YA novel that has a protagonist actually supporting the system for moral reasons at some point.

I can also rant about the elevator mafia, the Hunger-Games-on-Eldritch-horror-crack leadup to this, and superconductors made from human emotions. :P

Also I have no clue what you mean by this.  XD
General Fan Fiction & Art / Re: Quaf's Quirky Quorner
« Last post by XenoFrobe on Yesterday at 12:59:16 AM »
Slingshots are awesome.  You should check out Joerg Sprave's channel for some inspiration if you want to make more. 
Animorphs Role Playing / Re: GESB: OOC Discussion
« Last post by Aluminator (Kit) on Yesterday at 12:30:50 AM »
I suppose that's true...it's not like Ossanlin was cut off from the Homeworld during Salem's time there.  He'd have likely heard news.  And if Salem is going to be familiar/friendly with Raigar, it's like that the War Prince would've kept Ossanlin apprised of the unique situation.
Yeah... I'm still debating just how close I want Salem and Raigar to have been, in no small part due to the fact that I don't trust myself to write your character properly, but they'll definitely have known each other and have been friendly. There's no particular reason I can think of that Raigar would keep Ossanlin apprised of Salem's progress or anything, but having a human on the homeworld alone would be enough to warrant at least the occasional passing comment. Not to mention the rumors and the (probably mostly derisive) comments from other Andalites. Salem's position on the homeworld was never exactly a secret, but amidst Andalite xenophobia, it was likely a source of an undercurrent of shame that rendered talking about him too much quasi-taboo.

At some point soon, I'm planning to run through my old timeline of Salem and line it up, blow-by-blow, with the Rebellion timeline. If I recall correctly, Salem would have spent somewhere between three and five years on the Andalite world, ending shortly before his initial introduction in the GESB. I actually need to re-work a lot of Salem's timeline right in that area to coincide better with the Rebellion and Andalites.

Salem, of course, would have known Ossanlin's growing reputation from the media feeds/propaganda/whatever you want to call it. Raigar strikes me as the type who would seldom discuss a former student by name, so if Ossanlin ever had come up in conversation with Raigar, I'm not sure Salem would have connected those comments with the Andalite, even now. Depending on how the timing works out, Salem may have run across Siruvan as well. How long after Ossanlin would Siruvan have graduated?
General Fan Fiction & Art / Re: Memoirs of a RAFian
« Last post by Cloak on Yesterday at 12:07:29 AM »
New chapter.

The Good Granny

They didn't.

They disowned her. They disavowed her. They essentially kicked her out and kicked her to the curb. They abandoned her in her moment of need. They didn't want so much public attention, not when the mainstream media seemed so interested in it (as means of obfuscating and deflecting what the corporatists in the government were doing behind the people's back), completely blowing its importance out of proportion and slander her as being akin to Hitler.

The RAFians, keeping up with this coverage, all thought that this was very heavy-handed and ludicrously framed. Yes, it was bad the man died -- but Velma Lynn Lord wasn't nearly as bad as Adolf Hitler. It was very poorly framed, and Vel Lynn got a ridiculously tough sentence of life in a maximum security prison -- one with a dubious history, including one inmate dying in a scalding shower.

They all thought it was ridiculous, and despicable. But they hadn't the power to do anything about it without completely superseding the law, and their public relations were tenuous at best. They would just have to let this play out.


Vel Lynn didn't shed a single tear as she got the sentence. She wasn't moved. She didn't even ruffle her uncomfortable orange jumpsuit that read #14800185 on the right side of her chest. She suffered wave after wave after wave of anger, resentment, and bitterness. She considered everyone fools. They couldn't see the dangers right in front of their faces . . .

Now she had to rot in jail because of their stupidity, because of their sensationalism. Bah! So be it. She would be the martyr. She would accept this extreme and unfair judgement with quiet dignity and -- oh, who was she kidding? This would be hell. Pure, unadulterated hell.

The guards would punish her most severely because she was a criminal now, and she knew what these guards thought of criminals. Subpar. Expendable. Subhuman. Not even worthy of basic human rights. If she was in pain from the bouts of torturous "punishments" these monsters liked to employ, she would scream and scream, and she would never be heard. All over an accident. An accidental murder she didn't intend on. That should have been manslaughter, not murder.

But the government need to distract the people from an issue they rather not be reported widely, and her case was convenient cover. All because of an accidental misfire of her weapon -- and resisting arrest -- she would be treated as lesser than human. She would be treated as if she was alien filth. It was almost more than she could bare. Being in a cage, like a friggin' rat.

