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General Fan Fiction & Art / Re: Quaf's Quirky Quorner
« Last post by Quaf on Yesterday at 10:28:02 PM »
So it's been a while, but new project! Started yesterday, using an old hard back book (‘An Introduction to Bayesian Inference in Econometrics’, by Arnold Zellner, pub. 1971),
Spoiler (click to show/hide)

I cut out the cover so it looks like a frame. Used  this
Spoiler (click to show/hide)
as tree inspiration, no idea if I’m even doing it right, I’ve kinda just been making it up as I go along.  Added a tire swing and will probably add a kid and his dog into the scene later.

So far, I’m 80 pages in, and hopefully by the time I’m finished (~300 pages) it will look really cool and 3D.

Spent >5 hours on it already, but it took a while to get the hang of the exacto knife and working out how thick the branches should be etc. Its pretty time consuming, cos you have to be careful not to rip anything but hey, its not like I have anything better to do.

So much paper!

Will update as it progresses
Animorphs Fan Fiction & Art / Animorphs 58 - The Negotiation
« Last post by Adam on Yesterday at 05:50:02 PM »
General Fan Fiction & Art / Re: Memoirs of a RAFian
« Last post by Cloak on Yesterday at 04:49:59 AM »
New chapter.


When the flash cleared, several RAFians had the pearls, now all pink, about ten percent encrusted into their foreheads. These RAFians were all female and they were Bladeh, Dino, Faerie, Gaz, Helen, Horse, Kelly, Melissa, Saffa, Sakki, and Shenmue.

Helen was dressed in pale orange bodice with a high black collar; her short puffy sleeves are a darker orange color than her bodice and the green cloth poking through. The long and shapeless purple skirt has a black petticoat and flows right down to her ankles with dark brown pumps decorated with purple bows. She also wore a pink cape with a green interior. Helen's ebony hair was styled in a bob and parted in the middle. She wore a green headband with a matching bow. Her Star Sapphire ring was nowhere to be found.

Shenmue was dressed in a rather simple, pale orange dress with black at the elbows, shoulders and neckline. She wore well-worn leather shoes and had wild, flyaway hair.

Faerie was dressed in sparkling golden orange ball gown with a low-cut neckline, darker peplum, capped sleeves, opera gloves, a delicate laced black petticoat and glass slippers topped with sparkly hearts. Her hair is pulled up into a variation of a French twist that is complimented with a light gold band over it. She also white a simple white choker around her neck.

Kelly was dressed in a traditional German dress called a "dirndl", with a longer skirt than that of a normal dirndl. Her dress had a yellow theme with a brown accent. The dress consists of a periwinkle corset top laced with a brown ribbon. The skirt is yellow. It is decorated with swirling and floral designs in brown, pale yellow, and black. She wears a black petticoat underneath. The skirt's hemline is above her ankles, but well below her calves. Her sleeves at the top are short, puffed, and striped with brown and periwinkle; the rest are long and it is dark beige with a black lace at the hems.

Sakki was dressed in a chestnut brown ball gown with a petal overskirt, a ruffled black petticoat, and long triangular sleeves. She also wore a silver necklace and tiara.

Melissa was dressed in a red, sparkling, strapless, sleeveless ball gown. The gown's petticoat is a dark purple color. Along with the gown, Melissa wore dark red opera gloves, red shoes to match the gown, a dark orange diamond necklace with matching earrings, and a lily pad tiara to top it all off. With this outfit, Melissa's hair is pinned up in an updo bun.

Horse, now an anthropomorphic seal, was dressed in a dress with long dark orange sleeves, a light orange bodice, and a black shirt, along with white heels.

Dino, now looking as if she hailed from Reptilon, that is to say, an anthropomorphic ankylotyrannus and she was dressed in simple Chinese dress, or hanfu, which consisted of a creamy reddish purple dress, with orange overshirt, which has red sleeves, and a green band around her waist.

Gaz was dressed in a silver ball gown with a simply designed bodice, wrapped off-the-shoulder sleeves, long silver opera gloves matching her outfit, a silver wide-hemmed floor-length skirt made of eight triangular panels and a multiple-layered black petticoat with a scalloped edging on the hemline, and silver high-heeled shoes. She wore some of her hair in a neat bun, but the majority of it trails down her neck in a beautiful, flowing motion resembling a ponytail.

