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Posted by: Cloak
« on: Today at 05:45:22 AM »

New chapter.

Both of You

Shadow, wearing a sand-colored cloak, was inexplicably playing a piano. Cloak was pretty sure that she didn't know how to play that. As she began to play, he noticed his mother -- or rather an mental construction of her, like the Shadow was a mental construct of his niece. He was still asleep after forcing the Earth's rotation to stay normal.

The mental construct of Shadow sang:

"Why don’t you talk to each other?
Why don’t you talk to each other?
Just give it a try.
Why don't you talk about what happened?
I know you're trying to avoid it, but I don't know why.
You might not believe it.
You might not believe it but you got a lot in common, you really do.
You both love me and I love both of you.

Cloak said nothing, just glared at this mental construct of his mother with the utmost distrust. He said nothing, and did nothing. He had nothing in common with his mother . . . except an obstinate nature, perhaps.

He remembered with his sessions with Aniyu, but the thing about trauma like this was that no matter what you try to do to get past it, when wounds are this deep, they tend to linger. The hurt never truly goes away. You just become better at dealing with it, with managing it.

"I know you both need it.
I know you both need it.
Someone who knows what you're going through.
You might not believe it.
You might not believe it but you got a lot in common, you really do.
You both love me and I love both of you.
You both love me and I love both of you.

Cloak turned his back on his mother. When he said he was done, done with this, he meant it. He wasn't in the mood to be hurt again by that woman. It was one of the reasons, actually, that he truly feared getting into a serious relationship.

He didn't want to go through that kind of mistreatment again.

Suddenly, he was in a black void again. At roughly eight o'clock, he saw a figure silhouetted in orange light, with glowing orange eyes. He was human but with a grotesquely elongated face and a tongue like Venom, but forked. His body looked unnaturally thin and svelte, and his mouth was lined with sharp teeth. His hands had very lizard-like claws.

Then, suddenly, at roughly five o'clock, he saw a small figure silhouetted in yellow light with glowing, yellow, pinprick eyes. The figure sat rather like an imp, with a pointed chin and a mouth full of sharpened teeth. Other than that, his form was completely human -- almost looked like a child. A demonic child, but a child, nonetheless.


"Wow," GH said, having just got back from his fiend mission and noticing that Cloak wasn't around. "Cloak still asleep?"

"Yeah," Xeno said. "At least, I assume so. You can't just force the the Earth to maintain its rotation for eight to ten hours straight and immediately pick yourself up, fresh as a daisy."

"Yeah," GH agreed, "it would have taken a lot of energy to accomplish that. Not even Cloak could bounce back from something like that very easily."

"Hey, what's that?" Xeno said, noticing a slight shadow passing over them.

"Is that a . . . a Saiyan pod?" GH asked, incredulous.

SOURCE SONG: https://youtube.com/watch?v=lfFKgsyPNaw
Posted by: Cloak
« on: Yesterday at 08:00:54 AM »

New chapter.


Yamato Yoshi

GH was dispatched to a self-styled impregnable fortress. Which he entered easily -- not so impregnable, it would seem.

Then he came to the real problem with this facility. And, no, it wasn't the faded emblem of a strand of DNA within a beaker within an eye that marked it as a defunct, forgotten Cadmus facility. It was clearly broken down and the walls were left bare. But, with so many facilities with this emblem, it was a wonder why no one had put two and two together. Wonder why the government hadn't shut them down . . .

Unless they paid off the government. Unless Cadmus, perhaps under a different name, was a big party donor. Maybe in one of those Super PAC things. It would certainly explain just how much leeway they seem to have been given. How they seemed to fly under the radar so easily. . . .

Could also explain why there was a black market that existed under the government's nose. That it existed because the current administration refused to start sniffing around either the black market or Cadmus, preferring to turn a blind eye to it. Because they were paid to.

Granted, this was pure speculation, and GH wasn't really fond of politics or politicking. Perhaps someone more in the know would be able to determine the veracity of these guesses made in such mental parrhesia.

GH shook his head. He should concentrate on these labyrinthine corridors. The fiend would surely be at the center, like the fabled Minotaur in that Ancient Greek myth. Who was the hero that killed the Minotaur? GH felt like he knew the name, but couldn't think of it at the moment. He did remember that the hero used something like yarn to help find his way through the ludicrously difficult maze.

It was actually not that difficult to find the fiend. Because it actually found GH first. The creature had a head similar, if not identical, to a yellow kabuto-style samurai helmet with a purple crest, mouth guard, and highlights. It stood a little taller than five feet and its human-like eyes had pale yellow sclera and black irises. The rest of its body was strictly analogous to yellow samurai armor, despite carrying a wicked-looking spear. Its abdomen, thighs, and upper arms were white, while its knees, feet, and hands were black. The spear it carried was as tall as it was, had a black shaft, and an energy construct spearhead.

It used two different attacks: one on which it spins its spear and throws its main tip, then runs to retrieve it. GH has to jump over the spearhead, then again when the fiend approximated to avoid being tackled by it. Its other attack consists of jumping very high while spinning its spear and shooting a barrage of spearheads that spread out. GH avoided by moving through an opening between the spearheads.

