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Topic Summary

Posted by: Cloak
« on: Today at 09:04:32 AM »

New chapter.

It's Almost Time . . .

It was nearly approaching its destination. It stopped piloting the ramshackle ship, only slowing its descent just enough as to not interfere with its plans. It quickly teleported away with its Y-Drive, and a suitable distance away at that.

It set down the Y-Drive in a particular place, where it drilled down into the planet's molten core. This planetoid was odd in the fact that, while it did rotate, it did not revolve around its star -- a blue dwarf, Verlegen. This was one reason that Boundless selected it as the proper place for it to end existence, though he wouldn't expound on that to anyone but itself.

The molten iron core powered the Y-Drive. It lit up the divets and spaces in a rainbow of colors. Now, Boundless wasn't too fond of colors other than the monochromatic colors of black and white, and sometimes gray, but this served his plans just as well.

Its pursuers would be too late in stopping it -- as if they could. They would be too busy searching for the crash remains of the ship. Yes, it no longer had a viable way off this planetoid, off of Karu Dürr. But that did not matter in the grander scheme of things. Soon Karu Dürr would cease to exist, as would it and everything else in the universe. It was unaware of the existence of Celestialsapiens and how, if both of their usually conflicting personalities (which locked them in a state of perpetual inactivity at the best of times -- Anomaly was an exception because he, like his name suggests, was an anomaly to his species) agree to it, they could easily undo everything that Boundless had striven for.

Boundless prepared to activate the E.E.P. by taking out his prizes -- the rings and keychains. It unbound them from the key ring it had. It relished this moment.

It placed Stepford's ring in the first divet, which glowed blood red. <Hatred.>

It placed Dino's keychain ornament into the first space, which glowed orange. <Courage.>

It placed Bladeh's keychain ornament into the eighth space, which glowed pink. <Light.>

It placed Couch's ring into the second divet, which glowed orange. <Avarice.>

It placed Hunter's keychain ornament into the fourth space, which glowed blue. <Friendship.>

It placed Barrington's ring into the third divet, which glowed yellow. <Fear.>

It placed Saffa's keychain ornament into the fifth space, which glowed violet. <Knowledge.>

It placed Hobbes' ring into the fourth divet, which glowed emerald green. <Willpower.>

It placed Horse's keychain ornament into the second space, which glowed gray. <Reliability.>

It placed Hawke's ring into the fifth divet, which glowed sapphire blue. <Idle hope.>

It placed Blaze's keychain ornament into the sixth space, which glowed pale yellow. <Active hope.>

It placed James' ring into the sixth divet, which glowed indigo. <Compassion.>

It placed Raevyn's keychain ornament into the seventh space, which glowed red. <Infatuation.>

It placed Helen's ring into the final divet, which glowed violently violet. <Love.>

It placed Faerie's keychain ornament into the third space, the final empty space, which glowed pale green. <Sincerity.>

It actually smiled. The Y-Drive was now primed. All it needed now was for the  Y-Drive to be full powered up so that the E.E.P can be activated. It was so close now. So very close.
Posted by: Cloak
« on: Yesterday at 11:13:16 PM »

New chapter.


"There," Yarin indicated with his upper right hand. His other three were busy piloting his ship. While by no means small, it wasn't exactly the largest either. Blocky took up a large amount of room, being a dragon. Though he had said that he was working on "dragon downing", a concept of dragons assuming a human form. He said he got the idea from some old television show.*

The others looked at what the Nyac indicated. It looked like a ramshackled ship that was hastily cobbled together and wouldn't survive a long journey. It appeared as if it would fall to pieces if it were to hop into hyperspace or burrow into Z-Space. It was clearly a junker.

"But why?" GH said, thoroughly confused. "Why go to space in that hunk of junk?"

"There has to be a reason behind it. A reason that it felt so desperately that it needed to go to space," Abby said, confident of this fact.

"Looks like it might be heading to the Forge of . . ." Cloak murmured to himself, before the ship took a sharp right turn away from where the Forge of Creation. Good -- he didn't want to have to deal with Celestialsapiens. Anomaly was basically the only one he didn't find pompous and complacent -- something that their twin personalities always seemed to agree on, annoyingly enough. "Oh, never mind."

"The Forge of what?" Underseen said.

"Nothing," Cloak said, repressively, "it doesn't matter now, anyway."

Underseen knew better than press the point. GH, however, has gotten more leeway than most with Cloak**, but he was forced to bite back his question when Yarin announced, "It knows we're following him. I activated the telepathy dampener too late. I knew I should have tested it more."


Boundless continued to pilot his ship, but it realized very quickly that it was being pursued. Four mundane minds, and one with telepathic ability that it found childishly weak and amateurish (proving it itself was not immune from hubris as it believed itself to be). This came as no real surprise to it, as this ramshackle ship wasn't too big on stealth. It was loud, clunky, and barely held together. It didn't care if it fell apart on the planetoid he had deemed to be the center of the universe, a planet it called Karu Dürr. It was there that it would use its Y-drive, which possessed specially made divets for the rings and spaces about the shape of an Assist Trophy, only about a sixth of the size. There were seven ring divets and eight spaces.