Bladeh, now an anthropomorphic cat, was dressed in beige dress with feathered earrings with leather cords and turquoise beads at the end frame her face. She also wore an ornate chartreuse necklace.

Saffa was dressed in orange, cropped tube top that revealed her midriff and her navel with sewn-in sleeves for her arms, matching pants, and dark orange curled shoes. With the outfit, her suddenly longer hair was tied in a ponytail held together by two burnt sienna bands, and ending in a small swirl. She wore a pumpkin orange headband that is centered with a ruby adorned into it. To complete her outfit, two large silver bell earrings that dangled from her ears completely covering them, and a matching necklace.

"What even are those pearls?" Parker said, flummoxed.

"They're no magic that I know of," Broken said, staunchly sure that the sudden change in attire was magic derived, "and, frankly, I find that quite alarming."
General Fan Fiction & Art / Re: Memoirs of a RAFian
« Last post by Cloak on September 22, 2017, 05:57:01 AM »
New chapter.

The Distraction

"I was just trying to take my boy fishing!" GH was angrily telling a teenaged Leatherhead, as they floated, inexplicably, down a river on a purple car.

"I'm NOT your little boy anymore!" Leatherhead countered, equally angry. "I've grown up! I've got my own life now!"

"I know that!" GH said harshly, before softening and saying, "I just wanted to be part of it."

This stunned Leatherhead into silence, and GH continued, softly, "You're still my son, Leatherhead. No matter how big you get, you'll always be my son."

They sat in silence for quite a while, before the teenaged Leatherhead sang:

"There are times you drive me, shall we say, bananas.
And your mind is missing, no offense, a screw.

GH shrugged, "None taken."

Leatherhead sang:

"Still whatever mess I land in,
Who was always understandin'?
Nobody else but you.

"Your moodiness is now and then bewilderin'.
And your meter may be, so to speak, askew!

"Gesundheit!" Leatherhead said.

To which, GH replied, "What? Oh. Thanks!"

Then he sang:

"Who deserves a shiny trophy,
As we face each cat-a-strophy?
Nobody else but you.

Both sang in unison:

"Nobody else but you.
It's just our luck. We're stuck together.
Nobody else, but you,
Is crazy enough
To believe we'll come through!

Leatherhead sang:

"So your jokes are all, let's face it, prehistoric."

GH sang:

"And your music sounds like chimpanzees in a zoo."

Both sang:

"But when life becomes distressin',
Who will I be S.O.S'in'?

Leatherhead sang:

"If you're having trouble guessing, here's a clue!
Though he seems intoxicated,
He's just highly animated!
And he's nobody else,
But --

Both sang:

"Nobody else but you!
We've turned into, a true blue duo!
Hard times, we've had a few.

GH sang:

"Like we're thrown in the drink."

Leatherhead sang:

"Like we're tossed outta town."

Both sang:

"But when I start to sink,
Hey, I'd rather go down
With nobody else, but
Y - O - U!

GH gave Leatherhead a kiss on his scaly cheek, causing the teenaged crocodilian to respond, "Aww, Dad!"

Cloak shoved the scene away as a distraction of his goal. He had to put restrictions on apex tier. It was too much power . . . too much power for anyone to wield . . . too easy to abuse . . .

Suddenly, a motionless figure appeared silhouetted an indigo light with glowing indigo eyes. It had indigo tentacles coming out of either shoulder, chest and back. Indigo. Compassion. The figure was like a mannequin, and Cloak ignored it.

Priorities, after all. He continued in this void which he presumed was just in his mind.

Then another figure appeared silhouetted in violet light with violet glowing eyes, rather like Spider-Man eyes. It had clawed figures and what appeared to be sweeping shoulder pads. And its knees seemed to be spiked. It, naturally, didn't move, motionless as a mannequin. Cloak ignored it.

He had to find them. . . . had to ask them . . . had to find out. . . .

