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Posted by: alaois
« on: November 14, 2017, 04:22:59 PM »

perhaps they could program the robot hosts for plot-convenient nonviolence? :D

but anyway, I always had the impression that the chee couldn't really replicate themselves.  ie, the chee body could contain a yeerk, but the chee don't just build new chees, they're all the same since the time of the pemalites, right?  so the pemalites probably could've built robot host bodies for the yeerks, but I tend to headcanon assume the chee themselves couldn't.  because while I agree with DinosaurNothlit that it would've been a huge risk, I think them not willing to risk it reflects pretty poorly on them given that they know their new host planet is gradually being infested and enslaved.  it's one thing to be a pacifist, it's another to refuse even peaceful means of trying to stop the war.  Sure, they can't join in by violence, but if they have a non-violent means to help but choose not to just out of not wanting to risk their own skin in the game, well that'd be pretty selfish, you'd have to assume it's more of a seerow's kindness/prime directive thing to make it remotely palatable that they wouldn't do it, and that would be a pretty flimsy reason not to at least do it for well-vetted members of the YPM.  POSSIBLY they were capable of doing it but not capable of making the bodies unable to commit violence, so their programming stopped them from doing it on the basis that it could've been a cause of violence.... but I prefer my headcanon that only the pemalites could've built such fully automated bodies...  perhaps that was part of crayak's long game?  realizing the pemalites had technology that could've helped the yeerks transition into a potentially peaceful species and away from their biologically conditioned parasitism.
Posted by: DinosaurNothlit
« on: November 08, 2017, 04:58:06 PM »

I'm almost sure they could.  It would just be a matter of hooking up a thought-based interface on the inside of the head of an unprogrammed robotic body.  Andalites controlled their ships using thought-based interfaces, so if they invented it, you can be sure that the Pemalites invented it a few thousand years earlier.  The real question is, would the benefits be worth the risk?  Keep in mind that the Chee kept their existence a tightly-guarded secret from the Andalites, Yeerks, and humans other than the Animorphs themselves, because they feared what would happen if their technology ever fell into the wrong hands.  And rightly so.  A Yeerk inside a robotic host would be more powerful than almost any biological creature, with none of the limitations that biology implies.  They wouldn't be afraid to die, because they could just build a new body.

And make no mistake, once the Chee gave the Yeerks even one robotic body, the Yeerks WOULD figure out how to build their own.  They reverse-engineered the Andalites' technology so fast that they skipped straight from the Stone Age to the Space Age in, like, a week.  I give them a couple months before they could reverse-engineer a Chee.  In the end, you'd pacify the Yeerks who were just fighting for hosts, sure.  But at the cost of giving those power-hungry Yeerks more power than they could possibly imagine.  And they might be a minority, but they would then be able to literally BUILD armies.  Yeah, I think I see why the Chee never made that move . . .
Posted by: CatMorph
« on: November 05, 2017, 07:21:05 PM »

Could the Chee have created artificial robot host bodies or holograms for the Yeerks that wanted hosts? Then a Yeerk that wanted a human morph wouldn't have had to worry about morphing an identical human. Erek or Erek's Dad had a Yeerk in a container somewhere, and he would put up a hologram of himself looking like he was being re-infested, while he actually put the Yeerk in the container. If the Chee technology and knowledge is that great, why can't they make articial hosts for the Yeerks? Yeah, there would always be power hungry Yeerks, but if the problem was they just wanted to see and have eyes, and not be slugs, then that would fix it for at least those Yeerks.