GH turned his guitar into its battleaxe form, preferring to take a more "hands on" approach. He threw his guitar-turned-battleaxe (actually a bit out of character for him, throwing his favorite guitar). When it hit, GH rolled and slid out of the fiend's impact side, snatching up his guitar-ax.

Then they got into a close-quarters battle, with GH managing to get six hits off on the fiend. The sixth one slaying the creature, biting through the fiends thin armor, thinner than real samurai armor.

Then he walked away, shouldering his guitar.


Demos called it a "yamatosapien". Another one he created for combat.


Malice wasn't even watching. She was counting what appeared to be eleven marbles. . . .
Posted by: Cloak
« on: Yesterday at 06:08:01 AM »

New chapter.

Tomahawk Tosses

Yunyun was dispatched to a Western-themed ghost town base. It was actually a long abandoned and long forgotten Cadmus base. They had a fair few of those littered about.

She began in the wilderness at her back. Then she had to go underground, where she had to deal with several minor annoyances. When returning to the surface, she had only a brief respite before going underground again and faces more mall inconveniences. Then there was a branching path. She decided on the northern most path, which led her to the fiend.

The creature was humanoid and the size of an average man. It had a leathery, human-like face with eyes (white sclera and dark purple pupils) to match. It had a headdress of green-tipped, feather-shaped quills which was an actual part of its body and not a hat. It had a light orange torso with a shaggy red abdomen. It had a large, silver tomahawk in place of a left hand, and its right hand, knees, elbows, and feet were black. Its forearms and shins were light orange, while its upper arms and thighs were white. On its shoulders and shins it had some ornate pattern, the design of which recalled Native American textiles.

It jumped across the arena to move. It has three types of jumps -- a high jump, a long jump and a fake-out jump, which was just a small hop to get near Yunyun. It attacked by launching its tomahawk hand like a rocket punch, regenerating the tomahawk hand within minutes, and by shooting three feather-like quills from its headdress. Both easily dodged by jumping or flying, which Yunyun quickly did when the fiend demonstrated these attacks, both perfectly telegraphed.

However, she thought it to do such when it was in such a close proximity to her, lest getting hit from the tomahawk hand or the feather-like quills. It was quite fortunate for her that these fiends were never really smart. They all tended to telegraph their moves quite conveniently for their opponents.

She drew one of her magical cards -- sure, she could have used magic through the more conventional means that the other magic-wielding RAFians do, but she preferred this magical methodology. It set her apart from the others.

It moved to attack again. It flourished its tomahawk hand -- it was going to fire it. As it did, Yunyun shouted, showing the card, "PETAL BARRIER!"

A spinning shield of green petals with purple spots appeared and, not only blocked the tomahawk hand and the two feather-like quills that followed, but absorbed them before fading away from existence with their card.

This took the fiend off guard. Giving Yunyun the advantage. She decided to capitalize on it, quickly drawing another card from her deck with seemingly infinite cards.


A flurry of petals that were somewhere between blue and orange, had edges sharper than a razor and were as hard as diamond billowed up and rained down on the fiend damaging it. Only ending and dissipating when the card itself did.

Yunyun drew again. "PETAL FLURRY!"

Another razor-sharp flurry of petals, white this time, struck the fiend.

Yunyun drew five more times, and each time it was flurry based attacks of a petal motif. After this seventh attack, the fiend was no more. And Yunyun just flew away from the site, as the sun set in a gorgeous manner.


Demos called it a "tomahokusapien". He confessed that he made it with combat in mind.


But Malice wasn't watching this. She was quickly working upon her next scheme.
Posted by: Cloak
« on: September 18, 2017, 08:27:18 AM »

New chapter.


Cloak was safe in his bed, fast asleep. And, with sleep, came dreams. But why did he dream of Bern Bridges, sitting in a hole-in-a-wall restaurant? Singing?

"I never seem to finish all my food.
I always get a doggie bag from the huffy waiter.
So, I just keep what's still un-chewed
And I take it home, save it for later.

Then, as he got up and walked away, the restaurant pulled away, as if it were a movie set and not real.

"But then I deal with fungal rot, bacterial formation,
Microbes, enzymes, mold and over oxidation.
I don't care.
I've got a secret trick up my sleeve.
I never bother with baggies, glass jars, Tupperware containers,
Plastic cling wrap -- really a no-brainer.
I just like --
To keep all my flavors sealed in tight.

All of sudden he was in his radio studio, looking as if he took up a considerable quarter of the space. And, yet, he still sang (and not very well, mind you):

"With tinfoil.
Never settle for less.
That kind of wrap is just the best
To keep your sandwich nice and fresh.
Stick it in your cooler.
Eat it when you're ready.
Then maybe you'll choose
A refreshing herbal tea.

He slurped the tea very loudly and rudely. Just type of man he was -- loud and rude. He declared, "Mmm, splendid."

Then he sang, as the music took on a more sinister edge:

"Oh, by the way, I've cracked the code.
I've figured out this RAF organization,
And the RAFians know
That they're finally primed for world domination!

And there was . . . the true purpose of the song, despite this all just being in Cloak's mind.

"And soon you've got RAF helicopters comin' cross the border,
RAF puppet masters for the New World Order.
Be aware --
There's always a RAFian that's watching you,
And the RAFians still won't admit they faked the whole moon landing.
Mind control rays, full-body scanning --
Don't mind that,
I'm protected 'cause I made this hat.