It was so close to achieving what it needed to achieve. It would save existence by destroying it, despite that making no sense. Perhaps it wasn't as stable a creature as it pretended to be. Perhaps, at some subconscious level, it realized just how ridiculous its goals and objectives were. But, that was either buried deep down in its psyche, or completely overshadowed and overwhelmed by its obsessive fanaticism and self-loathing. Its self-hatred had extended to everyone else, as well as its anger at the purpose of its creation had coagulated and hardened to into an irrational and deep hatred for everything, for every living thing who had the audacity to exist. Everything that had been born, a fact it secretly felt was ripped away from it. It was not born, it was created -- and for it, it was a very tangible distinction to make.

Let these fools try to stop him, it decided, in its hubris. Let them come. Let them try. They would not succeed. They would not deny him what he was after. It will activate the E.E.P. -- the End of Existence Protocol. Reality itself will fracture. It will shatter. The loving embrace of nothingness would be inevitable. And if these fools pursuing it could not -- or would not -- see that, than they shall be just the first to feel the nothingness of nonexistence.

Nothing could stop him in this endeavor. Nothing had the power to match its own. This was going to happen -- whether they liked it or not.

* ;)

** Oh, GH, you know I kid.
Posted by: Cloak
« on: Yesterday at 08:13:34 AM »

New chapter.


Boundless returned the ruins of the Cadmus site where it was given life. It had managed to use its psychic powers to manipulate the matter on a subatomic level to transmute it into what looked very much like a hackneyed fusion of a Gem homeworld ship with that of whatever species Frieza was. The ship was large enough to accommodate himself and a large machine that vaguely and superficially resembled a Yveltal.

Despite not looking as if it would survive escape velocity, it was capable of travelling at remarkable speeds, despite its rather shoddy look. But, then again, its intended purpose didn't require it to remain functional for an extended period of time. Just long enough to carry him, his Y-Drive, and his prizes to the center of existence, which is where he calculated to be a barren planetoid, lost and forgotten. Victim of Galactron or Brainiac, Boundless didn't care. His preparations were nearly done, and it would finally be able to achieve its goals.

It prepared the flight preparations. True, it probably could have teleported there, however, it did not believe it could teleport such a distance. It did not believe it had such power necessary to manage it, especially with its Y-Drive. It needed the heavy machine to help it accomplish his aims, as it could not do on its own.

Its fingers even trembled with anticipation. He would be doing existence a favor by ending it. But wiping it clean of all those unworthy of it -- which it believed to be everyone who currently exists, including itself. Everything as they knew it would be gone, and the release would be heavenly. Existence may very well start up again, it was well aware, but if it did, it would be with more worthy lifeforms. It was very confident in this. There would be more worthy lifeforms than the avaricious hubris of these beings currently in existence. The envious, gluttonous sloth of these creatures that blight existence. The wrathful lust of these monsters that tear at existence.

It must wipe them all away. It must wipe itself away, as well. It would be doing all existence a favor. It would be the hero that no one knows. It didn't care about fulsome notoriety. It didn't care about unctuous adulation.

It only cared about caring out its noble mission. Its completely selfless mission (completely ignoring the selfishness of it).


"What?!" Cloak demanded.

"The creature has all seven rings," Goom said, matter-of-fact, "as well as Dino, Bladeh, Hunter, Saffa, Raevyn, Faerie, Blaze, and Horse."

"But why does he want those rings and eight RAFians?" Shenmue asked. "He could have had more than eight RAFians, if I'm getting this right. Why those eight, specifically?"

"I just assumed it was only out of coincidence and convenience." Abby said. "Could there be a more . . . concrete reason?"

"We don't have enough evidence to say one way or the other," Phoenix said, trying to be reasonable. "But the undeniable fact is that it has some of our own, and it cannot get away with our fellows."

"But why does it want them in the first place?" Underseen mused anxiously, echoing Shemue's question. "What possible reason could it want with them. Surely, it wouldn't go through all this trouble just to collect them, magpie-like, just to horde them, like the Coluan did with knowledge? Or a dragon with treasure?"

"That," Blocky said, at once, "is a stereotype."

"Alert!" Xeno called over the intercom. "Sensors show an unscheduled terrestrial craft exiting the atmosphere."

"YARIN!" Cloak roared, at once. "Ready your ship. That is this boundless creature leaving the planet. I'm sure of it."

The Nyac hurried to comply, not because he he thought of Cloak as his superior, but because he knew the urgency of the situation. Cloak soon boarded with GH, Abby, Blocky, and Underseen.
Posted by: Cloak
« on: July 25, 2017, 12:44:32 PM »

New chapter.

Collecting Love and a Badass Souvenir

Helen's overly approbative behavior was starting to rankle Faerie.

"Helen, both you and Nadia are in danger," she tried to impress upon her, "according to our information, that creature only lacks a Star Sapphire ring. And there are two of them right here."

