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Animorphs Role Playing / Re: GESB: OOC Discussion
« Last post by Shenmue654 on Today at 02:34:41 AM »
Pooosssted. :]
Animorphs Role Playing / Re: Galaxy's Edge Space Bar
« Last post by Shenmue654 on Today at 02:34:12 AM »
"I'd like to listen to any tidbits either of you two have," Keshin says with a knowing nod. "I doubt you'd tell me anything political, but I do imagine you have some idea of how the human side of the war is going? You see..."

Keshin picks up a sandwich from Yeden's pile and looks at him with a "Can I?" look on his face. "...I honestly haven't been on my host's home world in years. We pick up most of our supplies from space outposts nearby. The occasional planet stopover doesn't really give you much of an idea, you know? Which is ironic, because..."

Keshin gestures with his other hand at the two of them. "...so many Yeerks are human Controllers these days."
Jeffrey raises his glass and clinks it, taking a long hot sip of the drink the Bartender had prepared. Even though the supervillain had been vague, the Bartender had nonetheless managed to produce exactly what he was hunkering after--- A biting, frothy ale. Jeffrey breathes out the distinctive alcoholic stench with a grin. "Ahhhhh. Perfect. And you know what?"

Jeffrey smirks and bobs his head in a nod. "Yeah! In a sense. Well...eh..." Jeffrey makes a full roll of his shoulders when he shrugs this time, turning his lip down in a concerned frown. "...well sort of. Crazy is as crazy does. You're right--- I don't hide myself. I don't even think that I can anymore. But it's prrrooobbably best not to set off every idiot for a mile, you know what I mean? Like, ****, that blue deer guy reacted in like..." He held up four fingers and grinned. "Four flipping seconds! Four! Anyway..."

"So just how'd you even know him?" Jeffrey says while turning his whole body more toward Sorin. "Is it...juicy?" That last word is said with a twinge of genuine interest, and of course playful gossip-mongering. The man got far just by knowing people well.

That's when he hears a strange sound in his mind. He pulls up his posture a little bit and ****s his head to the right. "Say, uhh..." He spins around the index finger of his right hand and points over his head. "Didja hear that? Some really weird chick, outside. Saying hi? Am I hallucinating? I thought I couldn't do that to me."
Mar sighs and walks over to Nepek, folding his arms behind his back and peering down at him. The Hork'Bajir still seems a bit delirious as far as he can tell. His eyes are unfocused and vague, although his breathing seems to have leveled out for a being that had almost died. Mar puts his hand on the table and then looks over at Al for a second with a "This is all I've got" shrug.

"Can you hear me?" Mar says firmly and with no hint of slurred or fast speech. <It's okay if you can't speak. If you can hear either of my two voices move your left thumb. Focus on my voice. Try to make your mind think.> He taps his finger repeatedly on the table. The Hork'Bajir was likely better off in his healing process if he was able to wake up. Delirium had its advantages, but Mar imagined the Hork'Bajir did need slightly more alertness than this.
General Fan Fiction & Art / Re: Memoirs of a RAFian
« Last post by Cloak on Yesterday at 06:40:42 AM »
New chapter.

The Battle of Masters

"You think you can stand up to me, you puny little --" Deathtalon said, pompously.

"Just shut up and fight," Cloak said.

Deathtalon began to attack using her pitchfork-like dinner fork to attack Cloak, who felt disappointed. But she was remarkably easy to separate from it once she threw it.

"I was led to believe that you six were a master of your elements," Cloak said, bitterly. "Yet, Deathtalon, you clearly just rely on your weapon. Pathetic."

"Oh, you think you're so tough?!" she shrieked. It almost sounded avian. "Fine. I'll play by your rules!"

She summoned a blast of wind from her hands that must have been hurricane gale sized in power. Cloak waited only for a second before holding his palms in front of him, causing Deathtalon to cackle insanely, but she stopped immediately when she realized that Cloak wasn't bracing himself for her attack, but redirecting it back at her with a turn that almost resembled an airbending technique. She took the brunt of her own attack, with more force added by the Realm Walker. It sent her sailing, until she was sprawled on the ground.

"Hubris is a very dangerous thing to have," Cloak remarked sagely.

Paszebar decided it was his turn to take on this upstart, as Deathtalon recovered from her humiliation. And within minutes it became clear that their weapons served the same function as a fidget spinner -- nothing. It quickly became clear that these creatures didn't know how to use these kitschy weapons. Blue would beside himself with frustration at the novice use of them, or otherwise laughing his butt off at the sheer ludicrous design of these weapons.

Paszebar resorted to hydrokinesis, only to be blocked by a wall of water formed by Cloak and his Mastery of Water, before following through with own water-based attacks. Strangely, this tactic seemed highly effective against the Mon Calamari, who seemed to favor blunt force rather than strategy. Eventually, he puts his all into his next attack, but it was easily blocked and returned in kind, sending him flying into Deathtalon, knocking both out for a time.