Bern Bridges wore a ridiculous skullcap-like hat, crappily made of tinfoil.

"From tinfoil.
Wear a hat that's foil-lined,
In case an RAFian's inclined
To probe you, or read your mind.
Looks a bit peculiar.
Seems a little crazy.
But someday I'll prove --
There's a big conspiracy

And, like that, the dream ended. Almost as if it was interrupted by another dream, jockeying for position.

A lone figure with dangerous, glowing red eyes silhouetted by a blood red light. He seemed to have a humanoid body plan. His head and face seemed to to be made entirely of bone, with two devil like horns curling up from his eye ridges. Bone like shoulder pads and clawed grieves, which flowed red light of them like fiery smoke. He had lines of alternating red and black on his chest and upper arms.

He had red light constructs in hand, almost as if he was a Red Lantern. But he didn't wear the uniform. What could this possibly mean . . . ?

But, like that, this dream, too ended.

SOURCE SONG: https://youtube.com/watch?v=urglg3WimHA
Posted by: Cloak
« on: September 18, 2017, 07:27:43 AM »

New chapter.


Thuban 9 was finished.

Even after the planet's rotation began to slow once again. Most if not all of the ailurosapiens were flung off or otherwise killed. The atmosphere was dispersed, so the planet only barely had an atmosphere anymore. The civilization was destroyed and post-apocalyptic.

And, yet, somehow, Lol seemed to have survived. But it wouldn't be too long. The salmon-chicken were all dead and gone. He hadn't any food. He hadn't any water, clean or otherwise.

All he had was time. Time to pick apart his folly. Time to wonder how he went wrong. Time, as his consciousness slipped once again, to wonder why. Why this was fair. Why did Thuban 9 have suffer when those goddamn primitives on Earth could survive.

He was there long enough to know that they greedily poisoned their own planet to gain wealth, prestige and power. Wealth was pointless and prestige was, in Lol's point of view, an in-born trait. Power was a stupid thing to seek out, he mused as he felt his life ebbing away. This time wasn't just a momentary blackout, Lol knew, it was the real deal . . .

He shut his eyes tightly waiting for death to come and claim him, and spare him from this suffering and this guilt . . .

Was this the reason that the last team never completed their mission? Were they . . . were they smarter than him? Did they foresee this . . . complication? They were all from the most habitable part of the Day Desert, and they landed in a desert place on Earth. . . .

Thoughts cloudy now . . . mind wondering . . . no, that wasn't right . . . his mind was wandering not wondering . . . but he supposed both were true.


"There," Aquilai said, as yet another panel dropped. "One more tweak . . ."

The last of the weakening dark pink energy dissipated. It was done. It was over.

"And we're done!" Xeno proclaimed.

"Well," Yarin said, "except for the clean up."

"Cloak!" Gaz said. "Cloak, you can stop now."

Cloak did, and the planet was rotating as did normally. He was out of his apex tier, now. Cloak's eyes were closed, and he was on one knee. He was bracing himself on his left hand. His breathing was heavier, and his body actually felt heavier. Even his tail felt like it was tied to a fifty-pound weight. He was exhausted.

Then again, he had just forced the Earth to continue to rotate. Despite it being a rather simple in concept, it was utterly, utterly exhausting. There was an extensive amount of energy that he expended. It was wonder how he was still upright. Destroying the Xenomorphic Brood ship did not take such a consistent expenditure of energy, and he didn't have to do it for eight or so hours straight.

"Cloak . . . are you . . . okay?" FuBar said, ****ing his head to the left.

"Tired . . ." was his only reply.

"Okay, guys," Goom said, "Gaz, Aquilai, Yarin -- get Cloak back to his thread. He needs to rest. Xeno, FuBar, and I will clean up here."
Posted by: Cloak
« on: September 17, 2017, 05:40:13 AM »

New chapter.

More Than Expected

Something was most definitely wrong.

Thuban 9 was rather like Earth in terms of size and rotation, despite being the ninth planet around their star, Thuban. A Thuban 9 day was twenty-four hours, like Earth. Same with its hours and minutes. This is why the discovery of Earth was deemed so important to them, why the theft of Earth's rotational energy was even viable in the first place.

What happened next quickly turned Lol from the Thubanian savior into the most reviled individual on the planet.

Now the planet's rotation speed was about 22,000 miles per hour. Shortly afterward, it was 66,000 miles per hour. Then 330,000 miles per hour. A Thubanian day passed in the span of an hour. Then it passed within the span of a minute. Then it passed within the span of a second.

Then the next thing that the ailurosapiens knew was that their world was just a blur of movement. Their paws no longer touched ground. Their planet was now rotating even faster than Kinet, and that was something. Several unlucky ailurosapiens were flung into space, without atmosphere to breathe. They suffocated within minutes.

And yet, despite these sad deaths, Lol survived. He bore witness. He was confused -- his rotational harvester should have stopped the Earth's rotation. It should have stolen that capability. Why was the planet still spinning? That's the only possible explanation. It should have only been enough to restart Thuban 9's rotation. There was too much of the spiralling dark pink energy now.

Lol was now not being praised or lauded, but being cursed and maligned. He fell so quickly from grace, before the blurs faded into black. . . .


"Well," Goom said, cautiously optimistic, "at least we're making some headway now."