"Well, be fine, Faerie," Helen assured her, "we know how to handle ourselves."

"You're being as hardheaded as Parker," Faerie accused. "From what we know, this creature is planet-locked. If you and Nadia flee to the stars, it would have no way to follow and pursue you. It would not be able to complete its plan, whatever it may be."

"And never return to Earth," Nadia pointed out.

Faerie had no real kind or charitable way to reply to this, but her silence said it for her. Nadia bowed her head for a moment, then looked to Helen for what to do next.

"Faerie, we won't run from our problems," Helen said. "The Earth is our home. We may be Star Sapphires, but the Earth will always be home to us."

"I don't then you understand the gravity of that decision, Helen," Faerie said. "This thing wants all seven rings for a reason."

"Which is?" Nadia asked.

"We . . . don't know at this time," Faerie admitted. "Cloak is speculating that this creature seeks to end all creation. But whatever its endgame is, I am sure -- absolutely sure, without a question -- it is for nefarious purposes."

"We cannot jump to such conclusions, Faerie," Helen said, trying to be reasonable. "We don't have the necessary information to make such a conclusive decision like that."

<Surrender your ring unto me,> came a telepathic voice. It was obviously Boundless. It did not care for the content of their conversation. They were unworthy of the gift of existence, just as he wasn't. Their conversations did not matter. Their wants did not matter. Their needs did not matter. Nothing else other than the end of existence mattered. When it would have set everything right. When more worthy beings would come into existence afterwards. <Surrender it. I will not ask again.>

"No," Helen said, as a geyser of violent energy erupted from her ring as she prepared to fight Boundless. Prepared to drain every ounce of power from her ring, which she surmised would also make it useless to Boundless, who did not know about this aspect of the rings.

<You try my patience,> Boundless said.

"And I will roll your head across the floor!" Faerie said, taking up her battle axe. She still found it a poor replacement for her Gale Blade, but this wasn't a time to cavil and quibble about trivial matters such as that.

She flew very fast at Boundless with the heavy battle axe ****ed back, prepared for the swing. Only to be telekinetically thrown back as if inertia didn't exist. This had actually caught Faerie off-guard.

<My patience has been tried,> it said, matter-of-fact. <And, unfortunately for you, it has run out. Now give me your ring if you value your continued, unworthy existence.>

"You'll have to take it from me!" Helen snarled, resembling her boyfriend more than she knew.

<Your proposal is acceptable,> it said, as it raised a glowing hand. Suddenly, Helen slumped over. Not dead, but unconscious. Nadia tried to defend her, but her inexperience showed, and Boundless easily batted her away with his telekinesis as he took Helen's ring for his own.

"You . . . won't get away . . . with this," Faerie said, actually quite beaten up by Boundless's psychic powers. Helen's unconsciousness was evidently not intended to last for long, as she was already beginning to stir.

<I already have,> it said, holding out a hand towards Faerie. Her mind swam lethargically, her vision blurred before fading to black. Then there was nothing. <Especially now that I have the final pieces of the puzzle.>

He held up the Faerie keychain as Helen regained consciousness. She saw it, and immediately assessed the situation correctly.

"Here, take my ring, Helen," Nadia said, lovingly sacrificing her ring to give to the more experienced wielder. Helen accepted it, and began to launch herself at Boundless, but he was already gone. Teleported away.
Posted by: Cloak
« on: July 24, 2017, 08:24:11 PM »

New chapter.

Collecting Compassion and a Winged Souvenir

"Um, could you possibly put on something more than a purple loincloth?" Falc0 was asking Boris James, an Indigo Tribesman, who was rather short and scrawny, and wearing just a Mowgli-style loincloth really left nothing to the imagination. Both he and Raevyn were dispatched to protect Boris from Boundless, preventing his ring from falling into Boundless's clutches, at the same time as Demos and Blaze were dispatched to do the same with Chris.

"Priorities, Falc0," Raevyn chided him.

"I think this qualifies." Falc0 replied, a tad mulish.

"We have more important things to do than body shame a middle school student," Raevyn countered.

"High school, thank you very much," Boris corrected, with quiet dignity.

"Whatever," Raevyn said. Then she switched tact to focus on their objective, their primary aim. "Kid, there is a creature of immense power that will be after that ring. Your ring."

"If he needs my help, I'll gladly surrender it," he said, looking rather . . . silly, standing there, making brave statements wearing nothing but a loincloth as if he thought himself a Cro-Magnon fashionista.

"You're not getting it," Falc0 said, keenly aware of Boris not understanding the true gravity of the situation. "This is serious. It will not ask politely for the ring. It will not just demand the ring. It will just take it."

"He cannot have it," Boris said, sounding annoyingly serene. Was this the ring's effect on him? Or was he just this remarkably slow to the uptake? "I shall help him with whatever endeavor he wishes, within reason. But he cannot have my ring. I will make that very clear."

"Okay -- are you naturally this thick, or has your ring dulled your good sense?" Raevyn said, losing patience.

