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Hi Dameg! :)

Obviously I'm not very active at the moment, but I'll still try to come by when I can.
General Fan Fiction & Art / Re: Memoirs of a RAFian
« Last post by Cloak on Yesterday at 05:20:22 AM »
We'll see.

New chapter.

Courage Control

When they got to GH's thread, GH turn on the television for Leatherhead, while he got to work on some pedal thing for his guitar's amp. He was planning to totally Tim Taylor (Tim Allen's character on "Home Improvement") it. Supe it up, and hopefully get halfway decent sound from it. It was delicate work, so he asked Leatherhead to just play quietly, or watch cartoons.

Leatherhead, not in a particularly fussy mood, complied with no objection. He immediately found his humansuit, freshly laundered by the forum's house-elves, and he immediately put it on. He saw it as a human six-year-old would see a play suit, only this was full-body. Then he rooted in his bookbag, and pulled out what appeared to be a smartphone.

He turned it on, after giving a slight glance at GH who was busy at work, saying what Leatherhead came to know as naughty words, or "grown-up words". Then he touched the touchpad, bringing up several emoji, and he tapped the one in the center. The phone's screen went green with a "courageous" emoji on it. . . .


Shinobi and Blue were training by meditating, both unaware of the moodulator on Shinobi's neck. Both were silent, focusing their thoughts and abandoning their emotions.

Shinobi felt a sudden swell of emotion, of courage that was unfiltered and potentially dangerous, but the meditation actually suppressed the full effects of the moodulators. Not too surprising as they have never been tested for weakness before Kluge mass produced them.


Irma, Leroy, and Lyndon were kneeling before the KoH King -- they thought the term "King of Humanity" was a bit self-aggrandizing, and didn't really fall into their beliefs -- the KoH King, named Jeffrey Booker (his wife was Meredith Perkins-Booker). King Booker was displeased with their apparent failure, all present unaware that Leroy and Irma had moodulators on their necks, as their hair hid them.

"You failed to procure the mind control technology," King Booker barraded. "And what's more? You compromised the identities of our moles in the local police force!! It was not easy getting them in those positions, you know!"

It was at this point that the moodulators L.E.D. screens, unnoticed by all, lit up green with the "courageous" emoji. Irma and Leroy felt a sudden, inexplicable swell of feeling in their being. It was like fear of consequence and inhibition due to repercussion was wiped away. The moodulator had eliminated all other emotion other than courage. And, while having courage was a remarkable thing, without perspective and clarity, it becomes little more than arrogance and being overbearing.

Irma interrupted King Booker and sang:

"It's time you learned a lesson.
It's time that you understand.
We don't ever count on anybody else
From any other land!
I once hoped for leadership,
To find a place among my kind.
But those were the childish wishes
Of someone who was blind.

But Leroy wasn't taking this laying down:

"Maybe I make things a mess,
And maybe you're right to have doubts in me.
Maybe, but nevertheless!
If you for once could just trust me.

Irma continued, addressing King Booker, without acknowledging Leroy:

"Open up your eyes!
See the world from where I stand!
Me, among the mighty!
Him, failed at your command.
Open up your eyes!

Leroy persisted:

"Just this once let me come through for you
The way that you want me to!

Irma addressed Leroy now:

"Give up your sweet fantasy land!
It's time to grow up and get wise!
Come now, little one, open up your eyes!

Leroy ignored her and sang, addressing the KoH King:

"Let me make you proud.
Let me show you the best in me.
Let me give you a reason to believe that I can stand tall!

Irma sang, more to herself than anyone else:

"We all start out the same
With simple naive trust,
Shielded from the many ways
That life's not fair or just.
But then there comes a moment,
A simple truth that you must face.
If you depend on anyone else,
You'll never find your place.

Leroy persisted still, addressing the KoH King:

"And when I return --
And I'm more than you dreamt I'd be --
Maybe then you will realize that you never actually knew me at all!

Irma sang, addressing no one in particular:

"And as you take that first step,
Upon a path that's all your own,
You see it all so clearly.
The best way to survive is all alone!

Leroy sang more:

"Sure, I've made lots of mistakes.
I know that I've disappointed you.
Still, though, whatever it takes
I'm gonna fix it, just watch me.

Irma belted out, as Lyndon watched all this confused and dumbfounded into incredulous silence.

