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General Fan Fiction & Art / Re: Trials of a Mad Guitar Player
« Last post by g to the h-izzle on Today at 01:26:04 AM »

Not gonna be a new chapter tonight. Gotta work early tomorrow, so I'm hitting the hay :/
Introductions & Departures / Re: Hello all!
« Last post by Enraged_Cassowary on Yesterday at 08:22:39 PM »
Emotion isn't uniquely human. Many other mammals share the necessary parts of the brain to experience complex emotion.
Introductions & Departures / Re: Hello all!
« Last post by Phoenix004 on Yesterday at 08:00:13 PM »
From what I've heard about them, it wouldn't surprise me. Depends how you define hatred though, as it's kind of difficult to prove what emotions animals are capable of. I'm currently studying animal behaviour and a common problem in the field is people projecting human feelings onto animals (or even inanimate objects), even though most animals probably think very differently to us.
Introductions & Departures / Re: Hello all!
« Last post by Enraged_Cassowary on Yesterday at 06:11:07 PM »
I would totally morph a cassowary for battle! Razor sharp claws, bony head cask for butting fools outta my way, and a seriously bad attitude.

You know, cassowaries are one of the *very* few animals on the planet that can actually feel hate? It's like Humans, hogs, hippos, cassowaries, orcas, and water moccasins.
Animorphs Role Playing / Re: Galaxy's Edge Space Bar
« Last post by Leona on Yesterday at 04:28:04 PM »
Leona moved to the first open seat at the bar, not bothering to see if there was a seat available next to it for Jeffrey. Motioning to the bar tender she ordered a shot of who-knows-what. Whatever was in her cup smelled as though it could remove paint. "The goal is to be too drunk to remember the details I don' wan' ya knowin." Leona grinned before throwing back the shot that'd been laced before her. Those emerald eyes winced for a second as she shook off the burning sensation. "So, wha' did you wanna know again? ...Righ' why I freaked ou'. I guess after livin with a parasite for seven years they jus' give me the heeby jeebies."
Animorphs Role Playing / Re: Galaxy's Edge Space Bar
« Last post by Myitt on Yesterday at 01:48:09 PM »
"No, it's not on any map," Jorek agrees. "Which is why I find it so fascinating. I'm no scientist, but places like this simply shouldn't exist, to my estimation."

He lifts a thin shoulder. His host's boyish qualities are compounded by his dimpled smile and the way in which he's gelled his light brown, short hair into little unkempt spikes, like a teenaged boy from the '90s.

His pale features do contrast with the jet black of his uniform. But again, no insignia.

"As it stands, I came here because it's a known rebel 'hangout', and a terrible place for business," he adds, sipping his drink. "But I'm not here for business. Just destruction." Again he glances at the man in the bright shirt. "The catalysis of destruction. No, no, you're quite right, it wouldn't do, to have it done here."

Pensively, he glances at Keshin. "Perhaps I was drawn here. Do you think this is a good place for destruction?"

Myitt hums to herself, busily tearing slabs of hot metal off the hull of the ship. The underside, once stripped, is a gleaming sort of chrome, and barely looks scratched at all.

She pauses, torch blazing. Something crawls up her back, a sense of unmitigated horror, and she feels momentarily sick.

"Too much alcohol," she whispers, standing there, cold in spite of the heat of the torch.
Animorphs Role Playing / Re: Galaxy's Edge Space Bar
« Last post by Shenmue654 on Yesterday at 12:45:40 PM »
Keshin raises an eyebrow as Jorek "inspects" them. Joanne can't help but pipe up internally. <<Do I look slight to you, punk? Are you sexist? Cause I swear I am 5"8 of all muscle and sinew, buddy, and I can definitely shoot that hungry ****er over there. Let me talk to this ****!>>

<<He's very clearly Imperial. That wouldn't be a good idea. It doesn't look professional.>>

Irritable cursing and something about "I am not a piece of meat, you ass-faced little ****" rambles into the back of Keshin's mind. He cleans out Joanne's ear with a finger.