Four hours had passed since Lol had fled the planet that he presumed to be doomed. But he didn't anticipate Cloak or the RAFian's persistence or determination.

They only really make any headway when Aquilai had arrived after his communications duty had been completed, and at Goom's request. It was his sonic screwdriver that enable them to pull back the pink energy sheath enough to start working on the actual machine itself.

They found the connector ports that allowed the machine to latch on to the satellite. All six of the RAFians were surprised with just how strong and tightly affixed they were, and, in the end, decided that they had to deactivate the machine first before attempting to undo these connector ports.

"Hard to believe that a cat, of all things, could make such a sophisticated machine," Yarin commented.

"Hey!" FuBar protested, offended.

"I simply meant that you haven't any opposable thumbs," Yarin said, not quite reassuring FuBar towards the perceived insult. "Such precise manipulation and mechanical ingenuity would require opposable thumbs. If it --"

"'It'?" FuBar asked, with narrowed eyes.

"-- If he managed it," Yarin said, correcting himself rather frustratingly, "then that would be remarkable in and of itself."

"Guys, focus on the task. Cloak cannot --"

All six fell silent as Cloak pulled his arms back, shut his eyes and took a deep breath. Then then he thrust his hands out again, still somehow maintaining his apex tier of power. Such a thing was not an easy endeavor, and it would not be equally easy to recoup the expended energy.

"Cloak cannot keep this up forever," Gaz said. "We've only survived this long because of him."
Posted by: Cloak
« on: September 16, 2017, 05:58:01 AM »

New chapter.

Working Fast

Yarin's ship landed quickly and quietly about twenty-four minutes later, and Yarin said, "There had better not be a scratch on my --"

"Priorities, Yarin!" Goom chided. "The Earth's rotation is at stake."

"By a machine the size of a refrigerator?" Yarin said. "That borders on absurdity, you know."

"Guys! Focus!" Gaz said. "Cloak's buying us sometime, but, no matter how powerful he is, he will tire eventually. The clock is ticking!"

"The pink energy sheath prevents any tactile contact," Xeno said, immediately, when they came to join them, "whether from fingers or tools."

"Have you tried any energy-based tools?" Goom said.

"The pink energy sheath interrupts them," Xeno said, almost clinically. "The energy sheath seems impenetrable."

"Nothing's impenetrable," Yarin dismissed, "not even Code Avalon. There has to be a way around this energy sheath. A weakness to exploit."

"Which is?" FuBar asked.

"That remains to be seen," Yarin said. "But there has to be a weakness. There has to be a weakness. Everything and everyone has a weakness. Flaws to be exploited for the greater good."

"Sounds good on paper, Yarin," Goom put in, "but we have a limited timeframe, as Gaz said. Can we find its weakness, the big flaw, to exploit in that timeframe?"

Yarin didn't have an answer for that.


"What happened to the previous team, Sir Lol?" said a ginger tabby.

"They debased and defiled themselves," he said, harshly. "They actually lowered themselves to mate with the native species, producing hybrid offspring."

"The little bastards should have been infertile then," said a long-haired calico. "That would serve them right, being the abominations that they were."

"They were apparently viable," Lol corrected. "I actually came across one that must have been a hereditary throwback. He was able to speak. He was able to think, if you could call it 'thinking', though he made the stupid decision to stay on a doomed planet."

"You would have brought a bastard like that here?" said a disapproving Maine coon.

"Yes," Lol said, "as an oddity. So all can witness the depravity and lascivious actions of the last team. An example of the moral debasement of that team of seven."

"Do we really need an example, a reminder, of that?" said a black ailurosapien with a white chest and paws.

"Yes, as a deterrent for the future if anyone else allowed their lewd, lecherous natures to get the better of them." Lol answered. "But he chose to die. But, in the end, it matters very little. Blue Blue Shiny Ball will die, and Thuban Nine will survive."

"What if our planet rotation slows again?" asked an American shorthair.

"Then we find another planet to steal the rotational energy once more," Lol said, unconcerned with possibly sacrificing another planet with life. Thuban 9 was the only planet that mattered, with its Day Desert and Night Tundra.

And, yet, something odd seemed to be going on. . . .
Posted by: Cloak
« on: September 15, 2017, 06:51:18 AM »

New chapter.

Making Haste

"C'mon, guys," Gaz said, immediately. "Cloak isn't immune from fatigue, and what he's trying to do is a tall order in and of itself."

"What's he doing?" FuBar asked, though he suspected he knew the answer. He just wanted confirmation.

"He's forcing the planet to rotate normally," Xeno said. He sounded legitimately surprised. "He's actually forcing the planet to rotate normally. I never knew he had this much power."

"Guys!" Gaz said, focused on the task at hand. Apparently, she was taking Cloak's earlier advice. "Focus! Cloak cannot do that forever. We have to destroy the machine or, failing that, stop it in some way."

"But Lol claimed it's indestructible," FuBar reminded.

"So does everyone who permits themselves to become overconfident in their abilities," Gaz pointed out. "Just because Lol claimed that it was, indeed, indestructible doesn't necessarily mean that it is. But time's against us on this. Come! We must hurry."

As they rushed toward the device, Xeno examined it in greater detail. It looked shockingly ramshackled and makeshift. It was entirely swathed in dark pink energy. Xeno touched it with a claw, let a small cry -- more out of surprise, than pain, and he withdrew it to see pink smoke curling away from it.