"I don't care much for your tone, talking bird," Boris said, with a frown.

"I don't care!" Raevyn spat. "We're trying to tell you that your life is potentially in danger, and you come off as completely ignoring and disregarding that fact!"

Falc0 swivelled his head to their right, and looked up. Then he said, very seriously, "Raevyn, we're already too late."

"What? No!" she cried.

But Boundless was there. Floating. Watching. Judging. Planning its next move. Why did it think that collecting rings from all the Corps and turning RAFians into keychains would end all existence as they knew it? It didn't make any sense!

Boundless landed, and stared hard at Boris, so much so that the gaze was almost as tangible as an impaling sword. He spoke directly at Boris, <Save me the time and exertion and surrender unto me your ring.>

The two avian RAFians had not anticipated this. They expected him to manhandle Boris for his ring, as he did for the others. They hadn't expected him to go for civility.

"Why must I do this?" Boris said, clearly wanted to understand Boundless's motives.

<Do not question me, creature,> Boundless threatened, <if you value your life.>

"That escalated quickly," Falc0 commented.

<Silence,> Boundless commanded, as if he was the one who issued orders to the RAFians. <I'll deal with you shortly, once the ring is surrendered unto me.>

"I'm sorry, but you cannot have my ring. Perhaps I can help you in another . . . ugh . . ."

Boundless had just psychically triggered him into unconsciousness. From there, he quickly plucked his ring which caused his indigo loincloth to revert back into his normal civilian attire.

"Well, that does look better," Falc0 admitted, before saying, "but we cannot allow you to have --"

With an avian shriek, Raevyn interrupted Falc0 and swooped toward Boundless, clearly with the attempt to attack him with talons and beak. Boundless, however, remained unafraid and held out his hand and Raevyn found her vision swimming. Swimming before blurring, before fading into a black nothingness . . .

"Raevyn!" Falc0 shrieked, as he wheeled around for another dive, only to be telekinetically slapped away.

<I've allowed you to live for the moment, with your undeserving gift of life,> Boundless said, with unfiltered disdain, <do not try me anymore. Do not try to interfere with my goals. My mercy has limits.>

With Falc0 dazed and confused, it teleported away. It only needed one more ring -- and one more . . . "souvenir".
Posted by: Cloak
« on: July 23, 2017, 09:32:59 PM »

New chapter.

Collecting Hope and a Partly Angelic Souvenir

"Don't worry," Chris Hawke said, "all will be well."

"You don't seem to understand the gravity of the situation," Blaze said. He and Demos were sent to protect Chris from whoever or whatever that thing was stealing rings and turning RAFians into keychains. Blaze felt vulnerable out in the open like this, without any cover. He really didn't want to be a keychain.

Not to mention Demos's demonic nature made him uneasy. Due to their opposing natures, they didn't really talk to each other very much. Blaze couldn't help but wonder why were they two specifically sent out on this mission together. Meanwhile, Demos seemed to be just ambivalent to the point of indifference about the whole thing.

"This thing, whatever it is," Demos said, patiently, "wants your ring. For what reason, we do not know, but we do know this, it cannot be for anything good."

"All will be well, friends," Chris said. "My ring be safe and we will get through whatever trial besots us."

Blaze was impatient with such muddled thinking. This was not the time for simply hoping for the best, but doing something. Demos, though remaining silent on this, agreed with this assessment. Hope is fine and well, but you need willpower in order to act upon hope and bring about change.

"Blue Lantern," Blaze said, "we must be quick. We haven't a clue how it tracks rings such as yours --"

"Presumably the same way we did." Demos interrupted.

"Not. Helping," Blaze snarled. Then he addressed Chris again, "But the fact of the matter is that it does, and, while we don't know its intentions with your ring and the rings of others -- nothing concrete anyway, we know it can't be for beneficial reasonings."

"And it's here," Demos said, looking up.

"And it's here," Blaze echoed without realizing what he was saying. When it clicked seconds later, he exclaimed, "Wait, WHAT?!"

And there it was. Just hanging in the air, defying gravity as if it was a law that it didn't care to obey. And it just stayed there. Watching. And judging.

Deciding that being proactive was the best option, Blaze powered his wings at once, immediately launching himself into the air, "Get him safe, Demos. I will attack him directly."

"Are sure such a hasty decision is wise?" Demos queried, but Blaze was already blazing into combat. "And you're already gone. Okay, then."

"Take heart, friend," Chris said. "All will be well."

"Save it for a fortune cookie," Demos snapped, annoyed.

"Where'd the bloody hell did he go?!" Blaze said, hands ablaze, frantically looking around for the creature. Demos heard a brief impact and found Chris upon the floor with the ring in the creature's possession. Chris was alive, but unconscious.

"Well, this is awkward," Demos said aloud, backing away from the creature, his hands alight with flames. He was ready to fight, if need be.

<I just require one,> it said, holding out its hand. And it was at this time that Blaze dove in a controlled fiery dive. But his vision blurred and swam before fade into black and his mind became numb.