"Precisely. I'm thankful you realize fighting in here wouldn't work out in your favor," says Keshin. "But exactly how an Imperial Yeerk manages to slip into this place is...interesting to me, to say the least. The Bar's clientele tend to be outlaws--- People with nowhere else to go, or people who don't fit in. When they're not, they're people who the owner thinks would make it more interesting. How did you even get a lead that told you the target would be here? This station isn't on any map."

I remember all my passwords going back around 10 years or so. The hard part is remembering which passwords are for which accounts so sometimes I have to try all of them :P
General Fan Fiction & Art / Re: Memoirs of a RAFian
« Last post by Cloak on Yesterday at 08:31:17 AM »
New chapter.

Corporate Takeover

Joel Manson straightened up as he spoke before the camera. All he needed to do was spout some platitudes and subtly empty rhetoric to satisfy these stupid cattle. The Leviathans would eventually subjugate them all. There only purpose was food for them, that was to be their eventual destiny.

Which was why he came down hard on those Leviathans who couldn't control themselves and their hunger. He would not abide by any bad news. He would not suffer any needless setbacks. He would not tolerate repeated failure. Repeated failure meant bibbing to his underlings. What was bibbing, you may ask? It's the act of a Leviathan eating itself, leaving nothing but black goo behind.

But, Joel Mansion tried to avoid this. There was only a hundred and thirteen of them. Probably too many to outmatch these dumb humans, but if he reduced their numbers too much, it would obviously make the final goal all that much more difficult.

Anyway, he was using the real Joel Mansion's resources to launch a ruthless corporate takeover agenda, focusing on the food industry. He kept the true reasoning for this agenda to himself and his Leviathan underlings. Any human stupid enough to stumble onto his scheme gets copied and then eaten. They have the appetites that outshine Taxxons, after all, though they can exercise more control over it.

But, all in all, Joel was pleased. His plan, his scheme, was coming along nicely. There hasn't yet been any major foul ups, as he had Augustus working on a very important project, a very important experiment. If he failed, he would have to bib him.

But then he came upon something that displeased him. He had one rule -- no monsters. And he considered aliens on par with them, as monsters were competition for his food resources. Unneeded competition. He would have to eliminate them along with every alien, unintentionally and unknowingly adopting a Knight of Humanity creed, but with more perverse motives.

He became aware of them, the Knights of Humanity, in part because of the real Joel's vague knowledge of them. And he had access to all of his memories and thoughts before possessing him, before altering his physical body permanent, by "blending" with him. Before Joel was his unwilling permanent vessel. The Knights, as stupid and delicious as these humans may be, might be of advantage to him, if they do, indeed, succeed in their aim. It would be one less problem he would have to worry about.

But Joel didn't know of the Knights absolute incompetence about going about doing this. A lot of it was just empty and idle talk from a bunch of drunken bigots, and those that were serious about it, were just ineffectual at doing anything long-term. Their strict hierarchy and inner politics was also a bit of a problem, but since neither the real Joel nor Castiel knew about any of this, so neither would the Leviathan leader.

But the thing Joel concerned himself with more is the forum. RAF. The original Joel knew of them, because he would listen to Bern Bridges from time to time, though not buying into the propaganda, just using it as a useful tool. Granted, Joel didn't know much about what they could do -- but he was confident that they couldn't stop him or his brethren. They couldn't kill them, he knew -- despite not realizing or knowing that Cloak had knowledge of them. Granted, from another realm, but still.

They could be a threat to his plans -- not him personally, of course, but his schemes and plans? Yes. Even the best laid plans could fall apart with one foul-up. He could allow that, despite waiting millenia for this, he was getting rather impatient. He had already realized that they could prove to be a thorn in his side, and set them back who knows how long?

They would have to be taken care of. Cyrus wasn't doing anything right now. He'd send him. He wouldn't need a contingent of lower Leviathans, he should be able to handle the lot of them himself. That'll keep him busy and happy.

And fed.
How do y'all remember your passwords from years ago, I have to reset mine if I don't log in for a week XD

Anyway, welcome back :)
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