SOURCE SONG: https://youtube.com/watch?v=2ckq9vk5rAI
Animorphs Fan Fiction & Art / Re: Animorphs Reboot
« Last post by skribs on September 21, 2017, 06:23:25 PM »
Love it so far (around Chapter 20).  I love the twists that you've thrown in, and I'm wondering if certain characters will survive the first book.  Characters that didn't survive the first book in the original, but are still alive at this point.  One criticism I have is that sometimes there's quotes with no name attached, and it's not always easy (for me, anyway) to tell by context who is talking.
Just letting everyone know I'm alive :P Been really busy over the summer with work and family stuff, plus computer issues. Ironically I'll be less busy once I'm back at uni less week, lol.
General Fan Fiction & Art / Re: Memoirs of a RAFian
« Last post by Cloak on September 21, 2017, 05:45:46 AM »
I suppose it is safe to say that the last book was based on the Futurama episode, "That Darn Katz".

New chapter.

Drop the Pearls

GH and Xeno joined the throng -- Helen, Parker, Faerie, Azguard, Sakki, Demos, Horse, Blocky, Gaz, Shanker, Saffa, Abby, Bladeh, FuBar, Dino, Leatherhead, Melissa, Broken, Kelly, Quaf, SuperNate, and Shenmue -- as they watched this drone, shaped like a Saiyan pod roughly the size of a PokéBall, fly into the forum. This was an oddity, as Code Avalon should have prevented its entry.

Perhaps it was powered down for maintenance. Aquilai, Goom, Yarin, and Xeno had sent a memo to all the RAFians that the system needed some mandatory maintenance, and to install a klaxon alarm any time it fails. As with all things, it was not perfect and prone to faults and flaws. Prone to hiccups and snafus. This was apparently one of those times.

The drone flew into the middle of the group, where the most RAFians have aggregated. Then it just hung there for a moment or two, perplexing the RAFians. It did not have an apparently inherent dangerous appearance. It looked like a floating toy more than anything else, like one of those remote controlled helicopters. Harmless. Unassuming and unintimidating.

Of course, that's when it exploded.

Granted, it wasn't nearly large enough to do any substantial damage to the forum. It didn't even do any cosmetic damage. It wasn't nearly large enough to do that. But this explosion had another purpose -- a diversionary one.

No one seemed to notice that there were eleven strange pearls -- each colored white, blue, yellow, and pink in decorative swirls on the spherical body of the pearls -- that rained down from the explosion. The secondary explosion helped with that. Each pearl was small enough to be put on a pearl necklace or encrusted into a tiara.

But each hid a power behind this relatively unimpressive exterior. A power that most would believe was extremely dangerous, no matter who possessed it.

These pearls landed, unharmed and undamaged, upon the ground. They bounced up once. Twice. And on the third time, a brilliantly bright flash caused the RAFians to have to shield their eyes from it. . . .


Cloak walked through a void, his footsteps echoing ominously despite not appearing to be walking on any surface. He had a vague purpose for doing this. The Elements Master was vaguely aware that this was a dream, that he hadn't woken up since expending all that energy. That was what fuelled the purpose that he wasn't yet ready to reveal, as this was like a Truth Dream, but not exactly.

Suddenly, an immobile figure like a mannequin appeared roughly at five o'clock. It was as motionless as the others. It was silhouetted in green light with glowing green eyes to match. It had a humanoid form, but other than that, Cloak could not make out anything more.

Cloak had no idea what these immobile figures meant. If it was supposed to be for intimidation purposes, then it was a resounding failure. But the symbolism of the colors was not lost on him. Green, orange, red, yellow . . . willpower, avarice, hatred, fear . . .

And then, out of nowhere, at roughly ten o'clock another immobile figure appeared. It was silhouetted in blue light and with glowing blue eyes to match. The figures body plan was humanoid, but beyond that, Cloak couldn't say any more about the figure.

Blue light. Hope.

He shook his head, or at least his dream concept of his head. He was probably looking too deeply into. He had to press on. He had to do this. He had to do it. It would be too easy to abuse. Too easy. . . .
General Fan Fiction & Art / Re: Memoirs of a RAFian
« Last post by Cloak on September 20, 2017, 05:45:22 AM »
New chapter.

Both of You

Shadow, wearing a sand-colored cloak, was inexplicably playing a piano. Cloak was pretty sure that she didn't know how to play that. As she began to play, he noticed his mother -- or rather an mental construction of her, like the Shadow was a mental construct of his niece. He was still asleep after forcing the Earth's rotation to stay normal.