"Blaze? Blaze!" Demos exclaimed. He was enraged when Boundless showed Blaze as a keychain ornament, like the others. His entire body was engulfed in flame.

<Your usefulness is effectively nil,> Boundless said, indifferently, before teleporting away.

"Yeah! Go ahead! Run! Run away, coward!" Demos raged.
Posted by: Cloak
« on: July 22, 2017, 06:30:17 AM »

New chapter.

Collecting Willpower and a Cuddly Souvenir

Horse and GH were dispatched to help the Green Lantern Shawn Hobbes take care of an unruly creature that none knew what it was. It lived deep in the sea, and none of the three could get close enough to see what it was. Whatever was raging was clearly in great distress.

Shawn was actually hoping to get some downtime from his grueling Lantern training, when he came across this creature -- perhaps an illegal specimen from a so-called private zoo flown in Pisccis? Maybe, but no evidence available could conclusively prove that speculation.

Anyway, he rankled with the appearance of Horse and GH. He did not help handling this creature. He knew what he was doing. He would save the populace of this coastal city from this rampaging beast. He did not need their help, and he told them so.

"Look, pal," GH said, finding this boy's hubris anything but refreshing, "we've more jurisdiction here than you and your big-headed, blue overlords."

"GH. Be nice," Horse scolded.

"I will not be scolded by a seal," GH said, with mock moodiness.

Then the creature reared up suddenly behind them, where they got a good look at it. It was a giant, quasipedal creature which was obviously adapted to dwell underwater. It had four webbed legs and a tail with a fin. It had two tentacles coming out of its mouth, which act like two extra arms and was its primary manipulation appendages. It has large blue eyes, golden teeth and six gills on its neck. The upper part of its body is dark cyan, while the lower part is olive. The creature, for simplicity's sake, was referred to as the "Kraken".

Unbeknownst to the three, Boundless had teleported in, watching the events as they transpired. Waiting for its opportunity, as it knew it would come.

Horse quickly noticed the shards of something on the shore, some of which were as large as she was. She quickly came to the conclusion that this Kraken was a nesting mother, just protective of her eggs. Then she saw obvious evidence that the shards of the egg shells were not made by hatching Kraken. They were smashed to smithereens. How, she could not say.

So the source of the creature's rage was understandable. She was doing this out of heartache -- yes, even nonsentient animals can have emotions and feelings. Such things aren't the sole property of sentient beings with a defined language.

It was now, when their guard had lowered, that Boundless struck. It killed the Kraken mother with a single psychic blast, overwhelming her simple mind. Then it psychically paralyzed the body of Shawn Hobbes and took his ring for his own. Shawn could not move his mouth, tongue, or vocal cords to protest.

"Who are you?" GH demanded angrily.

Boundless ignored him, as if he wasn't worth the time or effort to explain what it had planned. In Boundless's mind, the RAFian's wants and needs were inconsequential and superfluous. He had a greater goal than anything that these creatures, as unworthy of existence as it itself was, could have conceived of.

Then it held out its hand, and Horse's vision immediately swam. It blurred, and faded to black as her mind blanked. Then Boundless dangled a seal figurine attached to a small keychain.

"Horse!" GH roared.

"I do not require a spare," it said, holding out his other hand. GH was blasted backward by a large amount of psychic force. It did care about the string of creative obscenities and vulgarities that GH threw at it before it teleported away. It had much more important work than listen to a foulmouthed guitarist.
Posted by: Cloak
« on: July 21, 2017, 08:02:32 AM »

New chapter.

Collecting Fear and a Morph Souvenir

Saffa and Abby were battling Brooke Barrington, who they remembered vaguely from the whole Stepford fiasco some months back. Brooke wore the black and yellow uniform of a Sinestro Corpsman, with the yellow ring. She had returned from Qward with one murderous thought in mind.

"Where is he?" she demanded. Apparently, she was really serious about killing Shawn Hobbes. Before she had the ring, it could have been just angry bluster, something she claimed she would do out of enraged frustration. But now she had sufficient power to back up the threat. "Where is he?!"

"We have to do something," Abby insisted. "There is a lot of collateral damage that she could do with that ring."

"Already on it," Saffa said, mouth a bit muffled as it was rapidly changing into the mouth parts of a Psycholeopterran and as Psycholeopterran wings folded out of her back.

Abby followed Saffa's lead. The thing about morphing into Psycholeopterrans was that it was about as attractive as morphing into an elephant or housefly. Not particularly pretty to watch.

"You know where he is, don't you?!" she demanded of the two RAFians. It was easy to see why a Red Lantern ring also tried to claim her, except she chose Fear over Hatred. "Tell me where he is! I will show him! I will show him how wrong he was!"

This was clearly stewing in her mind over the past few months during her training on Qward. She clearly had been harboring resentment over Shawn -- over how blatantly arrogant, how unjustifiably smug, how -- how UGGGH he was. She should have been the leader of their little troop, their small band. But they chose the weakest among them to follow. He had usurped her rightful role -- he had marginalized her, he had over simplified her. She would show all that he was not suitable as any kind of leader -- that he was a coward. Afraid to do what had to be done to set things right!

