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Title: Personal Morph Lineups
Post by: justonemango on December 06, 2017, 08:15:58 PM
What's Your Guys' Morph Lineup I've Been Thinking About This Since I Was Like Eight And Only Just Now Fleshed It Out, But I Was Looking At A Different Thread Discussing What Morphs People Would Actually Have Access To So I'm Doing A Realistic One Based On My Location As Well


Primary Battle (Usually A DPS): Honey Badger. Tough, Mean, And Can Go All Day
Secondary Battle (Usually A Tank But Not Always): Canadian Bull Moose. Big Boy.

Flight: California Condor So We Can Carry More Heavy Stuff (Drawback, Everyone Notices A Vulture. They Don't Exactly "Blend In")
Aquatic: Swordfish
Stealth (Bug): Yellow Sac Spider A.K.A Common House Spider

I Used To Work At The Detroit Zoo So I'm Familiar With The Animals They Have There

Primary Battle: Wolverine, Which Is A Cousin To The Honey Badger
Secondary Battle: Yak, For The Good Stocky Body And Ramming Capabilities

Flight: Bald Eagle, Since It's Still A Pretty Big Bird And I'm Pretty Sure They Don't
Aquatic: This One's Tough. There Aren't Really That Many Aquariums Around Here And Michigan Is All Fresh Water Anyway. It'd Be Interesting To See Some Yeerk Behavior In The Great Lakes, That's For Sure. Anyway, Best I'm Probably Going To Get Would Be A Sturgeon Of Some Kind, I'm Pretty Sure They Keep One In A Tank At Cabella's

Stealth: Common House Spider

What Are Your Thoughts/Opinions
Title: Re: Personal Morph Lineups
Post by: skribs on December 11, 2017, 02:36:08 PM
Fun thread idea:


DPS Battle Morph: Jaguar.  Good at climbing, swimming, running and jumping.  One of the most powerful bites in the animal kingdom (stronger than even some of the bigger cats) and still a lot of power
Tank Battle Morph:  Elephant.  Of all the big animals, this one has the most dexterous appendages.  It can ram like bulls and rhinos, but it also has the trunk.

Flight:  Canadian Goose for long-distance flight, Gold Eagle for shorter flights and aerial combat, Crow for surveillance.
Aquatic:  Bull Shark, capable of going in salt or freshwater
Stealth:  Dragonfly.  Fast, good eyesight, and most people don't try to kill dragonflies.

LOCAL (Pacific Northwest):

DPS Battle:  Cougar, maybe wolf. 
Tank Battle:  Bull Bovine (or elephant from the zoo)

Flight:  Goose and Crow still work, but Bald Eagle or a hawk for flight
Aquatic:  Orca for saltwater, koi for freshwater
Stealth:  Dragonfly still works

However, I would rather have a myriad of creatures for battle, so I could pick my poison.  I would want to include:
Saltwater Crocodile
Gray Wolf
Honey Badger
Spider Monkey
Polar Bear

I also might want to have a human battle morph, something like JJ Watt or Rob Gronkowski.
Title: Re: Personal Morph Lineups
Post by: Declann203 on December 17, 2017, 01:52:25 AM
I would definitely want a lot of options. Sticking with ideal because I live in Denver.

Combat: Panther for stealth strikes, Rhino for tanking, Elephant for utility, Skunk for when you absolutely positively gotta clear a room (underrated)
Travel: Seagull (there are seagulls in Denver, yo) Canada Goose (formations, vicious) Squirrel (climbing)
Stealth: black snake
Aquatic: gator/croc, hammerhead,  dolphin
Title: Re: Personal Morph Lineups
Post by: skribs on December 17, 2017, 10:50:15 AM
I'm just picturing you trying to be stealthy in the snow  ;)

Make sure you warn anyone in a predator morph (which has excellent smell) before you use your crowd control weapon.