The mental construct of Shadow sang:

"Why don’t you talk to each other?
Why don’t you talk to each other?
Just give it a try.
Why don't you talk about what happened?
I know you're trying to avoid it, but I don't know why.
You might not believe it.
You might not believe it but you got a lot in common, you really do.
You both love me and I love both of you.

Cloak said nothing, just glared at this mental construct of his mother with the utmost distrust. He said nothing, and did nothing. He had nothing in common with his mother . . . except an obstinate nature, perhaps.

He remembered with his sessions with Aniyu, but the thing about trauma like this was that no matter what you try to do to get past it, when wounds are this deep, they tend to linger. The hurt never truly goes away. You just become better at dealing with it, with managing it.

"I know you both need it.
I know you both need it.
Someone who knows what you're going through.
You might not believe it.
You might not believe it but you got a lot in common, you really do.
You both love me and I love both of you.
You both love me and I love both of you.

Cloak turned his back on his mother. When he said he was done, done with this, he meant it. He wasn't in the mood to be hurt again by that woman. It was one of the reasons, actually, that he truly feared getting into a serious relationship.

He didn't want to go through that kind of mistreatment again.

Suddenly, he was in a black void again. At roughly eight o'clock, he saw a figure silhouetted in orange light, with glowing orange eyes. He was human but with a grotesquely elongated face and a tongue like Venom, but forked. His body looked unnaturally thin and svelte, and his mouth was lined with sharp teeth. His hands had very lizard-like claws.

Then, suddenly, at roughly five o'clock, he saw a small figure silhouetted in yellow light with glowing, yellow, pinprick eyes. The figure sat rather like an imp, with a pointed chin and a mouth full of sharpened teeth. Other than that, his form was completely human -- almost looked like a child. A demonic child, but a child, nonetheless.


"Wow," GH said, having just got back from his fiend mission and noticing that Cloak wasn't around. "Cloak still asleep?"

"Yeah," Xeno said. "At least, I assume so. You can't just force the the Earth to maintain its rotation for eight to ten hours straight and immediately pick yourself up, fresh as a daisy."

"Yeah," GH agreed, "it would have taken a lot of energy to accomplish that. Not even Cloak could bounce back from something like that very easily."

"Hey, what's that?" Xeno said, noticing a slight shadow passing over them.

"Is that a . . . a Saiyan pod?" GH asked, incredulous.

SOURCE SONG: https://youtube.com/watch?v=lfFKgsyPNaw
General Fan Fiction & Art / Re: Memoirs of a RAFian
« Last post by Cloak on September 19, 2017, 08:00:54 AM »
New chapter.


Yamato Yoshi

GH was dispatched to a self-styled impregnable fortress. Which he entered easily -- not so impregnable, it would seem.

Then he came to the real problem with this facility. And, no, it wasn't the faded emblem of a strand of DNA within a beaker within an eye that marked it as a defunct, forgotten Cadmus facility. It was clearly broken down and the walls were left bare. But, with so many facilities with this emblem, it was a wonder why no one had put two and two together. Wonder why the government hadn't shut them down . . .

Unless they paid off the government. Unless Cadmus, perhaps under a different name, was a big party donor. Maybe in one of those Super PAC things. It would certainly explain just how much leeway they seem to have been given. How they seemed to fly under the radar so easily. . . .

Could also explain why there was a black market that existed under the government's nose. That it existed because the current administration refused to start sniffing around either the black market or Cadmus, preferring to turn a blind eye to it. Because they were paid to.

Granted, this was pure speculation, and GH wasn't really fond of politics or politicking. Perhaps someone more in the know would be able to determine the veracity of these guesses made in such mental parrhesia.

GH shook his head. He should concentrate on these labyrinthine corridors. The fiend would surely be at the center, like the fabled Minotaur in that Ancient Greek myth. Who was the hero that killed the Minotaur? GH felt like he knew the name, but couldn't think of it at the moment. He did remember that the hero used something like yarn to help find his way through the ludicrously difficult maze.