"Well," he said, "tactile removal seems to be off the table for the moment."

"Unless we can remove that pink energy," FuBar said, pensively. "But how do we do that?"

"I have a few ideas," Xeno said, "but I have serious doubts about their efficacious impacts. It could exacerbate the situation and just make everything worse. And, naturally, we don't want that."

"No. No, we don't," Gaz agreed. "But that leaves us at a bit of an impasse."

"I need Goom, Yarin, and  -- well, Aquilai is on communications duty, so just Goom and Yarin," Xeno said. "They may have ideas that I can't see right now, or help me refine my own ideas."

"I'll make the call," Gaz said, taking out her communicator.


The trip was, in Lol's view, was long and tedious. But his mission to Earth was a success. He took satisfaction in watching the dark pink energy spiral forward, outstripping their ship, and heading for Thuban 9, the planet that was scorched on one side, freezing the other. The only way the ailurosapiens survived was in the middle ring where it wasn't too hot nor too cold. But it was a ring scarcely 622 miles wide, though wrapped around the whole of the planet.

Lol took immense, smug satisfaction as he saw Thuban 9 start to turn normally when the spiraling dark pink beam hit the planet. Thuban 9 was slowly starting to rotate. He was devoid of compassion for the poor Terrans. He saw their plight as a needed sacrifice, and one that he was more than willing to make.

It would just be a matter of time before their planet, their wonderful Thuban 9 returned to its former glory. So what if Earth had to be destroyed for it to happen? It was an acceptable loss as far as Lol was concerned.
Posted by: Cloak
« on: September 14, 2017, 06:33:44 AM »

New chapter.

The Apex Tier

Cloak was feeling dazed and disoriented by this before his mind and his will snapped him out of it. There was one thing to do to at least mitigate this. But in order to so, he would require his absolute zenith of control and power. Perhaps it was overkill, but he didn't thinks so. But he would have to do something he really, really didn't want to do.

Access his apex tier. Having his full potential laid out before him, like a deadly weapon he feared to use above all else.

But he hadn't any choice. If he were to chose not to act, this Earth would cease to exist as he knew it. It would become lifeless and barren. He could not, in all good conscience, allow that to happen.

He shut his eyes took a deep breath as he aligned himself just right along the planet's slowing rotation. He allowed himself a sharp exhale as he snapped his eyes open. His eyes were suns, with two tendrils of energy trailing off beyond view. But this wasn't his second tier of power, oh no. These tendrils were undulating and merged in a double helix pattern.

This was the apex tier of his power. The only way to describe the feeling of this power was as if the other Elements Masters, long since gone, were flowing their power through him. That he was channeling their in addition to his own.

He didn't like it. He really didn't.

No one being should have this much power. So much power . . . it was too easy to lose yourself in. Too easy to lose control. Too easy to hurt others. Too easy to be corrupted by it. Too easy . . .

"Cloak, what are you --" Gaz asked. He did not like note of fearful awe in her voice.

"What must be done," Cloak said. He did not like the slight ethereal timbre his voice now had.

Cloak forced the atmosphere to remain stationary, and not give into the rules of inertia. This may have sounded simple, but it was far harder and took a lot more power than it sound.

Then he took a stance and punched his fists forward. He was terrakinetically forcing the planet to rotate back at its normal speed again. This also took a lot of power. This was, of course, not a permanent solution. He was expending a lot of power, and he would eventually tire and be unable to continue. Then the planet will slow again, and there wouldn't be anything to be done.

This was just a measure to buy time to stop the machine. And the other RAFians got this gist quickly enough. They rushed to see just what they could do so that Cloak wouldn't have to continually expend this energy, this power.


Lol laid upon his captain bed, as his crew worked to man the ship. Lol looked around smugly. He had accomplished in days what the last team never could. They allowed those Egyptian humans to fond over them, allowed those primitives to worship them as gods. Allowed them to lose sight of their true goal.

Then they interbred with the native feline species. Those housecats. They allowed the noble genes of an ailurosapien to intermingle and intermix with the filthy, lesser jeans of that nonsentient species. It would be like a primitive modern day human hooking up with a Cro-Magnon hand producing hybrid children which would go on to dilute the blood even further.

Yet the one with that blue mark on his paw . . . Lol didn't know why and wouldn't admit it aloud, but he intrigued him. His ailurosapien blood -- because Lol was certain FuBar had ailurosapien ancestry -- should have been diluted to the point of being nonexistent.

Yet he could speak coherently. Yet he was intelligent -- though that was debatable as he chose to stay on a doomed planet. His parents had to have been wholly or half ailurosapien, as there was no way that blood so diluted could produce an ailurosapien . . .
Posted by: Cloak
« on: September 13, 2017, 08:38:39 PM »


The exams bored me to tears, so I drew up Photoshop for even more procrastination. I had done this banner-thing years ago in Paint way before I opened PS for the first time:

So I took it now and improved upon it a bit, played around with brushes and fonts and made banners for all the Years that are planned out in the series so far. :D

Year 2

Year 3

Year 4

Year 5

Year 6

Year 7

Year 8

Year 9

I didn't really go with a specific theme in mind for the years (from the book summaries), though I suppose gh has already accounted for the coffee stains on Year 2. :P

Awww . . . the banners are broken again. . . .