"I thought you were good at this," Cloak said.

Xylocorpus was up next with its ridiculous spoon-like weapon. It hesitated, as if considering Cloak, before hefting up its spoon weapon to strike. Cloak dodged easily, taking note of how slow, deliberate, and sluggish its movements were. Was this a characteristic of the species, or just this individual? It didn't matter. It moved like sloth in molasses. There was no chance of it connecting a hit, though Cloak noticed how the concrete was shattered at the force of the blow. It may have been slow, but it was quite strong. Cloak couldn't allow himself to get ****y -- that's probably how this creature secured worlds for Galactron, by the natives getting overconfident and failing due to their hubris.

Cloak would have to be swift. He had streaked to Xy and dodged its slow movements, as well as its powerful strikes. Then he deliver a fast series of punches, as if he was trying to chi-block the evolved Androzani tree. He dodged another attack by somersaulting away, only to return and do it again. Before slinging it into the recovering Deathtalon and Paszebar, knocking all three out.

"Are you done yet?" Cloak asked the Utensils, and it was clear that the other three wanted their crack at Cloak.

Galilei was up, and he tried to use his gravitikinesis on Cloak, to increase his personal gravity. But it was no good -- as proven with the hypergravity incident, Cloak's Realm Walker physiology adapted to the heavier gravity fairly easily and fairly quickly. Much to Galilei's shock and surprise. Cloak quickly capitalized on this by flinging some roughly-hewn boulders at him, taking him unawares. Cloak kept up the pressure, flinging all manner of earth at him, before he could've recovered from his shock. The last one blasted him into the rousing Xylocorpus, Paszebar, and Deathtalon. Further knocking the four out.

"Next?" Cloak asked.

By Sect was up next, and he pontificated about . . . something. Cloak wasn't paying attention to it. Cloak quickly realized that this how By Sect procured planets. He talked them to the such a point of annoyance, that the planets welcomed death. By Sect was not a fighter by any means, despite what his overinflated ego said to the contrary. Cloak disarmed him of his stupid ****tail umbrella weapon with ruthless ease, and quickly threw him into the others, knocking them out.

"Disappointing," Cloak commented. Then he looked at the Tamaranean. "You want to go? Or can we end this exercise in futility?"

Corona declined Cloak's offer, and attempted to strike him with her dinner knife. But Cloak, almost resignedly, dodged and evaded every single slash and stab. He found her handling of the weapon to be very poor, and Blaze's forehead would be beat red from facepalming so hard. Cloak managed to disarm her with fair difficulty. Then she resorted to use fire, which Cloak dodged and evade easily. He used some well-placed fire blasts to incapacitate Corona, blowing her into her fellows.

"I was led to believe that you were masters," Cloak said, with acrid disappointment. "You're not even novices."
Animorphs Forum Classic / Re: Totally Random Animorphs Thoughts
« Last post by NothingFromSomething on Yesterday at 02:51:26 AM »
I'm going to invent some insect spray named "Bug Fighter" now.
Animorphs Forum Classic / Re: Totally Random Animorphs Thoughts
« Last post by Quaf on Yesterday at 02:36:41 AM »
omg XD
Animorphs Fan Fiction & Art / Re: Animorphs Reboot
« Last post by Artisan219 on June 22, 2017, 05:46:44 PM »
Woah, I seem to have forgotten to check in on this thread.

I reformatted my original chapter structure, posted Chapter Eight earlier today.
Animorphs Forum Classic / Re: Totally Random Animorphs Thoughts
« Last post by DinosaurNothlit on June 22, 2017, 04:11:59 PM »
So, I saw this label on a box of coffee cup lids at work the other day.  :XD:
General Fan Fiction & Art / Re: Memoirs of a RAFian
« Last post by Cloak on June 22, 2017, 07:22:10 AM »
New chapter.

Pre-Battle Banter

"No," Cloak told the six. He stood alone in front of these six Utensils.

All six looked down at him, with condescending looks of dismissal. It was as if they heard this all before, hearing all these heroic speeches so wearily often. Except Cloak wasn't giving a heroic speech. Cloak wasn't pontificating like an action movie lead. He just stood there, his eponymous cloak draped over him, obscuring his anthropomorphic feline form. All they could see was his amber eyes beneath his cloak.

"No?" Deathtalon said with a mad cackle. She brought to Cloak's mind the character of Bellatrix Lestrange. Just as unhinged, just as unstable. "No?! Do you have any idea the power to whom you are addressing, little man?!"

Cloak was taller than her. But all he said, in reply, was, "Do you?"

Apparently, this was enough to stymie all six of them. It as if no one ever turned that around on them, just boasted with excessive bravado and confidence.

"A weak little nothing not worthy of the gift of life," Deathtalon spat when she recovered from Cloak's unusual query.