But, apparently, she did something so bad to get herself locked up in solitary confinement. She never knew what, but suspected it was because on of her jailors didn't like her attitude or something of that nature. She couldn't believe this system, she couldn't believe how absolutely, royally f--


There was an explosion and a massive silhouette stepped through the hole created. When her eyes adjusted, Vel Lynn saw who it was. A grandmotherly giant. The wrinkly, old woman had the build and physique of a Quartz solider from the Gem species. She had broad shoulders, stood about six and a half feet tall, and had wild, flyaway gray hair that was back-length. She wore a strapless, floor-length, lilac and snow-trimmed, tiered white dress, with what looked suspiciously like combat boots beneath. She held what appeared to be a lightsaber hilt, but with unnecessary angles and points.

"Well, dearie, what are you waiting for? Let's go," she said, in a deep, gravelly sort of voice, as if she chain smoked fifty cigarettes on the way here.

"I don't even know you," Vel Lynn countered.

"Me? I'm just Nana Goodness," she replied, with a malicious sort of twinkle in her eyes.

"You're serious," Vel Lynn said, skeptically.

"Honestly, dearie," she said, "do you really want to be left here?"

If Vel Lynn was truthful, she didn't. But she didn't exactly trust this Nana Goodness, but whatever she offered, it had to be better than here. So, it was with some reluctance, that Vel Lynn accepted her invitation and joined her at her . . . her orphanage.
Animorphs Role Playing / Re: Galaxy's Edge Space Bar
« Last post by Aluminator (Kit) on April 24, 2017, 10:14:11 PM »
Salem grins at Myitt's words. "A bit of ship salvage, yeah. Never really gotten to know the Yeerk living metal, though."

He stands back a step or two and watches. Whatever Myitt's doing, he's more than a little curious. "Let me know if you need a hand," he adds gruffly, almost as an afterthought.

When Guppy speaks, he laughs. "That's a good question. Nobody does something for nothing. In my experience, though, you can get lucky if it's not you they want the payment from." He smirks at Myitt.

Al shakes his head. "I know. Parents, right? Acting like they know what's good for you. So lame. So..." he ****s his head, "these... supervisors of yours. They're like you?"

He laughs brightly and waves a hand dismissively. "Nah, I get it. You're a mish-mash. An amalgam. A collective of two. You're a personality milkshake. Garlic mashed potatoes with extra motor oil." His stomach growls and he rubs it contemplatively. "Is it getting hungry in here or is it just me?"

As he's been speaking, he's been keeping a close eye on Jeffrey and the redheaded girl. They seem to be getting on... alright... mostly. Al shoots Jeffrey a glance and raises an eyebrow.

He turns back towards William, eyes wide. "That sounds so cool," he says earnestly. "I can't really imagine having my headspace be the two who become one. And of course, I imagine William brings your impeccable sense of style and all your swashbuckling expertise, right? Skills Danel wouldn't have had otherwise? Do I have that backwards? Is it like... just kind of growing new knowledge? Are there separate desires and urges? D'you two ever disagree?" His eyes go even wider-- at this point, they're comically, almost unnaturally large in his head. "Do you remember what it was like for William to die?" he whispers.
General Fan Fiction & Art / Re: Quaf's Quirky Quorner
« Last post by Quaf on April 24, 2017, 10:11:32 PM »
Sooo this summer (last summer? in January) I made a slingshot which I have about 0 uses for but it was still pretty fun.

What you need:
Spoiler (click to show/hide)

How to make it:
Spoiler (click to show/hide)

Spoiler (click to show/hide)

Spoiler (click to show/hide)

Spoiler (click to show/hide)

Spoiler (click to show/hide)

And now for some action shots
Spoiler (click to show/hide)

Spoiler (click to show/hide)

Spoiler (click to show/hide)

Spoiler (click to show/hide)
General Fan Fiction & Art / Re: Memoirs of a RAFian
« Last post by Cloak on April 24, 2017, 08:16:32 PM »
New chapter.

Under Arrest

Noelle pulled herself back to the present and considered her options, regarding her would-be assassin. There weren't all that many to choose from.

She had tried the diplomatic approach and was soundly rebuffed. That wasn't about to work a second time, despite her innate Andalite optimism. She listened to Bern Bridges -- her mind was already made up on this matter. That was out, definitely.

She could try force, but it would be laughable. Noelle wasn't forceful by nature, and that would only function to needlessly escalate tensions. And it would just confirm in that human's mind that aliens are evil incarnate. That was no good.