New chapter.

Too Late

Suddenly, the strange device in the window behind Lol started glowing a dark pink. It like a 1980s Technodrome the size of an average refrigerator, and attached to the satellite like some grotesque, malignant tumor. It was metal white and gray, only now with a dark pink tint. The energy travelled up to the satellite before it fired what appeared to be a spiralling laser off into space.

"One more thing," Lol had said. "You're too late. The harvester is already online and cannot be destroyed. I've made sure of that!"

"At least you'll suffer, too!" FuBar said, feline growling intermingling with his words.

"Me?" Lol said, with mocking surprise. "Oh, heavens, no. I'm not sticking around, dear boy."

"But you have no --"

Just then, they heard what Cloak was sure was the "Meow Mix" jingle played on a loop. Lol streaked by the four RAFians to go outside, and see a silver ship right out of that old "Cat From Outer Space" movie from the 1970s.

"Nice ride, no?" he jeered. "Since someone decide to take my shuttle, I guess I just have to use this the main transport instead."

"You can't do this!" Gaz accused.

"But I have." Lol said, without breaking stride to board the spacecraft. "Have fun cooking or freezing, primitives. I don't really care which."

Then he paused, and looked over his shoulder at FuBar. He said, "But I'll offer you, part-ailurosapien, some mercy. You may join me on my journey back to Thuban Nine."

FuBar looked revolted by the offer.

"Go to hell," he spat. "I'd rather die here than live as your oddity. I'd rather die than be your trophy!"

Lol gave a gesture that implied a shrug, as if he didn't really care, "Your choice. Have fun dying. Your planet is already slowing down."

Cloak could actually sense the truth in this statement. Through his Earthsight, or another sense altogether perhaps, or perhaps it was just his own imagination, but he believed that he could actually feel the Earth slowing.

From eleven thousand miles an hour roughly, to approximately 10,890 miles an hour . . .

"Bye." Lol left without another word to them, as he barked orders at the crew of the ship as the door sealed up. Then the ship lifted off through the atmosphere, never to be seen again.

It now went down from roughly 10,890 miles an hour to about 10,672 miles an hour. . . .

"What do we do now?" FuBar demanded.

The planetary rotation slowed to about 10,320 miles an hour . . .

"Destroy the machine!" Gaz said at once.

"But Lol claimed it was indestructible!" FuBar argued.

"The villains and terrorists always make that claim," Gaz said, though it sounded as if she were grasping at straws. "But it is rarely, if ever, true."

The rotation slowed to about 9,804 miles an hour, and the world was already starting to experience the inertial effects of this catastrophe. This may have been a bigger threat than Galactron or Garrotik combined.

And it was put into motion by an intelligent cat.
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New chapter.


"We have to hurry," Gaz prompted. "The ailurosapien may have already started the rotational harvester."

"'Rotational harvester'?" Xeno said. His tone clearly indicated that he thought the name was questionable.

"That's what Del called it. Let's go," Gaz said, offhand.

When they entered, a voice spoke, "It's about time. I was wondering when I was going to receive any resistance to my endeavors."

"You're the ailurosapien," Gaz said, as the calico cat with the tortoiseshell patches, with one acting like a sort of eyepatch, came into view.

"Very good, human," he said, with a sarcastic tone. His voice was rather like the lead cat in "Cats & Dogs". "Next thing you'll tell me is what two plus two equals."

"Katzenberg, I presume?" Gaz said, coldly.

The ailurosapien wrinkled his feline nose at this. "My name is not Johan Katzenberg. That was just a pseudonym. My true name haz . . . er, ahem, has more regal dignity, more grand timbre, and evokes a more powerful image."

"Which is?" Cloak said, clearly not impressed.


All four RAFians were either stunned or confused into silence. Maybe both.

"Seriously?" Cloak said, highly skeptical of the ailurosapien's sincerity on this.

"Laughing out loud at what?" Xeno said at the precise same moment as Cloak's reply.

"Philistines!" Lol decried. "My name is not a joke! My name is not a reference to an meme! You insult me, sir! You insult and disrespect me! You derogate and deride!"

"Oh, shut up!" FuBar snapped, annoyed.

"You can talk?" Lol said. Apparently, Lol had an amazing grasp on the obvious. "You're an ailurosapien, like me?"

"No," FuBar said, audibly disgusted."I'm nothing like you!"

"Yes," Lol said, his inflection betraying his disappointment. "You're not a true ailurosapien. But, obviously, a descendant of those stupid, lascivious, prurient lechers who neglect their duties and interbred with lowly Terran cats . . ."

He clearly did not think highly of them, all those years ago.

Then Lol decided to exposit, "Long ago, life there was ideal. Leaping to and from scratching posts. Our sun provided plenty of warm, dozy light. The chicken-salmon roamed free. We loved to pounce on the animals. Yet disaster loomed. Our planet's rotation was gradually slowing. At first, it seemed beneficial. Long, dark nights for sleeping. Long, sunny days for sleeping. But then it got too hot and too cold. Our top scientists went to work. At long last, they located a planet with the necessary orientation and magnetic field to harness the rotational energy. "

"Earth," FuBar said. He had hoped Lol was wrong and he was not related at all to ailurosapiens. But then again . . . that was probably the reason why he could speak. He rather not think about it.