But not her. She wasn't afraid. She struck fear into others, not the other way around. She had no fear. Others could not exploit that in her, and that's why they feared her, feared her strength and power!

The morphs completed, Abby and Saffa flew over to her in a rather sedate way. This just miffed her more. She was not a power to be trifled with so casually!

Unbeknownst to all three, Boundless had arrived, having silently teleported in, as if by instant transmission. It watched what happened between the three, as Saffa and Abby rendered Brooke useless using the power of a Psycholeopterran to simulate the pleasure centers of the brain with their hypnotic circles.

<Interesting,> Boundless muttered. Saffa thought she heard it, but decided that it was her imagination. She refocused on placating Brooke, hoping the ring would either part company with her finger or run out of juice.

Boundless wasn't willing to wait. It swooped down with astonishing speed (nothing on Cerulean or a Kinecceleran, of course) and seized the ring from her fingers, causing the two morphed Psycholeopterrans to stop abruptly, which in turn caused Brooke to snap out of her stupor relatively quickly.

"Hey! My ring!" she shouted. "Give that back!"

"Sleep," Boundless said, telepathically triggering her to sleep. She slumped over immediately. Abby and Saffa were aghast by this, immediately demorphing. Boundless watched them do such with a detached fascination.

When they had finished, he said, "I only require one."

He held his hand out, and Saffa's vision swam, blurred, and faded to black. Her mind became numb and unconscious. Boundless raised a keychain of chibi Saffa -- something which Saffa would abhor to see.

"Saffa!" Abby cried out, and attempted to remorph the Psycholeopterran as a means of transit to get to Boundless. But it took too long, and it teleported away, indifferent to Abby's rage and pain.

<DAMN!!> Abby cursed loudly and uncharacteristicall y.
Posted by: Cloak
« on: July 20, 2017, 11:29:16 AM »

You're clean as a keychain.

New chapter.

Collecting Avarice and a Furry Souvenir

"Wait," Hunter said, perplexed as Donald Couch attacked him. He wore an orange uniform with black on the upper arms and an orange ring to match. Even an orange domino mask. The emblem on his chest was a circle with a spike connecting it to the outer circles to the upper right, upper left, lower left, and lower right and a "V" to the top. "I thought there was only one of you!"

"Mine . . ." was the boy's only reply, the ring already warping his mind into wanting nothing but to have things, to horde things, to make things his and his alone. Which could explain the mask -- his identity was his and his alone to know. He was after Hunter's weapons. But the RAFian was not about to allow Couch to have them. "Give them to me."

He was an Orange Lantern -- a second one. One that wasn't a construct. An oddity. If Larfleeze knew about this, he would not have tolerated it. Orange was the light of avarice, of greed, after all. There wasn't really any explanation as to how he came across the ring -- but chance are that it chose him. Maybe this was an indication of Larfleeze's death, or otherwise loss of the ring. Maybe it was duplicated for some reason by a Guardian of the Galaxy (Cloak preferred to call them Oans, and despised calling them Guardians of the Galaxy). Whatever the reason he came by it, the fact of the matter was he had it. And it was very dangerous to have, especially for a pampered, entitled rich boy.

"No," Hunter said, firmly.

"GIVE IT TO ME!!!" he raged, far more unaccustomed to not getting what he wants than Larfleeze ever was.

Hunter had to fight the temptation to shoot him in the head. He had the shot, too. He had heard what Cloak knew of this ring type. All his thoughts and emotions were supplanted for insatiable greed and avarice. He would always be hungry for materialistic things, and it would be a hunger that would never be satisfied. At least, for very long. The ring was a parasite, and the wearer was a slave to have everything now.

"No, boy!" Hunter said, just dodging.

Suddenly, Boundless was there. Watching. Neither the RAFian or Orange Lantern noticed at first. This enabled Boundless to understand the fueling emotion for the Orange Lantern ring.

Boundless devised the perfect way to get his prize. When Hunter had to deliver several swift blows to Donald, causing him to back off momentarily before continuing his attack, Boundless descended, almost like a deity descending from on high.

Donald was distracted, when Boundless "accidentally" showed its trickets -- a Red Lantern ring and two keychains. But Hunter saw these as well, and immediately said, in a strained voice, "Dino? Bladeh?" before Boundless jingled them out of sight, into a hidden pocket.

"Mine!" Donald cried, as he lunged towards eleven o'clock.

"No," Boundless said, dodging easily, plucking the ring off his finger. This freed Donald from the orange curse, and he was able to feel something other than greed -- yet, it still motivated him as it did with his entire affluent family. "Mine."

Donald looked around, confused about what happened to him. Seemingly without any memory of his time as a Orange Lantern.

"And," it said, turning toward Hunter, who actually took a step back. "A souvenir."

Suddenly, Hunter's vision blurred and faded to black. Then Boundless held up a Hunter keychain.