It was actually not that difficult to find the fiend. Because it actually found GH first. The creature had a head similar, if not identical, to a yellow kabuto-style samurai helmet with a purple crest, mouth guard, and highlights. It stood a little taller than five feet and its human-like eyes had pale yellow sclera and black irises. The rest of its body was strictly analogous to yellow samurai armor, despite carrying a wicked-looking spear. Its abdomen, thighs, and upper arms were white, while its knees, feet, and hands were black. The spear it carried was as tall as it was, had a black shaft, and an energy construct spearhead.

It used two different attacks: one on which it spins its spear and throws its main tip, then runs to retrieve it. GH has to jump over the spearhead, then again when the fiend approximated to avoid being tackled by it. Its other attack consists of jumping very high while spinning its spear and shooting a barrage of spearheads that spread out. GH avoided by moving through an opening between the spearheads.

GH turned his guitar into its battleaxe form, preferring to take a more "hands on" approach. He threw his guitar-turned-battleaxe (actually a bit out of character for him, throwing his favorite guitar). When it hit, GH rolled and slid out of the fiend's impact side, snatching up his guitar-ax.

Then they got into a close-quarters battle, with GH managing to get six hits off on the fiend. The sixth one slaying the creature, biting through the fiends thin armor, thinner than real samurai armor.

Then he walked away, shouldering his guitar.


Demos called it a "yamatosapien". Another one he created for combat.


Malice wasn't even watching. She was counting what appeared to be eleven marbles. . . .
General Fan Fiction & Art / Re: Memoirs of a RAFian
« Last post by Cloak on September 19, 2017, 06:08:01 AM »
New chapter.

Tomahawk Tosses

Yunyun was dispatched to a Western-themed ghost town base. It was actually a long abandoned and long forgotten Cadmus base. They had a fair few of those littered about.

She began in the wilderness at her back. Then she had to go underground, where she had to deal with several minor annoyances. When returning to the surface, she had only a brief respite before going underground again and faces more mall inconveniences. Then there was a branching path. She decided on the northern most path, which led her to the fiend.

The creature was humanoid and the size of an average man. It had a leathery, human-like face with eyes (white sclera and dark purple pupils) to match. It had a headdress of green-tipped, feather-shaped quills which was an actual part of its body and not a hat. It had a light orange torso with a shaggy red abdomen. It had a large, silver tomahawk in place of a left hand, and its right hand, knees, elbows, and feet were black. Its forearms and shins were light orange, while its upper arms and thighs were white. On its shoulders and shins it had some ornate pattern, the design of which recalled Native American textiles.

It jumped across the arena to move. It has three types of jumps -- a high jump, a long jump and a fake-out jump, which was just a small hop to get near Yunyun. It attacked by launching its tomahawk hand like a rocket punch, regenerating the tomahawk hand within minutes, and by shooting three feather-like quills from its headdress. Both easily dodged by jumping or flying, which Yunyun quickly did when the fiend demonstrated these attacks, both perfectly telegraphed.

However, she thought it to do such when it was in such a close proximity to her, lest getting hit from the tomahawk hand or the feather-like quills. It was quite fortunate for her that these fiends were never really smart. They all tended to telegraph their moves quite conveniently for their opponents.

She drew one of her magical cards -- sure, she could have used magic through the more conventional means that the other magic-wielding RAFians do, but she preferred this magical methodology. It set her apart from the others.

It moved to attack again. It flourished its tomahawk hand -- it was going to fire it. As it did, Yunyun shouted, showing the card, "PETAL BARRIER!"

A spinning shield of green petals with purple spots appeared and, not only blocked the tomahawk hand and the two feather-like quills that followed, but absorbed them before fading away from existence with their card.

This took the fiend off guard. Giving Yunyun the advantage. She decided to capitalize on it, quickly drawing another card from her deck with seemingly infinite cards.


A flurry of petals that were somewhere between blue and orange, had edges sharper than a razor and were as hard as diamond billowed up and rained down on the fiend damaging it. Only ending and dissipating when the card itself did.

Yunyun drew again. "PETAL FLURRY!"

Another razor-sharp flurry of petals, white this time, struck the fiend.

Yunyun drew five more times, and each time it was flurry based attacks of a petal motif. After this seventh attack, the fiend was no more. And Yunyun just flew away from the site, as the sun set in a gorgeous manner.


Demos called it a "tomahokusapien". He confessed that he made it with combat in mind.


But Malice wasn't watching this. She was quickly working upon her next scheme.
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