"Yes," the ailurosapien said, "though we called it Blue Blue Shiny Ball."

And FuBar's humiliation was increased far more at this.

"Oh," Lol said, as if he just remembered, "and one more thing . . ."
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New chapter.

Hurry Forward! Time is Running Out, Guys!

"Gaz! Go bat mode!" Cloak said. "Running is taking too much time, and we'll both be winded by the time we get there! Not to mention that it might be too late."

"But you can't --"

Cloak formed a disc of golden-scarlet energy, and threw in front of him, before leaping onto it. It took a scarce moment before he he got his balance, then he sped off, outstripping both Gaz and Laserbeak. Gaz immediately transformed to her bat form and flew all out with Laserbeak, now flying all out too, keeping pace with her.

"If we're late . . ." Gaz squeaked.

"Focus at the task at hand," Cloak advised.

"But what if --" she started.

"Worry about now, not later," Cloak advised. Granted, this piece of advise was not applicable everywhere, in every facet of life, but still. "We'll cross that bridge when we come to it. It is pointless to fret over the what-ifs now. It will serve no other purpose but distract us from getting to the destination."

"But --"

"Focus on the task at hand before you move on to worry about other things," Cloak advised. Then he looked about seven o'clock. "There's Xeno and FuBar now."

FuBar was gripping very tightly with claws upon Xeno's pack, looking very much as if he regretted his reckless choice. Xeno wasn't even going at his full, all out speed either. But they were fairly high up -- if FuBar fell . . .

He tried not to think about that. He had to go. He had to find out if the hearsay he heard was right. He had to find out if he . . .

"Hold on, FuBar!" Xeno said. "I'm going to step up the speed."

"Wonderful," FuBar said, ears flattened against his skull. He had to fight the urge to hiss. "Absolutely wonderful."

Xeno poured on the speed to catch up with Gaz, Cloak, and Laserbeak. Within moments, he was flying in tandem with them. "The facility should be just beyond that gathering of shrubs."

Cloak landed, dissipating the energy disc. Gaz touched the ground in her vampiric human form, while Laserbeak perched on her right shoulder, righteously preening himself, as if he was the hero of the day. Xeno landed, dainty on all four paws, and folded his wings against his back in a most dignified manner. FuBar hastily slid off of Xeno's back and attempted to get his "land legs" back.

"The door's open," Cloak informed his fellows, having "saw" it through his Earthsight.

"Numbers?" Xeno inquired.


"One?" Gaz said, skeptical.

"One." Cloak replied.

"The ailurosapien?" FuBar said, trying to hide just how much this interested him. He had to know if the heresay was true. Had to know if he . . . if he was . . .

"Most likely, unless I'm misreading the vibrations in the ground." Cloak said, giving a disclaimer.
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New chapter.

Rush to Judgement

"Hurry, Cloak!" Gaz said, ignoring Beaky's squawking-and-body-language harangue of her ditching him. "There may very well not be any time left!"

"What makes you so certain that the ailurosapien has any means to accomplish this monumental task?" Cloak inquired as they ran. "For all we know there is just the one ailurosapien -- how could it possibly build a machine to --"

"Because it had already been built," Gaz said, sharply, as she kept surprisingly in stride with Cloak. Cloak was aware that she was mostly doing that for his benefit, as he can't truly fly unassisted -- forming the energy disc under his feet and "flying" that way, wasn't true flight.

"Do you even know where it could be?" Cloak asked, pragmatically, but Gaz already had her communicator out, and apparently already had it dialed into the communications array of the forum.

"Xeno -- has any small cat infiltrated the communications department?" she said, almost desperate to get to the point.

"No," he said, almost as if she had roused him from the deep boredom that comes with communications duty. Despite their rhetoric of these life-or-death missions happening, many of them are just very procedural and not worthy of much note. Like dealing with Demos's fiends, one could argue. "The only cat in the forum right now is just FuBar. Say hi, FuBar."

This was actually becoming a common practice, two RAFians manning the communications, as so to alleviate the inherent boredom with the duty. Cloak thought this was a good practice to have actually, unless the two sharing the duty did not get along (which can and theoretically could happen). It would make the job overall easier and two pairs of eyes were better than one -- ask any Andalite.

And Bladeh apparently had business elsewhere to take care of. Cloak didn't want to be nosy in that regard.

"Good," Gaz said, with a clipped, succinct tone. "Is there any satellite arrays that could be used to transmit energy to another planet?"

"Hmmmm . . ." Xeno said, as he checked.

"Please, Xeno. This is urgent," Gaz implored.

"Looks like the aeronautics facility about fifty miles west of town," came Xeno's rapt reply. "Why do you ask?"

"At a later time, Xeno!" Gaz said. "There's a potentially world-ending catastrophe before us!"

"Not to mention the ailurosapien has a big honkin' head start on us," Cloak said.

"Ailurosapien?" FuBar said,as if he had some familiarity with the term. Then evidently his resolution was cemented with some temerarious decision. "I'm going, too."

"How are you're going to get there?" Xeno asked. "No offense, but you can't drive and you can't cover that kind of ground in the time allotted."