"And who are you to make that judgement?" Cloak said, placidly. He was playing this coolly, discerning personalities and powers.

"What?!" she said, affronted by Cloak's ignorance of her. "I am the Air Utensil, Deathtalon!!"

"So," Cloak replied, keeping his cool (which seemed to irritate Deathtalon), "you're a tool."

Deathtalon hesitated a moment before reacting to mentally suss out if she was being mocked or not. Such slang terminology was foreign to her. The other five did not rush to help or defend her. Cloak quickly picked up on this, on how none of them particularly seemed to care for one another.

Deciding Cloak's last statement was delivered and intended as something offensive, she decided to take offense at it. She snarled, "You dare to mock me, you worthless little nothing?!"

Cloak could have made a snappy comeback or a witty retort, but elected to remain silent and a calm, almost placid. This seemed just to infuriate Deathtalon,who immediate tried to turn the air in Cloak's lungs into spiky aerokinetic construct as she drew it out -- tried to, but did not succeed.

"What? Why is my Shut Up Technique not working?!" Deathtalon demanded.

Cloak's eyes became suns of scarlet and gold. He was now apoplectic with rage. Something hadn't really,truly experienced in a good long while. Only this time, his emotions, and thereby powers, were kept in check.

"You DARE to try and breathbend me, Shi'ar?!" Cloak roared loud enough that it would have been heard distinctly two miles away at least. "You have the audacity, the gall, to try to use that against me? Me?! A Master of the Six Elements?!"

"Master?" Deathtalon said, with an almost girlish giggle. "You think too much of yourself."

"And they say I talk too much," By Sect said, with the others telling him to shut up.

"Do I, Shi'ar?" Cloak snarled, a tiger snarl intermingling with his words. "Then come get some."
I'll be joining in two or three weeks. Out of country right now.
General Fan Fiction & Art / Re: Memoirs of a RAFian
« Last post by Cloak on June 21, 2017, 06:29:15 AM »
New chapter.

The Prelude to Battle

"Are you serious?" GH said, alarmed.

"We must evacuate the planet!" Estelore insisted.

"GH, Hunter, Leatherhead -- get the others," Cloak said, countermanding Estelore's declaration. "Tell them to prepare to fight off this dangerous foe."

"Cloak, there is no way that we can win!" Esty insisted again.

"You are allowing your mind to become clouded by the tales you were told," Cloak said, curt. "Tales like such are often exaggerated. And no one is without weaknesses. Not even Realm Walkers and stars. No one is without weaknesses."

"Cloak, I'm telling you that --"

"There are presently about six billion humans on this planet, and that's just humans," Cloak snapped, losing his patience now. "We have one Nyac ship which has a maximum carrying capacity of twenty, twenty-five, humans MAXIMUM. Just how, precisely, do you propose we get the other billions offworld? Let alone the myriad of other species that dwell on this planet? Not to mention not making Yarin's ship a huge honking target?"

Cloak's outburst stunned Estelore into a mollified silence. Cloak had very rarely ever taken such a tone with her, since her power usually eclipsed his own.

"That's what I thought," Cloak said, harshly, before turning to GH, his crocodilian son, and Hunter. "Go, now. Gather everyone. We will resist them. We will give it everything that we have. It's do or die time."

"Cloak --"

"If you want to bow out now, Estelore, fine. But do not stop us from trying to repel this creature." he said, still sounding cross, as the three went to collect the others. "If we succeed, then we succeed. If we fail, we die."

Cloak may have said "we" but he could not be killed by any other hand but another Realm Walker. Estelore considered bringing this up, but she didn't want to needlessly escalate things between the two. It wouldn't do anything constructive.

Cloak looked up and saw six silhouettes. He thought he recognized the different species -- a Mon Calamari, a Tamaranean, a Shi'ar, and an evolved Galilean. He didn't really know the species of the other two.

"The Utensils," Estelore said.

"Is that why they're wielding a straw, spoon, fork, dinner, knife, and a ****tail umbrella?" Cloak said, a note of derision in his voice.

"Don't be so flippant, Cloak!" Estelore snapped. "They're dangerous! Masters of their elements!"

"Masters, you say?" Cloak said, almost dismissively. "That remains to be seen."

"Cloak, what are you planning?"

But his answer was preempted by the Utensils' message.

"Native dominant species of the planet," By Sect announced, acting as the mouthpiece for the group. "Your planet is full of life. It will be sacrificed to satiate the everlasting hunger of our patron and master, Galactron. Do not resist us. It is pointless. The decision has been made and cannot be changed. Make your peace before your loved one. Pray to whatever primitive gods you worship, for nothing waits for you but annihilation. Resistance is futile. Our master cannot be beaten. Our master cannot be persuaded. Our master cannot be turned away. Our master is relentless in his goal. Our master is -- oof!"

Deathtalon elbowed him in the gut to shut him up.
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