"Gotta collect them all," he said, with a malicious, sneering smirk.
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I wonder if I'm still covered in blood vomit, even as a keychain.  :P

P.S. I laughed at the "Internet?" comment.  I know nothing of human babies, besides that they are gross.  :P
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New chapter.

Collecting Rage and a Couple of Souvenirs

Bladeh and Dino had been dispatched to deal with a rampaging Red Lantern. Her hear was black and wild, her skin a pale, pasty white. She wore the red and black uniform of a Red Lantern, while her hands were bare. She wore the Red Lantern symbol --  a circle framed by two lines that were crooked when they parted company with the circle, like the horns of a bull. Her lips were ruby red, but whether that was lipstick was blood or lipstick, it was much too difficult to discern, even with the napalm-like blood dribbling from the left corner of her mouth, eyes devoid of any pity or mercy, of any hope or compassion, of any fear -- nothing but barely contained rage. The woman Red was like a feral beast, fierce and untamed.

It was Nancy Stepford, back after being on Ysmalt. Apparently, Atrocitus or whoever was in charge of the Reds didn't think her worthy enough bathe in the lake of blood to regain her faculties and sanity. So, she was still a beast of rage and anger, unaware of the consequences or possible ramifications of her actions. She would not be a person able to stand court, on the count of overt and obvious insanity and being mentally unfit to do so.

Bladeh nor Dino would recognize her, but then again, everything happened at Nurse Nancy incident was brought to them by mere heresay, as they were not present. But, even if they did recognize her, it would have been very difficult to tell that this woman was the same one who were hypnotizing students to care nothing nothing for entertainment pursuit, and concentrate on improving test scores.

"I really wish she'd stop vomiting up on me," Dino complained. If it wasn't for her thick, tough hide, she could very possibly be in mortal danger right know. "It's like trying to feed a human baby and trying to keep it all down."

"How would know what that's like?" Bladeh asked, playing more defense than anything else.

"Internet?" Dino said, rather like Timmy Turner.

"What does that have to do with -- uh, who's that?" Bladeh said, seeing a silhouette in the distance flying towards Nancy, who evidently saw its presence as offensive, and moved immediately to attack it.

Boundless had appeared, floating ominously, like one of those UFO sightings made with bad Photoshop and a shaky camera. He was ignoring the huge ankylotyrannus and tiny cat. He was only interested in the feral monster that was Nancy, who just vomited her napalm-like blood from her mouth, staining her lips again.

"Ugh!" Dino said, with disgust. Her tough, scaly hide might be sufficient to protect her, but that didn't mean that it didn't cause her extreme discomfort, every time it hit her -- and, face it, she was a large target. "I really wish that she would stop doing that!"

"What does that thing want?" Bladeh asked.

"Deal with the Red Lantern first, Bladeh," Dino said, almost scolding, "then we can worry about the stupid apparition over there."

But she had barely had the last word out of her mouth, when the creature's eyes glowed and Nancy was forced, spread eagle, in midair. She still vomited her napalm-like blood, some of which still hit Dino.

"Oh, c'mon!" was her complaint.

Boundless, seemingly without much, if any, effort, approached her from behind. She still tried to vomit her blood on it, but it approached at such an angle that that would be impossible.

"What does it want from her? Is it an ally?" Bladeh wondered aloud.

Boundless removed her ring, causing her uniform to vanish, and caused her to immediately go into cardiac arrest. Red Lantern rings basically replace the hearts of their wearers, and Nancy had been one for four or five months now. Their hearts become vestigial, and their ring usurped its function.

Boundless did not know this. And it did not care. It did not care now that Nancy was dying, and she was of sound mind again.

Then it looked at the two RAFians and considered. Then it raised its hand and both of their vision blurred before fade into black, and their minds went blank. They vanished.

Then it revealed that it now had two new keychain bobbles thingamajigs. It was Bladeh, looking like a maneki-neko, and Dino, appearing more like a toy-like, chibi-style ankylotyrannus.

"You two could be useful to the end of all things," it murmured as it went off to search for the orange light construct it needed.
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More than likely as I've never seen the series.

New chapter.

The Impetus

Boundless wandered around, staying in the most remote places, so he could be alone. It was still fanatic in his desire to destroy all life in its present and future form. That fire still burned with a fiery passion.

Since its birth on that undisclosed, unnamed island, it had clothed itself in white, orange, and gold Egyptian-type attire, making it look rather like an impromptu fusion between Mewtwo and Beerus. It also was learning to master its newfound powers, proven as it floated lazily around, propped up by its telekinesis.

While it had a great desire to end all that was, it didn't have any real method that would work with the kind of efficiency that it wanted. It wanted it to be quick, with no chance of survival. Which ruled out getting its own hands dirty with the task of universal genocide.

There had to be a way . . .

It sat down -- which looked rather awkward, to be honest -- and it shut its eyes. It focused its mind, to grasp at any straw to achieve its lofty goal. It was gifted with a vision. It saw seven rings, similar to that of the Olympics, all interlocked. Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet -- in that order. In the empty spaces between these rings were faces. Obviously human faces.