"Open up your eyes!
See the world from where I stand!
Me, among the mighty!
Him, failed at your command.
Open up your eyes!

Leroy continued:

"Just you wait, I'll make it up to you.
If it's the last thing I ever do
I will make you proud.
I will make you have faith in me.
I will prove that the way I used to be is all in the past!

Irma concluded:

"And behold the faded light!
It's time to grow up and get wise.
Come now, my King, open up your eyes!
Open up your eyes!

And Leroy concluded:

"I will save the day
And come back here triumphantly.
'Cause I long for that look of surprise when you see me rising at last,
The pride in your eyes when you see me rising at last.

King Booker just stood at the top of his throne's dais, looking stoically onward. But he was hiding his irritation as the green glow from the moodulators faded, with the two looking on horrified.

"ENOUGH!!!" he bellowed. "Get out of my sight. All three of you. Now."

When they hesitated, he replied, "Did. I. STUTTER?"

SOURCE SONG: https://youtube.com/watch?v=UvZrcLFYpWk and https://youtube.com/watch?v=iF6SzWvggq0.
General Fan Fiction & Art / Re: Memoirs of a RAFian
« Last post by Underseen on Yesterday at 02:49:26 AM »
164 books of this in 6 years. That's an insane amount of dedication. Here's to how many more left until the end.
General Fan Fiction & Art / Re: Memoirs of a RAFian
« Last post by Cloak on January 18, 2018, 06:17:16 AM »
Memoirs is six years old today!

New chapter.

Battle Commences

The three charged forward, towards Leatherhead. Leatherhead cowered at this blantant targeting at the overtly youngest, overtly nonhuman RAFian. GH had feared that he was not ready yet, especially after the werecat incidents.

"I guess they are being serious right now," Cloak sighed at the sheer incompetence of the three.

GH blocked the three's path with his body, unshouldering his guitar, grasping it by its neck, and turning it into its battle axe form. This was a nonverbal sign towards the three that said, very clearly, "stay away from my son, you bastards". This caused Leatherhead to be jostled backward, knocking the wooden bookshelf, painted black, behind him. Something small and flat slid into his open bookbag without him realizing.

But the three frozen after three steps. Cloak had exercised his Mastery over the Metal element again. He looked seriously annoyed by the three.

"Master of Metal, remember?" Cloak said, his annoyance plain in his voice. "You should, after all. I demonstrated it not more than three minutes ago!!"

Cloak's eyes glowed briefly gold and scarlet, before he shut his eyes, and calmed himself down. He took a deep breath. He opened his eyes again, and they returned to their normal amber.

"You Knights," he growled, "are all the same. You are nothing more than thugs playing dress-up. You Knights are nothing more than pathetic, xenophobic children with frangible ethics and questionable motives."

He heard several protests from the three that came out as a cacophonous noise, which caused their voices to be tangled up. Their messages were uninterrupted due to this.

"Your goals are both foolish and counterproductive to human society at large," Cloak said. "Bigotry and xenophobia holds back your society. They are the malignant cancers of any society."

Cloak turned to Kluge, and said, "Sorry to impose upon your hospitality, we shall take our leave now. And we will take these three to the police -- we may need you to make a report."

"Very well," Kluge said, deciding to destroy the moodulators as soon as they returned. He would never know that three were.missing -- he never counted them.

"The Knights own the police!" Leroy roared. "There are a number of our people in there!"

"LEROY!!!" the other two yelled.

"Really?" Cloak said, dryly. He wasn't really surprised at the news. "How surprising. Like who?"

"A.J. Pi, Eddie Carson, and Ike O'Reilly!" Leroy said, as if he was playing a trump card.

Cloak smiled. They hadn't met a Knight with such loose lips before.

"Interesting," Cloak said, as the other two admonished him again. Cloak thought Police Chief Justice would find this very interesting, and internal affairs would be called in. "And just what did they do, as police officers?"