She could just do nothing, which was an action in and of itself. But then her conscience would gnaw at her, causing her anxiety. And if she hurt -- heaven forbid, killed someone else -- it would be on her. It would be her fault as much as this tinhorn assassin.

The only viable option she could conceive of was to seek council from the others, and by being completely honest with them about what she now saw as a foolhardy venture. However, while she intended on doing just that, when she arrived back at the forum and met with the others -- they informed her of Vel Lynn's fate, as well as her name.

Noelle still told them everything, though. She thought that complete and utter transparency on this issue was necessary.


Vel Lynn's deranged mindset deteriorated further and she began to see most everyone as aliens in disguise. She kept trying to rationalize herself by saying that's impossible, and this worked. For a while.

But, as it would turn out, this wouldn't even matter, because the stray bullet that she fired accidentally found a different target. It hit a man just jogging through the forest, on a well-worn path. He wasn't doing anything malicious or bad, he was just minding his own business. He . . . didn't survive the shot. He never even knew what hit him -- he was alive one moment, then lying in a pool of his own blood, seconds from death a moment later.

The cops -- well, the competent ones -- quickly traced the bullet from the man to her weapon. (Apparently, the grooves made by the gun were super unique to a gun brand that isn't really manufactured all that much anymore.) And they quickly narrowed down the owners of such weapons. She had had the gun registered to her (a bit of very poor planning on her part), and thus she was easily deemed suspicious by her refusal to cooperate with the authorities.

She refused to cooperate with the cops because she saw them as being an accessory to the alien invasion of the planet, threatening, in her view, the purity of the planet. Coadjutors to those who, in her view, were threatening Earth's sovereignty. Accomplices to those who would seek to overthrow their way of life. Abettors of their crimes against humanity. Why would she want comply with such villains? No. Best call them out on their crimes, their falsehoods.

But, naturally, the law said otherwise. Vel Lynn, being rather lackluster at hand-to-hand combat and a really poor shot, was easily subdued by the police and swiftly arrested. She was placed in prison to await trail -- all the while shouting obscenities and vulgarities at them, which did not go to improve their impressions of the woman.

Vel Lynn felt absolutely confident that her Knight brothers and sisters would come and help her out. Pay her bail. Exonerate her in some way. She was, in her view, so clearly in the right and her arrest was a serious miscarriage of justice. She saw herself, as all people who go to extremes and go way too far, in the right and was offended and astounded that she could possibly be judged wrong.

She knew about the victim, but instead of admitting it was a mistake, she haughtily accused the man she slain accidentally of being a closeted alien. An alien or supernatural creature with a human disguise, despite the copious amount of mounting evidence that said otherwise. She had no remorse, and she seemed confident that this was just a formality.

She was a Knight, and her brethren would help her out.
Animorphs Role Playing / Re: Galaxy's Edge Space Bar
« Last post by Shenmue654 on April 24, 2017, 05:22:59 PM »
Keshin watches as several things happen in quick succession while waiting for Ossanlin to respond. The first makes probably the least sense--- A guy dressed as if he just took a Hawaiian vacation, but in 1994, arrives and sits down at the Bar. The second is that Jorek reacts to him by asking Ossanlin, again, about bounty hunters. <<This is perhaps the person that Jorek is aiming to kill.>>

<<I'm stunned by the lack of taste rich people have, Kess.>>

Keshin glances at Jorek. "I doubt you'll have much luck looking for turelek by asking the War Prince. He probably knows many, but he does not tend to recommend them to Imperials. You can absolutely correct me if I'm wrong," says Keshin, nodding at Ossanlin. "I don't tend to take jobs in this bar for a reason--- The last one went terribly. And I've already secured at least one job for someone else. But...what exactly...do you want done? I know my fair share of hunters."

<<That...and there's the possibility that we'll take the job ourselves. We've still gotta eat at the end of the day, even if Ossanlin destroys our need for fast cash. And what are the odds that Myitt's gonna let us in with the rebels?>>
The girl yanks herself out of Jeffrey's grasp, causing him to stumble. She mutters angrily about actually being an Australian and heads towards the Bar. "Hey, wait!" says Jeffrey, following her. "Wait up! I don't mind if you tell me the story while you're drunk. That's the condition most people are in when they tell me their life stories, yeah?"
Animorphs Role Playing / Re: GESB: OOC Discussion
« Last post by g to the h-izzle on April 24, 2017, 04:28:01 PM »
:( I've done that too many times to count. Sending positive feels your way :)
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