"If you fly me over, Xeno," FuBar said. He was determined he was going to get there one way or another. "Your communications duty is minutes from being over. Here comes Aquilai and Aila now, even as we speak!"

Xeno hesitated, almost as if he was mentally question FuBar's motives. Almost as if he picked up on something that neither Cloak nor Gaz had apparently. "Why is this so important to you, FuBar?"

"Priorities, Xeno!" FuBar yowled. "We have to be there! Now!"
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New chapter.

The Reveal

"What d'you mean?" Gaz said, taken aback. "He's was right there. He probably can hear me talking right now."

"He can't," Cloak said, confidently, striding toward the high-backed leather chair. The chair was a swivel one. Cloak grasped the back of the chair, preparing to turn it around.

Gaz gasped, as she realized that she couldn't smell his blood. It should have been easy, as Cloak hasn't any blood to smell (he had golden ichor). "Is he dead?"

"You'd have to be alive once in order to be dead."

Cloak turned the chair around. Both recoiled at the sight of this placid, blank face with empty eyes. Both were forcibly reminded of Scott Roberts and Rod Murray respectively. Only, Professor Katzenberg was fully seated and fully clothed. But he sat as if he were nothing more than a mannequin or doll or animatronic or something.

"This thing has a metallic endoskeleton," Cloak said, in explanation as to his confidence of his inanimate state. "Not like an Arquillian or Gargantian exosuit, though."

"Then what?" Gaz inquired.

"It is a puppet of some sort," Cloak said. "Something used this thing. There switches and valves all over its lap. Something external was puppeteering this thing. Perhaps an ailurosapien --assuming that they even exist in this realm -- I haven't had a chance yet to confirm with Esty through her interstellar sojourns whether or not they do."

"What's an . . ." Gaz said, before another thought in her head beat that other one into a bloody pulp, "wait. My friend . . . well, former friend -- let's not get into the messy details -- anyway, she told me that Professor Katzenberg always had a cat on his lap."

"Well, there's the culprit, then," Cloak nodded.

Gaz hesitated, as if she couldn't quite believe what Cloak was suggesting. "The cat? Seriously?"

"Probably not a cat at all," Cloak said. "Not a Earthen or Terran (whatever the proper term is) one anyway. More like an ailurosapien."

"Ailurosapiens are cats?" Gaz asked, skeptical.

"Yes, hyper-intelligent cats," Cloak said. "At least, they are in that other Realm. If I remember correctly, they hailed from Thuban Nine."

"That's . . . a little disconcerting," Gaz said.

"There are Terran cats, you know," Cloak said, "this could just be a blatant example of covergent evolution. Or parallel evolution. It does happen, you know. For instance, Pyronites and Methanosian can both generate fire in a form of pyrokinesis."

Cloak waited a beat, before clarifying, "Okay, not the best of examples, but I've made my point."

"But the bigger question is why an ailurosapien would go through the trouble of coming to Earth?" Gaz asked. "For what reason who he or she travel all that way? I doubt its for scratches behind the ears and being, hyperbolically-speaking, the living embodiment of sloth?"

"Well," Cloak said, "in that other realm, they wanted to steal and transmit that realm's Earth's rotational energy to --"

Gaz's eyes widened. "Oh, no."
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New chapter.


Gaz realized that she had to go and ask Professor Katzenberg something the very next day. Along the way, she had a sudden chill go down her spine that she couldn't explain. She stopped only momentarily to consider, before dismissing it at something unimportant.

Although, Cloak didn't know how she did it, but she had somehow roped him into coming along as well. He was still cranky from his dream (Truth Dream included), but complied. As he had the same chill go down his spine to the tip of his tail. But, like Gaz, he dismissed it as unimportant.

"What's it that you have to ask this Katzenberg person, if I may be so bold as to ask?" Cloak said. His groggy state made his voice sound terse. "I thought your degree wasn't in Applied Physics."

"Just some odd occurrences," she said, vaguely, as they entered the university's campus. At Gaz's urging, Cloak donned his ID mask, projecting a holographic image of human on him. It was rendered as well as a Chee hologram. Although, his cloak actually hid most if not all of his nonhuman-ness, unless you looked him in the eye and he unsheathed his feline claws. She continued, "Some thefts of at tech industries."

"How would a professor of applied physics know anything about that?" Cloak asked. "He's not a police investigator, or a Federal Bureau of Investigation agent, or anything. Right?"

"He was apparently a police detective as he was working on his doctorate way back when," she replied. "Or so he claimed. . . ."

"You don't believe him," Cloak said, speaking the obvious, and well-aware of his doing as such.

"I did some background checking," Gaz said. "There was no record of a Detective Johan Morris Katzenberg in any of the police personnel files --"

"Is that legal?" Cloak said.

"It was RAFian business."

"Was it?"


"Did the mods okay it?"

"Are you going to help me or not?"

"Okay, okay," Cloak said, relenting on his questioning. "Go ahead and knock."

She did. There was no answer, though.

"The lights are dark," she said, "and the door is locked."

"So, I guess this was a dead end lead, then," Cloak said. But he thought he knew what was coming. This was like what happened in that other Realm . . .

"I'll unlock it," she said, turning into a cloud of purple smoke, and slipped under the door. She unlocked the door and allowed Cloak entry. "He's there, back to us . . . but there's something odd . . ."

"There is no other living creature in here," Cloak said.