Animorphs Role Playing / Re: GESB: OOC Discussion
« Last post by Aluminator (Kit) on January 17, 2018, 10:05:47 PM »
Declann: an extremely late welcome to the bar! I am loving your character and your writing so far- I, too, hope you decide to stick around, in spite of the current snail's pace in here ^_^
Thanks! I do try. My headcanon for Smith's old universe is an odd mixture of Battlestar Galactica, Firefly, and a smattering of Star Trek and Stargate, all heaped upon a generous serving of dark Animorphs AU. Just in case Salem/he-of-many-names has past experience in the same or similar universe.
Neat! There's certainly a good possibility ^_^ His home universe is actually a home-grown... homage, I guess, to all sorts of sci-fi and fantasy tropes. My group of friends back in middle and high school built quite the overblown world, and it's kind of been continuing to grow ever since ^_^

Hey all! Sorry guys, this month and the holidays...it's been madness!

:) Love all of you.
Same here! It's been crazy, but I've been trying to get to a place where I can post more regularly. Fingers crossed.

Love you all as well!

Tara! Make Jessi post!

I wanted to apologize for going AWOL for so long, but I'm also probably not coming back for a while.  Work has been crazy, and I've been trying to use whatever creative energy I have right now on 3D-modeling things.  I'm very sorry to everyone I've left hanging.  Maybe when things calm down, I can try again.
You're always welcome, and I look forward to your return. For what it's worth, your 3D models that I've seen are just wonderful ^_^
Animorphs Role Playing / Re: Galaxy's Edge Space Bar
« Last post by Aluminator (Kit) on January 17, 2018, 10:01:34 PM »
An amused smirk slowly spreads across Salem's face as Ossanlin speaks. Finally, he huffs out a halfhearted laugh. "I suppose that's about the level of trust I'm due on this rock," he says, half to himself. "I'd do a lot of things to get ahead, but intentionally endangering the Andalite people is not on that list." He bows his head to Ossanlin-- as he does, he stands straighter, and his entire bearing seems... different, somehow. More dignified, perhaps. "This means too much to me. You have my sincere gratitude, My Prince."

He looks up, ****s his head, and within a breath, his aura of civility has evaporated. He smirks. "Besides, I think you've found my ultimate collateral. I suppose I'll go grab the Hope-it-works-this-time Drive, then. Trust me, you'll know I'm not lying about this one."

He turns on a heel and walks out the open hatch, calling "You're welcome to watch, if you like," over his shoulder.

Salem strides across the yard towards his own impossibly black craft. As he nears it, the ship's ramp lowers silently to the ground.

"Guy on a mission, ho!" Al calls toward him from the treeline.

Salem grins, knowing this'll confuse Al. "Have to give a Hope Drive to an Andalite!"

For about three full seconds, Al is uncharacteristicall y speechless. Finally, he begins jogging after Salem, a look of concern on his face. "Wait, what?"

Salem comes to a stop about a third of the way up the ship's ramp and looks directly upward, at what looks to be nothing more than a copper-tinted metallic bulkhead. "It's kind of a long story, but trust me, it's worth it. We might just pull this off." Al comes to a stop near the bottom of the ramp, eyebrow raised questioningly, and the two of them stare upwards as the seemingly-solid bulkhead splits across the middle and sort of oozes off to the side.

Behind it is a tarnished, scratched, and even scorched collection of metallic-looking spheres and semi-spheres of various sizes and hues, from a huge reddish one near the center, to a fizz of silver so fine it would be at home on most beaches. It looks a little like a robot's silver bubble bath, covering an area that, all told, spans about the width of Salem's arm-span wide, and not quite twice that in length. From the 'bubble bath' run a number of... silver tentacles or cables, sunk deep into the walls of the compartment in which it sits. There's also a single black-and-white cable from the ship stuck directly into the center of the thing.

Now that the energy-absorbent bulkhead is out of the way, this thing pulses and hums with power, and the hair on Salem's arms stands on end. It doesn't glow, precisely, but it seems too bright for where it sits, as though it were sitting in a ray of sunshine. What's more, the energy coursing through it isn't limited to the physical realm-- to Salem's newest sense, the thing appears to be a... huge pocket of white noise... or a shivering, ever-shifting bright spot... a pulsing white hole of energy and... and something else...

A shiver runs down Salem's spine. If he didn't know better, he'd call that other thing intent. He finally remembers to breathe.