Within the red ring was the face of a feral beast of a woman wearing the uniform of a Red Lantern. A very familiar Red Lantern . . .

Within the orange ring was the face of an orange energy construct wearing the uniform of an Orange Lantern . . .

Within the yellow ring was the face of a blonde human girl wearing the uniform of a Sinestro Corpsman . . .

Within the green ring was the face of an everyday human boy wearing the uniform of a Green Lantern . . .

Within the blue ring was the face of a mature-looking human boy wearing the uniform of a Blue Lantern . . .

Within the indigo ring was the face of a small teenager boy wearing a Mowgli-like uniform of an Indigo Tribesman . . .

Within the violet ring was the face of a young protege of Helen's in a Star Sapphire uniform. . . .

Boundless opened its eyes, smiling with its small mouth. So . . . this was the way. The people wearing the rings were insignificant. The prize would be the rings themselves. After it managed to procure them, it was confident that the next step of what to do would be revealed to him at that time.

But the thing to do now was procure them. The vision also gave it an idea of where to find them. It had left to procure the closest one to it -- the red one. . . .


"That's a little vague, Cloak," GH told Cloak, as he watched Leatherhead play with Dino. It was hard to say who was enjoying themselves more.

"I'm well aware, Logan," Cloak said.

"GH," GH corrected.

"It was a riddle, and it seemed actually urgent," Cloak said.

"Yeah, the letters doing a pee-pee dance kind of urgent," GH said.

"GH, I'm being serious here," the Realm Walker intoned darkly. "Something's about to happen. I can sense it. And its not going to be any good."

"We'll do it, whatever it is, and come out smelling like daisies," GH said, in a flippant, complacent way that didn't sit well with the Elements Master.
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Uh oh.  Even Mewtwo wasn't that cold-hearted.

Also, this guy is strangely reminding me of a character from Sentinels of the Multiverse, called Faultless.  That could just be the similarity between the names, though.
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Oh, this is where is skews away from that.

New chapter.

Dark Visions

Cloak was in a meditative sleep. Shadow would have declared it napping, but she was wrong -- okay, she was only kind of wrong.

. . . Alright, alright. She was right about him napping. But he was feline. That surely gave him a right to catnap, right?

He was standing in a black void with nothing but a white disc upon which Cloak stood, illuminated from an unseen light source. Suddenly, letters came up in front of him, all in a legible font, written in gold. And, from the way the letters seemed to dance around, anxiously, he got the feeling that this would be urgent.

Beware of the one without bounds,
Whose rhetoric oft have no grounds.
It shall have a spectrum which rings have power,
And this will harken a future most dour.
Then, to the center of all things, it shall flee.
It intends to create an ending for all to see.

There was more, but it was to muddied for Cloak to make heads or tails of. But that riddle, that puzzle was enough. And Cloak was well aware that he may very well forget about it when he awakes the next morning.

Cloak couldn't begin to decipher the meaning of this riddle. Oh, why couldn't the person writing this stuff be straightforward for once? "Go here". "Do that". "Don't do THAT". Why can't it ever be that clear? Why does it always have to be in Gateburst riddles? What's wrong with a straightforward answer for once?

Cloak awoke, and he tried desperately to hold onto what the riddle was, but within moments, he had forgotten what it had said.


The contingency stood in the wreckage of the lab, until the fires were well extinguished already. It felt so disillusioned by everything. The manner of creation, those scientists objectifying him like it was a curious piece of property, and the world at large, which he assumed to be just like these tactless scientists.

What right did it have to exist in this world? What right did they? What right did anyone? None. No one had a right to the gift of life, it started to believe. Everyone was so petty, so dishonest. Their minds were vapid wastelands of materialism and greed, anger and rage, fear and bigotry. It found them devoid of courage, intellect, hope, sincerity, compassion, reliability, love or kindness. All life in existence, it felt, needed to be stamped out. Including himself.

It looked at existence and only saw what it wanted to see --a place of misery and suffering. It was unable to see acts of compassion as anything indebting another to you, acts of love as being meaningless acts of lust. It thought demonstrations of intelligence as lacking and displays of reliability stemmed more from fear, fear of being seen as unreliable, than a legitimate attempt to be responsible. It thought demonstrating sincerity was still, in some way, deceitful and displays of genuine courage was just obscuring an inherent cowardice. It felt that no one was truly kind, that acts of kindness was hiding an underlying cruelty.

Compassion. Courage. Hope. Intellect. Kindness. Love. Reliability. Sincerity. None truly existed, it felt. Its course forward was clear. He would have to end it all. End everything. Everything, so it can start over. So these eight traits can exist in their truest form, instead of the poor facsimiles they had now.

But he would give himself a new name other than the RAFian contingency. He was without limits, without bounds -- he was Boundless.
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Oooh, I like where this is going.  Yes, I know what it's a reference to.  But I loved that movie, so, yeah, I like where this is going.  :D