"I haven't opened that since Mar showed me how to see like this..." he mutters.
Animorphs Role Playing / Re: GESB: OOC Discussion
« Last post by DinosaurNothlit on January 17, 2018, 12:22:31 PM »
I wanted to apologize for going AWOL for so long, but I'm also probably not coming back for a while.  Work has been crazy, and I've been trying to use whatever creative energy I have right now on 3D-modeling things.  I'm very sorry to everyone I've left hanging.  Maybe when things calm down, I can try again.
General Fan Fiction & Art / Re: Memoirs of a RAFian
« Last post by Cloak on January 17, 2018, 08:41:37 AM »
New chapter.

Unseen Security Detail

"Be silent, old man! Just give us the goods! " Irma snarled, fingering her mace in a malicious manner. "Or else."

"Or else what?" Kluge asked, mildly. He wasn't as afraid as he should be, it would seem. Or maybe, like Cloak, he internalized his emotions, and his external reactions seemed placid and apathetic.

"Use you imagination!" Lyndon snarled, now fingering his axe.

"But you are mistaken. My work hasn't a thing to do with controlling the mind, but the manipulation of --"

"Stop your talking, old man! Just hand it over!" Irma said, hand on her mace's handle. She was rather eager to use it, but was exercising all her restraint not to go bashing heads. "Comply or we get . . . physical."

"I cannot give you the technology you want," Kluge said, succinctly, "as it does not exist."

"And now we bash -- urgh!" Irma began, before she, Leroy, and Lyndon were thrown against the far wall. Irma and Leroy was knocked into the tub of moodulators. Their helmets lifted off, faces revealed. Leroy was baby-faced with red hair and freckles, Lyndon was an older man with white hair, and Irma was a woman with black hair and a pinched, snobby face. And there was now a moodulator on Irma's and Leroy's necks, unnoticed by everyone.

"He said no," came a voice from the darkness. "'No' means 'no'."

"You'd think, after all this time, they'd know not to use metal armor," came another voice, with acidic disdain.

"Perhaps they didn't expect us to be watching them," came another, quieter voice.

"Who's there?" Kluge asked, politely. He was starting to think his whole moodulator experimentation was not worth it, if there were people who wanted to steal them thinking that they were mind control tech. He made a mental note to destroy all of them after this whole ordeal was over. It just wasn't worth it anymore.

In response to his question, Cloak came from the shadow, his cloak mincing around his body like a deadly guillotine pendulum. His amber, feline eyes seemed to glow in the darkness. To his right, Shinobi and Blue appeared, as if materializing out of the darkness. To his left, GH and Leatherhead (not in his human suit, as it was still being cleaned) stumbled out of the darkness. Leatherhead wore a blue backpack with fluorescent yellow straps and zipper tassels.

Cloak released his ferrokinetic hold on the Knights, and gave them a baleful, scornful look. "And this is why you're considered D-list villains. This is why you are considered jokes. Laughingstocks! You know of my mastery over metal, and what do you do? Use it as your uniform. You're more pathetic than the Banned. At least Queen considers these things more."

"Shut up!" Irma said, throwing the tub of moodulators -- the technology they were actually after, ironically enough -- toward Blue and Shinobi. They appeared to dodge it, but Shinobi had somehow got a moodulator lodged onto his neck, unnoticed by the neophyte RAFian.

"Pathetic, Knight," Blue said, disdainfully. "Pathetic actions, shameful rhetoric."

The three Knights righted themselves, and drew their weapons.

"You cannot be serious right now," Cloak said, his stoicism giving way to annoyance.
Animorphs Forum Classic / Re: Totally Random Animorphs Thoughts
« Last post by RYTX on January 16, 2018, 05:04:47 PM »
Even though Animorphs was among the most popular series of it's time, I can't help but feel...alone when ever I talk about it with others. No one seems to have spent as much time with it, read it as repeatedly, as fully, taken the time to understand the things that aren't said, the things that could be said, the things that are toldly up to interpretation because of what has and hasn't been said.

I though this yesterday, and it made me appreciate this place. Because I can have those conversations with you guys.

Though, to avoid getting to freely, this came about on pondering how it is someone could read the series in depth and still draw different conclusions about both the implications and the events themselves. There are a few popular theories here that I vehemently oppose, and I was thinking that for most people those were what was theorized without any deeper thought. But some people have probably thought of them as deeply for them as I've thought against them.
So the point is you're still wrong, but you're wrong for better reasons than everyone else.
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